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[breaking news] A source claims Dr. Dima Nogo was ordered to leave Ethiopia

Dr. Dima Nogo, the second in command of Oromo Democratic Organization (ODF), has been ordered by TPLF security to leave the country within 24 hours.

An anonymous source has informed us that Dr. Dima was said to have arrived in Ethiopia for the funeral of late Aadde Tsehay Tolasa, the wife of late Gudina Tumsa, religious leader and Oromo nationalist. Sources claim Dr. Dima intended to discuss with the Ethiopian regime about the terms of ODF’s plan to enter Ethiopian domestic politics.

Dr. Dima was seen with Obbo Abba Duulaa Gammada at the funeral ceremony. He also informally met Obbo Muktar Kedir, the president of Oromia regional state on the same ceremony. However, both OPDO and TPLF senior leaders declined Dima’s request for official meeting.They instead sent a mid-level official, Faysal Aliy who was formerly working at Washington DC embassy but currently head of the diaspora affairs department within ministry of foreign affairs. This made it clear that EPRDF/OPDO does not want to deal with ODF within domestic political framework yet. Later on, it is believed discussions broke down. Although the details of the terms, both by ODF, and EPRDF, are not entirely known to the public, sources close to the matter indicate there is strong disagreement.

 EPRDF/OPDO wants to see ODF to completely distance itself from any OLF legacy including the famous OLF [Oromo] flag. It wants to see ODF denounce past ‘’atrocities’’ and current OLF ideologies and armed struggle. Above all, EPRDF/OPDO demands all ODF members give up their foreign citizenship for Ethiopian passport. Although Dr Dima signaled willingness to accept these terms, he was not able to get green light from the remaining ODF leaders to enter into official agreement with TPLF.

ODF’s demands include amnesty given to leadership for their role within OLF. They also asked for the their party to be legalized and allowed participation in the next election.EPRDF/ODPO dropped the demands. After Dima informed Faysal his inability to secure consent from ODF leaders to accept the government’s precondition, intelligence officers ordered him to leave the country in 24 hours. He has now left . What will becoming of the ODF plan to return us hangs in limbo.

Source: Anonymous



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