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Oduu Haaraya

Injustice in Oromia-Ethiopia Follows Oromo Exiles in Oslo, Norway

April 28, 2013 (Oromo Press) – A historically pro-Oromo refugees Norway has been evolving into an unfavorable place for Oromo refugees and refugees from the Horn of Africa in recent years. Abandoning its own humanitarian streak, the Norwegian government has drifted too far in the direction of questionable tolerance and support for the regime in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), which stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in regions such as Oromia, Ogaden and Gambella, among other places. Genocide Watch considers Ethiopia to have already reached Stage 7 [of genocide], genocidal massacres, against many of its peoples, including the Anuak, Ogadeni, Oromo, and Omo tribes.”

According to a news article by Johansen , of 150 Oromos who have showed up to stage protest in front of Radisson SAS hotel in Oslo, police arrested 11 under the pretext of causing a “public nuisance.” They were allegedly protesting without permission, which justified the arrest.

Unfortunately, for the Oromo, who gathered to protest the meeting of Ethiopian officials,  injustice in Oromia followed them in Oslo, Norway.  Oslo police clearly demonstrated that it cared more about the proceeding of the meeting organized by Ethiopian officials more than it cared about burning human rights issues that were to be raised by  the protesters: “It [Ethiopia meeting]does not go peacefully. We must try to keep them away from the hotel entrance, said operations manager of the Oslo police…” 

The arrest of the protesters against Ethiopian regime officials is not only unusual in highly developed nations like Norway, but it is also a worrisome situation as this might set off not only restrictions on freedom of speech,  but also the potential for deporting refugees just like  Yemen and other Horn of African regimes neighboring Ethiopia have been doing over the years in collaboration with Ethiopian authorities.

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  1. Create freedom in your home!

    Thank you Norway! At least they are doing their part in teaching oromos that they should fix their troubles in their own country instead of creating nuisance to their hosts.