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Oduu Haaraya

Jarraa Abba Gadaa’s Legacy Lives On !

The United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa, ULFO is deeply saddened and shocked to know that ourlong time leader is no longer with us.  ULFO is deeply sadden and shocked over the loss of JaarraaAbbaa Gadaa, the great leader and Comrade who envisioned, laid the foundation and enabled theunification of GABUO, UOPLF and FIDO into one entity, ULFO.  ULFO and the Oromo nation lost itsmost precious charismatic, dedicated and visionary leader. While ULFO grieves the loss of this greatson of Oromiya, we extend our most heartfelt sympathy to the Oromo people who lost an irreplaceable icon they have produced in about half a century. …

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faajjii abo

Oromiyaan mallatoo gotota bilisummaa Oromoo fi walabummaa Oromiyaa hangafa dhabde.Oromiyaan mallatoo gotota bilisummaa Oromoo fi walabummaa Oromiyaa hangafa dhabde.

  Soso’a qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti yeroo irraa yerooti jagnnooni, gootootni fi hayyootni  dhimma saba isaanii kan waloof jecha gahee isaanii jireenya lubbuu isaanii baasan …

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