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Truth Barometer #4

Part VI

By Odaahora


Alfred Ilg’s knowledge about Menelik from Zagol to one man Empire


There were no a best Habeshalzed Ferje “white,” a European citizen and influential as Alfre Ilg in Abyssinian history at all. He was not only a master of Firearm smuggler, a staunch advocate in foreign affairs who systematically replaced Italy, but also a more fanatic, and a brain of  Menelik’s territorial expansion and aggrandizement policy toward the south  He knew the Habeshas or Abyssinians deep to the bone marrow. were in.He self-thought their language very fast, no books, no teachers were available, illiteracy, hundred-to-hundred. He studied their “myth and fables.” He lived within them and served half of his life in all spheres  of Menelik of Abyssinian affairs.


He provided all that Menelik dreamed for his territorial expansion and aggrandizement toward the south, and get it all from what were needed singularly from one person Alfred Ilg and named him “Bitweded.” The Europeans who were active in Abyssinia to gain their own share called Alfred Ilg a “burden of white men.” While, to see Menelik with naked eye let alone to make deals, without Alfred Ilg’s permission and knowledge was virtually impossible, that was why Alfred Ilg’s hut in Gaara Xixaa (Intootoo Moutain) was turned to the hubs of Europeans to find the indirect way to deal whatever business it may with Menelik.


Antonelli of Italy who has a long period of deals with Menelik sued Alfred Ilg, not only as a Firearm smuggler indeed but also as the mastermind who invented the must and the can modal verbs fiasco of the treaty of Waachaale years later. In fact, Menelik how were the underdogs of the embittering murderer warlords arose in the region.Thus he had not dreamed, let alone to combat Europeans; Italy. He had signed it with gratitude, and in return, Italy provided him with immense Firearms and money credits in Millions. Antonelli embittered and alleged that Alfred Ilg hijacked the Waachaale treaty of protectorate signed between Menelik and Italy. Alfred Ilg who translated the document written in Rome to Amharic who invented the must and the can modal verbs fiasco and played the games step by step to his own advantages and influences from time time. Alfred Ilg of Swiss citizen  become a staunch advocate of Menelik in foreign relations official who  kicked out Italy:the protectorate of Menelik’s Abyssinia and hijacked it. One must bear in mind, an individual without his states backing cannot be different than any individual Europeans who served Menelik in various professional disciplines, such as physicians or cartographers or others. Thus, Alfred Ilg with Swiss state’s backing can not be so influential and determinate factor of Abyssinia.


Alfred knew Abyssians from baggers from the streets who circled his house each and every morning that he was finally fed up to see them to higher ranking Abuna’s in the church. He was a best friend of Abuna Mathewos who crowned Sahle Maryam and gave the name “Menelik II” adapted to the myth of Menelik I of Solomon and Saaba;the signature of self-denial that they still celebrate. Alfred Ilg also knew from house slaves, while he holds over fifty to hundreds who built his house, provided all for his livings given to him by Menelik. He also used slaves  to build a permanent residence for Menelik and his Neftanya infantries,  followed him, the new coming settlers, stone-paved streets, houses, bridges and later on the bumptiously propagated railroad construction, “Civilization torch”  etc. in Finfinne. He knew  his predatory nomadic Zagol life. He knew the evicted indigenous people from Finfinne where he set a stone to be the capital site of Menelik and the center of control and mobilization by the settlers; gun carriers, “the Neftenanys ” warlords leaders followed Menelik. The time the exodus of the aliens of the north  began in earnest toward the south. They conducted genocides, ethnocides  versus the south with firearms and ammunition provided from Europe that holds true to the very date.


Alfred Ilg came to a barbaric, primitive region, where Sheftas (bandits), robberies, cattle raiding, stealing whatever come on their way were their means of life.He knew that they were butchering each other for centuries without pauses. Outlawed acts were the only way to climb and hold power, the behavior that has never ever changed, a cockpit of every settler brigands of the aliens of the north:the Habeshas, con. ‘Ethiopia’ that the world has witnessed.and still do to the current tyrants who cling to power, sworn to do so to their burial or to their last minute flight if they succeed;the fate of all tyrants in human history in general, a signature for Abyssinia.


Alfred and Leon Chefneux; his partner indeed knew very well about the behavior, mannerism and gruesome acts of the Abyssinians history versus the otherness; the natives or the foreigners. Most importantly, the number of Europeans killed, at least since the era of the coming of Portuguese, missioners, expeditions who were, jailed, killed, captured in various times and places in the region. Werner Muzinger, the Swiss citizen killed in 1875 was a recent past fact that both engineers were warned before their journey to the primitive, barbaric region of Abyssinia in the horn of Africa: Muzinger served as joint British and French consul at Massawa parallel to handles and trade who traveled between the Red Sea and Cairo. Both of the arrested engineers had also destined to witness the gruesome acts of Menelik and his hordes during “hagaermaqnat werera” invasion and expansion. Most importantly, Alfred Ilg was not only a mastermind organizer and unifier of Abyssians under one umbrella, controlled , one man, Menelik. He personally participated actively in the creation of one of the barbaric, primitive empires in the Africa continent. They both knew and saw chopped legs and arms of men of Arsi, and chopped breasts of women. They knew from, captured men and women, raped women, sold as animals, they knew from burnt houses and properties of unarmed civilian populations.


To add an insult to injury, they took out of the continent stolen, plundered, boots, properties of the conquered people of the south from a clay pot to Kings Crown and Chair, Gold, Coffee,Civet, Tusks, etc. Thus in a circumstance where they were without a shadow of doubt unwillingly automatical rings in their mind, extrapolates, rewind back in monologs and dialogs fashion engages the engineers in small dirty Hut, in the hottest month of the summer season in February (Guraandhla) in Finfinne. For certain, that is the way the healthy human brain works. In reverse, good services especially Alfred Ilg gave, and in return awards, namings he gained at this spot and the mind considers that was the activities of past, a snow from yesterday, It didn’t help at this minute. The worst of all as it was described was that they had no clue of why they were jailed? and what was going to happen with them next, their final fate?


Once at the time, it worths to remind that both engineers also knew the health status of Shale Maryam and Xaayitu (Tay(i)tu). Menelik was infected with syphilis; a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the Spirochete special arts of bacteria called Treponema pallidium  already at very younger ages diagnosed by his European physicians like Dr. Joseph Vilajien. From Habesha side his Debteras and Abunas, the Witch Doctors of Abyssinians also “diagnosed” by reading his Horoscopes and “digmet” alleged to know that Menilk’s infertility blaming “evil spirit”as a causative agent. The Debteras of  Menelik’s plausibly recommended drinking “Haraki” house made alcohol, as a broad spectrum “Antibiotic” of Abyssinian to treat him from syphilis. As a result, Menelik and his wife were turned alcoholic which the  engineers knew. one can see facial bloating, fattening, disfiguration and cellulitis of the face of Xaayitu’s and Menelik’s photos, typical classical clinical symptoms and effects of regular alcohol consumption and abuses.


Why did Menelik jail the engineers and what comes next


Coming back to solve the quiz from previous writing (Part V). Why did Menelik order to jail Alfred Ilg and his Friend Leon Chefneux? What crime did they commit? and What was he going to do with them next?

If you did not find the nearest answer to the quiz asked for the lists you noticed on a piece of paper or stored in your virtual mind, there are  no need of shaking your head. So to say that you thought that you knew and knows, who the Habeshas were, and whom they are, and the way their brain ticks. Because your thought was logical, rational, the way health mind works. Stimulus or information received, stored in the long or short memory of human brain extrapolates, analyzes, sorts the facts from fictions and give the results. But, what Menelik did had neither logical, rational or healthy, no one can understand unless one suffers from schizophrenia or drunk indeed.


Paul Hartlmaier, the Author of the book: Amba Ras: Eine Reise Durch Das Kaiserriesch Äthiopien, published in 1953, Frankfurt am Main,  courtesy to the author described what exactly happened on that day in the dirty, hot Hut the were jailed. A thunder falls on the two Ferengi on that day that leaves its scar life long. After keeping the engineers in isolated dirty hot Hut, guarded with his Zebenya’s, (gun carriers), Menelik gave an order through his Askers (servicemen) to the engineers to make a pair of shoes within twenty-four hours, providing them with Hides, Knife, Thread and Awl as a raw materials and tools to make pair of Shoes. Slap in the faces of the white engineers! One can Imagine, what a shock may have his sordid acts induced in the minds of the “civilization missioners” and what was going on in their mind. The engineers who called him;“his Majesty the King of the King.” In fact, the knew that Menelik, Smallpox spotted rubber black skin warlord, primitive murderer, cattle raider, slave entrepreneur, barbaric genocider and ethnocider who has no comparative African-born person in the history of the African continent.That must indeed be the uncomfortable truth that should rings in their mind at this circumstance. May he acts like Tewodros who captured six British citizens that led to war or the worst option they may be killed like the others , and there was no grant for not to be killed at this minute. In other words, so far Abyssinians nature of cultural upbringings, norms, behavior, manners, etc, were well known within and in abroad in treating the others, like chopping Arms and Legs of Men, killing by hanging, her standard signature in her “history” to the very date. As an Oromo adage:Booftii fi raachi hama gannii darbutii walfan jiraatu.”


Once the order and the time were fixed, The fate of the Engineers would be decided within the coming twenty-four. The next second shock prevailed from where to start to make the shoes. As a reminder, an Engineer in Menelik’s know-how was a man who can all, and Alfred Ilg had adjusted himself to it during his decades of his service and gave all. Thus, why not he orders them to make a pair of shoes be proofed, and reproofed, for their engineering know-how, according to Menelik’s intelligence test.


The question that was still left unanswered by any standards of, any person with healthy mind was what did a rubber black demon; Menelik, who can not read and write his own language wanted the European engineers to prove? Does railroads were constructed of animal hides in the world of Menelik, and as a whole what was all about this farce?

Whatever the hell was going in the hut at the spot, so far  there was no alternative for the captive fernjes except searching the way out of the jail, or the hell. Looking at what they possess at hand, they must begin someway, somehow, and from somewhere else, the time was ticking against them. They finally began to take off their own shoes to win the profile and trim the hides, and worked on it for the whole night without sleeping, sweating like a pig in the hot summer season in Finfinne in the dirty small hut.


The next day both the engineers presented their shoe to be judged by Menelik and public audience. One can easily image, how many were they in number. Although the shoes were not elegant, Menelik accepted it smiling, what a relief for the engineers, they passed Menelik’s Intelligent Test and he signed the consensus of railway construction contract on 14th February 1892 (Yekatit 5, 1885 in Coptic Calender). Once the consensus signed by Menelik the engineers must search for the company to finance their project. Three years later, in January 1896 the Duparchy &Vigouroux Company signed the deal with a price of hundred thousand francs per kilometer.Three-fourth to be paid cash at hand and the rest as an obligatory to be paid through times.


The company also paid hundred thousand francs to Menelik extra as a gift in return to the consensus signed. The company further began to monopolize another business in the area of mining gold such in Wal’laga, coal production, salt, telegraph etc, in various regions of occupied and secured territories.  From 1894 to 1895 alone handles between France and Menelik that reached thirty-five million francs in France surprised the Europeans next to Leopold II of Belgium Congo’s profit. The fact stimulated the establishment and constitutionalization of the later called “Compagnie Imperiale-Ethiopienne” in short CIE in 1896. The railroad construction began in 1897 from Finfinne toward the southeast red sea coast. As it has been in the past, tons of steel and  other heavy metals required  for railroad construction were also carried by slave hands and their shoulders. Statistics proved that about 60 % the slaves were Oromos in each and every place of constructions. Once the railroad construction had reached Laga Hawaas “River Awash” crossing the Karrayyu Oromoland, there was something unusual happened in a normal sense, but not in Menelik sense. As the spin engineer went to report his success from Finfinne to Laga Hawaas and is going to begin to construct a bridge over Laga Hawaas, Menelik stopped the construction of the Laga Hawaas. Nightmarish for the engineers and the French company. Why did he stop the construction of the Bridge?


Apropos, bridge constructions  and both men! At the beginning of his services next Alfred Ilg began to build houses, streets, for Menelik and settlers following him in a tempo. During the rainy seasons there were at least three moths of disconnection between Intootoo where first Alfred built his hut and live and served Menelik, and his area of his project to build  house or fabrics, because of the  Rivers  flowing  across Shagar that springs from Tuulamaa highland toward the south like Laga Qabaana were a natural barriers and there were  no means of crossing the rivers  from one side of the river bank to its opposite side of the bank. The Rainy season was the hibernation period for  Menelik and his settler troops,while it was and still is the hardest working seasons of the years for the vast majority of the Agricultural Nations incarcerated in the Empire.


There  were no word called bridge in the vocabulary of Menelik,let alone to have one in real. It was strange as Alfred Ilg Itself. Ones Alfred Ilg proposed to  solve this  problem and  brought his model, to begin with, the construction of bridges to be anointed by Menelik, but not disgraced or belittled, Menelik took the model and crash it with his hand, and laughed at Alfred Ilg. That sent a message, if I can crash it with my hand, how can it carry my whole body and my troops, plundered   resources and live animals across the river. Menelik and his nearest warlords and his wife also considered that was “evil man’s duty, no one built a bridge on air,” and there were no needs of spilling out money to the river itself to build a bridge on Air.


Alfred Ilg was known for his obsinancy, he built the second model and brought back to Menelik again. Menelik crashed it again. One may easily guess what were going on Menelik’s and Alfred’s Mind at this spot. One can also understand how difficult it may be to explain what “Model” mean to Menelik and his servants around him. It was also understandable that Alfred’s models were made of fragile materials as what models were supposed to be, but not for Menelik. Alfred did not give up. He rather built the third model, and again brought back to  Menelik, but at this time he can not break it with his hands and no one can laugh at him and make slurs “evil ferji, etc, ) at Alfred. Menelik shook his head, showed him smiling and gave the consensus to build the bridges in Finfinne to cross from one bank of the river to the  opposite side of the bank of the river.


The stopping order of constructing the bridge on the Hawaas River given by Menelik was ridiculous that no health brain may think of it. He stopped the project as he heard it from his Bitweded, and claimed  that the  railway construction consensus contract signed in February 1892 after their arrests, passed Menelik’s Intelligence test (MIT) by making  pairs of shoes stated that the railroad construct consensus he signed was to build  on the ground; vehicles run on the surface, but not  on air: a bridge. In fact, that was Menelik’s  invention, a diabolic lie, little different from Waachaale because Alfred was an in his said and his architect in that issue. One must not undermine the role of Tiyatu’s and her influence  as  she was the strongest opposition to the railway construction project from the very begging and the warlords around Menelik  in inventing  false reasoning to achieve the goals they planned in their mind as it has always been by Abyssinia warlords.

The fact speaks another language that can be read from the Amharic version attached below if it showed up in the document. Never mind, the filter product from it debris what one must know is here in original Amharic version written in Latin script reads: “…Ye xiis seregelaan be Hageree lemaaqom le Muusee Alfred Ilg sexiichalu, Qen, Yekaatiti 5, 1885,” when translated into English, it roughly means “…the consensus of building steam locomotive was given to Muusee Alfred IlG, Date, 14th of February, 1892.” Thus, there were neither “ Midr or Meret (Surface or Land) nor Ayer (Air) stated in the contract he signed to build the rail. The stopping of the railway project  was not only nightmare t o both engineers but the worst of the worst has come. The company and the two engineers went bankrupt. Because Menelik demanded first the essence of signing a new contract in regards to building a bridge on air. Second; the company must pay him three hundred thousand Thaler if they want the proceed with their project. The company was not in a position to pay it. As a result stopped the project and traveled to France to search  for new Financier. Finally, they did not succeed and went bankruptcy.


As a consequence and the government of France must take over and began to send delegates to inspect and report to the government for further funding the project and constructions. They established a new company that changed its name in 1908 to the “Compagnie du Chemin de fer Franco-Ethiopien.” The contract action capital of the company was estimated to two million francs where the company holds 85 % of the share and 2% for Alfred and Leon. First in 1916, after nineteen years of construction time, a five hundred kilometer railway route was accomplished. Alfred died in 1916 and Menelik died in 1913.


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