Oduu Haaraya

The Pathognomonic Syndrome of Settler-Colonial Abyssinia’s Psychology

Part 1

Odaa Hora 

Most of the accomplishments of human activities in daily life, ideas: a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of physical action begins in the human brain or mind. That is why we say everything begins in the mind. Thus, the compelling proficiency to reading the cocoons of the Settler-Colonial Abyssinian (SCA) empire and their assimilated products, i.e. slave-minds by the entire populations incarcerated within the SCA is the begging of the end (the Alpha and the Omega) of the most barbaric and backward predatory Empire to hammer the final nail into her Coffin once and forever.


The geopolitical and economic role of the Horn of Africa, the Red Sea, and its coasts have been known as the gate to three continents, Africa, Asia, and Europe throughout human history and civilizations. It has been known as the artery of the world economic flow, the shortest marine route as it has always been. Accordingly, one who controlled the Red sea, its costs, and the juxtaposing part of the landmass and the Great Nile River, controlled the vitality of world economic flow.

Once the most resouceless and greedy autocratic European colonizers of the 19th century out of all continent turned their compass toward the scrambling for Africa in Berlin conference. It was catalyzed by the German autocrat, Otto Bismarck, and held from 15 November 1884 to 26 February 1885. Fifteen greedy moralless and ethicless European Monarchies and the USA were invited and participated in these colonial enterprises. They slice the 2nd largest and richest content like a piece of cakes, drawn virtual artificial demarcation on pieces of leaflet between themselves. They unanimously signed in what was notoriously known as the Berlin act as it has never been in the history of Africa.

All participants and signatures of THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA knew the importance of the region for granted and some intended to claim singularly, to control and monopolizes the flow of resources from entire African and Asia minor. The conflict of interest of resource-hungry Euroepan colonizers of Africa has already programed. 

Most plausibly with the major European colonizers of the Horn of Africa, France, and Britain, not to underestimate Italy, who was considered as the underdog by both classical rivals through colonial and settler-colonial enterprises when and where ever they encountered out of Europe. Three of them have already bought a piece of colonial turfs and established colonial stations, ports of entry around the red sea coasts, a prelude to the colonization enterprise of the entire African continent.

To avoid blood-shedding against each other on the African soil as it has been in their past when and where ever they encountered they come out with a unique solution. The left the region they knew as Abyssinia to the outlaw warlords arose in the region camouflaged as “another brothers” as a partner to be part of the colonial enterprises and reserved for her an empty chair No.16th in her absence. The Africans never knew late alone to be invented and to participate as European colonizers considered Africa, the origin of biological as well as the cradle of human civilization as their backyard.

An anomaly in its art of European colonial enterprise. They singularly picked Abyssinia out of the entire African content that they directly and actively invaded occupied and exploited, whreas, the Abyssinia barbarian outlaw chieftains in their village were supported with all means they desperately needed. They programmed the local dependent marionette and extended arms of European colonizers within Africa. The warlords who arose within the terrain with the mutual interest of expansion, invasion, occupation, colonization, and settlement and to be everybody’s madam. i. e. European colonizers that the Abyssain chieftains perfectly fulfilled the role and turned the profiteers. 

Abyssinia proper that pended from Aksum to Gondar visa-vice was coming Out of centuries of barbarism vandalism, butchery, chaos, the three cruelest bandits who climbed up the political saddle in the region turned the best candidates of European colonizers to be supported by all means necessary. Among them the cruelest outlaw bandit Kasa “Tewodros II” in Gondar nicknamed by people in the region, as half– a devil and half-an Abyssinian’s (mezzo diavolo e mezzo abissino) bandit, another Kasa “Yohanis IV” in Aksum, and the underdog, Sahle Mariam of Ankober. 

The European colonizers backed all of the outlaw warlords, in competing, according to their wishes and whims, sometimes in overlapping. They provided with all tools that all the cruelest bandits needed desperately i.e. modern firearms, finances, advisors, mercenaries, etc. that enabled them to come up from village banditry to climb up to the political ladder and to control the power of the region and become regional banditry in their domain and expanded. They all three accomplished their dirty jobs analogy to their European colonial partners in the time of reign.

Once both Kasas were killed and most significantly his last master, Kasa of Tigray, Yohannis IV in march 1889 to whom the underdog bandits of Ankober Degazmach (door ruler) Sahle Mariam paid attributes through his nose, The underdog of Ankober turned the only candidate’s to profit and backed by all Europeans in competing to boost their sphere of influence accordingly. A jackpot for the underdog bandit who turned to the pitch-black Menelik (1865-1913) to Leopold II of Belgium Congo of the Horn of Africa

Between 1868 and 1900 alone he received 715,000 rifles and 50 million ammunition from Britain, France, Italy, and Russia alone among other Europeans and their allies. Henceforth the dirty, gruesome sub-human acts of elimination and expansion, chopping arms, and legs of Men, and chopping Women’s breast, killing by hanging, poisoning to induce the psychological shock. i.e. the default of punishing the victims by all Habesha warlords since their feet held on African soil that holds to the very date indeed.

Sahle Mariam was known an illiterate of his own creole language, no one ever saw him reading nor writing it. Furthermore, the hero of Abiy Ahmed Ali and the barbaric Nafaxaanyaa hordes, a pitch-black, with pox-spotted skin and funny nose was known to be infected in his younger ages. He suffered through ought his life from chronic syphilis and alcohol abuses and died sterile from Nerosyphlis without biological progeny. 

On the back of a donkey, he traveled from Ankober escorted with the swarm of barefoot Nafaxaanya militias hordes comprised of one hundred thousand (minimal) to one hundred fifty-thousand (maximal) of Abyssinia proper that comprises, Gonderians, Tigrians who joined him to invade the entire south. The moralless and ethicless swarm of barefoot Nafaxaanya militias hordes, wild beasts moved from Ankober toward Finfinnee camouflaged with “hagermaqnat” i.e. the logic of elimination committing settler–genocidal and ethnocidal acts against the Tuulama Oromos of Galan Moiety. They invaded devastated the flora and fauna on the road toward Finfinnee and her surroundings like a locust swarm, “terra nullius”. As the Oromo folks saying proved “Bakaa Kooten Abaashaa eejeetee margii hin marguu,“ means no grass grow under the feet hold of the Hbeshas.

Finfinnee the placental land of The Great Oromo Nation, the cradle of human civilization the central Tuulamaa plateau and her surrounding fall at the hand of barbaric Nafaxaanyaa hordes the alien of the north Abyssinia bandits for the first time in over 400 years of historical encounter with Tuulamaa Oromos who chased them to their caves and impassable mountain shelters. 

The ancestor soil of Tuulamaa children was billeted by the pitch-black genocider to the Nafaxaanya Safaries. They plagued upon the resources the Oromo People and the entire people of the south. Raiding slaves and livestock, robbery of agricultural products, their livelihood, plundering whatever comes on their way by guns pointed at their forehead of the downtrodden mass of the population incarcerated to Boraana Oromo land in the South, to the European colonies surrounding the empire.

Henceforth, Finfinnee turned the epicenter of the commanding post, and the control center of series of outlaw warlords, military junta, and the rebel militias who catapulted to the political power at gunpoint and controlled in one-man hand cling into power until their last breath.

The Nafaxaanya Safaries empire maintained the Gafol (predatory –prey) relationship and settler–genocidal and ethnocidal acts, eviction, displacements, incarceration turned their major accomplishments from the era of Sahle Mariam (1865-1913) to the contemporary tyrant Abiy Ahmed Ali (2018-2020). They established viral mode operandi by default to the very date.

The most dangerously out of all have been the cursed assimilated loyal working horses, slave mind individuals, or groups, from within the colonized people. In case, such as Goobanaa Daccee of Sahle Mariam to Abiy Ahmed, the Askaris of Nafxaanyaa Safaries.

Askaris from Swahili word for” Soldier” precisely barefoot brain drained Individuals or groups that any colonizer dreams of. African men who turned their back to their people, and a loyal servant for their European African colonial masters such as for Britain; Germany, Italy, and Abyssinia. They have been cheap working horses, recruited as Pavlov dogs, served to their last breath, and mostly died in vain.

Fanon and Paulo Freire have the answers to why they have been most dangerous than their masters: Fanon, the pioneering psychologist, and sociologist who studied the mind of the colonizer and the colonized who concluded that colonized people perpetuate their condition by striving to emulate the culture and ideas of their oppressors. The colonizer leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well. And Paulo Freire further stated, “The oppressed want at any cost to resemble the oppressors.” 

Without the Goobanaas who commit fratricidal genocides. Finfinnee could have never turned the springboard and the center of commanding post of series of outlaw Nafxaanya Safary-gangs and clan rule and the to the very date. The offspring of diver-invaders of Nafxaanyaa Safari could never able to commit gruesome sub-human acts, chopping arms and legs of Men, chopping Women’s breasts, killing by hanging, by poisoning to induce the psychological shock in the mind of the great Oromo nation and their alikes. The contemporary empire could never stand on her two feet at all. They Nafxaanyaa Safari could have never able to be the masters of slaveholders, slave traders, and livestock looters.

One hundred fifty-three years ago Blanc prophetical deciphered and reminds us who exactly the Abyssinians were /are in compressed from their toe to their head in a compressed form: 

The Abyssinian, taken as a whole with the exception of Habeshas the oppressed and hard-working peasants, there is nothing in them to praise or extol. Beggars infest the land; the priests are ignorant and bigoted; the soldiers, the course of the curse of the country. Abyssinians, I regret to say are cowardly, adepts, at low treachery, lazy, pretentious and pompous. Naturally drunkards and gluttons, they are only abstemious by necessity, and their festivals are but low and coarse orgies. They have no literature, no means of recreation. Their conversation is a revolting incoherent talk, partly blasphemous, partly lascivious, and when they favoured us their society, always ending in requests for favours. When we state that cleanliness is a shame, debauchery, no disgrace, robbery, treachery and murder glorious deeds.”

If the downtrodden mass of the population of the entire south to Abyssain proper (Amhara and Tigre mainly) that fall under the rule of series Abyssian Nafxaanyaa outlaw warlords took the precise descriptions of Blanc as a rule of thumb to counteract against the backward and predatory empire, the SCA (Nafxaanyaa Safaries) could have never existed at all.

As in China’s adage “know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” The enemy to be dealt with has been the mind of the SCA i.e. Nafaxaanyaa Safaries since her invention. The psychology of the SCAs Nafaxaanyaa Safaries, the most effective political tools deployed to climb up to the political ladder and control it in their hands throughout their existence and profited from it from every sphere of life to the very date.

As a result, the Nafaxaanyaa Safariy colonists turned the psychological, societal, economic, cultural, and political burden of the current estimates of 100 million-plus population incarcerated within one of the most backward, barbaric, and predatory empires on this inhabitable planet. She also turned a burden to the neighboring countries by waging relentless wars of aggression, consequently the burden to global institutions such as human rights, refuge, food, and security agencies.

The SCAs, the Nafxaanyaa Safaries, the offspring of diver invaders foundation have been anchored on the old third hand imported gadgets of the Near East Asian ballads, myths, legends, folklore who personalized it to their whims and wishes that can only exist on a piece of painted leaflets or goatskin but not in the real-world on this inhabitable planet and could not be materialized. 

The ballads they glass ceiled indeed have no limits of that turned one of the Pathognomonic Psychological syndromes of SCA; Nafxaanyaa Safaries. I will get to the billions of it that is why I have taken up my pen to make an autopsy of the brain of Nafxaanyaa Safaries to unveiling their old myth, ballads, and pathological lies redundantly molted as new, like a snake form time. They turned the psychological, societal, political, economic burden of the entire population of the south in all spheres of their livelihoods to the very date.

Most importantly is that there are no differences to be noted between the Habesha beggars on the street of Finfinnee, the Debteras in their huts and caves, the “teachers” in the schools, the “professor” in “colleges,” and outlaw warlords and tyrants who catapulted to political power at gunpoint and in most cases cling into it until they die or shot dead or flight in the last minutes.

Thus, the compelling proficiency, of the entire Nafxaanyaness and their assimilated servants who followed the footstep of his masters The contemporary shepherd of Nafxaanyaa Safaries Abiy Ahmed Ali is the perfect example to be noted.

As in saying; If a snake molts it only loses the old one for a new one but remains snake, It rather becomes fresher. And that has been the nitty-gritty of outlaw warlords who catapulted to the political saddle by butchering their rival in most cases or intrigues and controlled the empire in one man’s hands. They employed and deployed as repressive tools glass ceiling their myth and ballads. They defend it by pointing guns at the foreheads of the downtrodden unarmed mass and helpless masses incarcerated within from God and the world’s forgotten barbaric prison house. 

  1. Glass Ceiling Myths and Ballades Negating History 

The schizoid paranoia of a collection of Abasat nomadic shepherd tribes who continuously migrated from the southwest fringe of Asian minor. Today’s Yemen and settled in the Horn of Africa. They gradually admixed with, indigenous Kushite African people in the region. The Nafaxaanya Safaries have been known as innate pathological liars and masters of plagiarism since some finger counted Debteras (semi-illiterate) nominally” priests” can write and read their creole language called Geez.

They are a people without history. The contemporary SCA of Abiy departed from translating the folklores of Near East Asia (NEA) into Geez what the spin scribes called the “Kebre Nagast” means “The Glory of the Kings” and “Feteha Nagast” means” The Law of the Kings.” Both being misnomer names, and non-sense in real, while there has been neither glory nor what was called law per.se, on the soil, but dramatically the opposite i.e., barbarism, chaos, and a predatory banditry life throughout their history that holds to the very date.

The imaginary play writers, an arduous journey a “woman” named Saaba or Sheba, or Bilqis from Aksum in Africa took who dream to begat with only one man named Solomon Solomon (the poorest and most backward bandit shepherd called the “King” and to visit him in Jerusalem in Asia. She continued to tell She traveled with the camel caravan and crossed the Sahara- Sinai desert, ca. 2000 km air distance. The when and the how long and the possibility of the journey forth and back in one of the Earth’s hot desert of Sahara was unknown, except the caricature drawn “The queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame” (1Kings 10:1). Her object had been to gain the donation of “only male spermatozoon (XY)” namely from Solomon singularly. The scribes continue, she brought precise gifts, gold, number of a camel caravan.

The scribes continue, once she got what she wanted from Solomon, the owner of seven hundred wives and numerous concubines, nevertheless who seized a “woman” named Saaba, or Sheba, or Makeda or Bilqis. She went back again via the Sahara –Sinai desert as pregnant women and arrived at Aksum and finalized their drama that she delivered the only son, she called him “Menelik, a divine creature.” From her departed the collection of the innate pathological liars and The contemporary SCA, Nafaxaanyaa Safaris without known genealogy who could not even trace their grand-father, nevertheless claims of “uninterrupted” kinship of virtually named “Menelik I, a divine creature, the tribe of Judha.

The foundation myth (pseudologia fantatstica (pathological lies), the drama has been injected, produced, reproduced, and inherited from one to the next generation glass Ceiling the entire Myths and Ballades they profited from it and left the only way to keep their profits and prestige. As a result, it turned the chronic cultural schizoid–paranoia of al Nafaxaanya Safaries and Askaris like Abiy A. Ali by default and to maintain the status quo of the SCAs Empire viral modus operandi.

It turned to the Pathognomonic (fingerprint) syndrome of the entire Nafxaanyaness and their assimilated servants, the working horse to follow the footstep of their masters at least since their feet held Finfinnee, Oromia and then the south as a whole to Habesha proper to the very date. Suffering from chronic famine, malnutrition, children with spindle arms, legs, and an enlarged tummy “pot-belly” that turned the fingerprint of SCA in the global arena. She was known as the most impoverished backward and predatory empire that has been found in the tail end of state lists in HDI global rankings that defines the SCAs

Thus it was not by chance that Abiy Ahmed an innate pathological liar, master of an intriguer, ignorant, chauvinist, and the gold medallion winner opportunist who self-styled to be the 7th “King” of the SCA that his witch mother forecasted as he was a child and becomes “true” a ballad he often narrates, yet what felt has been to attest “the Tribe of Judah” as his prophets in their graveyards.

  1. Innate Pathological Liars and Genociders

Nafxaanyaa Safaries has been water-proofed innate pathological liars from the very beginning to the very date and glass ceiling myth and ballads and yet dream to trade with the stolen name their version of “Ethiopia.“. Their assimilated servants who followed the footstep of their masters and dream to maintain its status quo. An anomaly has been as stated there have been no differences to be noted between the Habesha beggars on the street of Finfinnee, the Debteras in their huts and caves, the “teachers” in the schools, the “professor” in “colleges,” and the entire cruelest bandits who catapulted to political power and sat tall in the chair to the very date. The contemporary mercenary bandit Abiy Ahmed Ali the perfect example to be noted boldly could not be otherwise

There is no need to spend more space and time in the past to catch innate pathological liars of Hebesha Debtras and assimilates when we have it right on the soil. The TPLF-EPRDF-who claimed a 100 % win of the “election” in 2015 where there has been none but replacement from with clan is a fresh memory of pathological lie of the SCA.

Indeed, Election per se that echos the say of the people has always been a prescription to swallow cyanide or suicidal pili that all outlaw tyrants, knew from day one they climbed up to the political saddle, if an election per se is to be held as it was supposed to be free and fair they will be kicked out with Zero (Nil). Election per se makes dictators virtually sleepless, and turn to nightmares and no tyranny or dictatorship will commit suicide. 

Thus their project has been to prohibit the process right from day one began once the tyrants fill stable, secured their cohesive circles and gun-carriers. The commands of the entire repressive tools will be mobilized have been initiated and implemented day by day by banning the materialization of the election. The regime primarily targets the most formidable forces, the heavyweight, such as the Great Oromo Nation as a whole and their sacred genuine liberation forces that they knew for sure and cannot even think lot alone to compete and win an election.

That has been the outlaw warlords, junta and desert rebel militias gangs clan gangs, such as the fanatics Stalinist, Meles Zenew or his puppet, the underdog Haile Mariam Desalgen or the contemporary assimilate, the shepherd of contemporary Nafxaanya gangs Abiy Ahmed Ali main objective and accomplishment and their recruits who cling into power in the backward empire until their final air. 

The regime began to brush them with tars whom the regime fears at most and began to invent, play writes narrating fake self-made horror drama to mislead the mass of the population, and in hope to stir up people’s interest to follow them like a sheep flock enemy images that follow their herd.

They invent fake, statistics that was the case of the two-digit economic GDP growth that relentless propaganda of the last at least two decades by TPLFEPRDF fascistic gangs another and very important fact to be noted boldly and mannerism of the predatory Nafxaanya hordes of the SCAs. The innate pathological lies, when the very majority of the downtrodden mass of the population incarcerated in the predatory empire cannot afford three meals per day for their children when they have no access to clean water, late alone to thinks about public health facilities, an electric city, etc., just to say the least. It has been a series of outlaw warlords, bandits, gangs, and their cohesive circles who catapulted to political power got richer and fatter like eastern Lamb preying upon the livelihoods of the masses. 

They instigate terror and horror by gun carries militia hordes that act like a rabid dog against the helpless downtrodden mass by gun pointing at their head. In discriminant killing, mass incarcerations, assassination, etc., of the formidable opposing forces, prominent individual figures, from all spheres of life, legitimizing regime sponsored terrorism and that is the universal definition of tyranny or dictatorship.

Thus it is the most urgent task of the great Oromo nation and ethno -nations right now on the soil that must be fought by all means necessary before it is too late. He does leave no stone unturned right from day one as he has sworn and singularly targeted to wipe out the great Oromo nation in first-line and to reassure the status quo of the predatory empire viral modus Operandi. He continued to take unscrupulously sub-human settler genocidal and fascistic acts an to maintain the political power with all means necessary and propagate to fight harder and harder until his last air or shot dead like his Prophet Teferi Mekonnen or to flight like Mengistu in his last hour before he was caught red-handed and brought to justice.

  1. Nafxaanyaa Safaries: Absolute Denial of History 

The absolute denial of history has been one of the Pathognomonic syndromes of Nafxaanyaness and their assimilated servants who followed the footstep cocoons have been packed with myths and ballads his masters. History; i. e. science replaced with myth and ballads have been known as old the Debteras (semi-illiterate nominal priests) began to read and write their creole language called Geez.  She has been invented built upon, survived, and yet dreams to survive with an absolute denial of history in the 21st. The primitive obligatory dependent SCA, Nafxaanyaas Safaries committing APOPTOSIS (Programmed death from within) and could never be otherwise.

Denial of history turned one of the pillars of anchored by one of the most barbaric and backward predatory settler-colonial Abyssinian empire since her invention. Series of warlords, the military junta, rebel militia gangs who catapulted to the political power in most cases at gun points and intrigues and sat tall in the saddle and cling into it the power until their last breath.

An anomaly has been that in the cocoons of SCAs is that there have been no differences to be traced from the beggar on the street to the Debteras in their caves or huts. Even more imprudent has been that neither, the “teachers in the school to the nominal “professors” in colleges; who pick up pens and write nothing but hyper-inflation of ballads, myth, and legends.

They have been the masters of hypocrisy, myth-makers, and defenders of the myths and ballads with all mean they can and leave no stone unturned to die for. the mythical Eldorado legends and ballads translated according to their whims and wish employed and deployed as a powerful propaganda machine in all spheres of life. They all legitimized and justified the authentic Gafol system, vampire empire criminal acts the committed against humanity throughout the project of expansionism, toward the south to the Garden of Eden occupation and settlement with their peers from the barren mountains highlands of Habesha proper predominantly in Oromo Land (Biyyaa Oroomo) by the displacement of the great and ancient African People, the Oromos from their ancestral soil when ad wherever their feet held and encountered to date.

The SCA have been well known for their narcissistic mannerism in making an Elephant out of mice when it comes to the series of the cruelest backward outlaw bandits who committed the worst crime against humanity like a wild beast, half– a devil and half-an Aabaasha (mezzo diavolo e mezzo abissino) as their heroes.

The contemporary cold-blooded killer the shepherd of Nafaxaanya Safaries Abiye Ahmed Ali hatched out from the cocoons of the TPLF-EPRDF Stalinist block recruit who served as a loyal spy agent “intelligence officer.” The TPLF-EPRDF has been known since 1991 as their feet held Finfinnee who operated similar if not identical to Nazi–Germany must be punished for the crime, Genocide, and Ethnocide they committed for twenty-eight years solid. 

They were qualified to sit in detention center besides Charles G. Taylor of Liberia, Thomas L.Dyilo of DRC in ICC’s detention center in Scheveningen, the Hage of Netherlands. But paradoxically he was invited to Oslo, Norway for the Nobel “peace prize” award camouflaged as a peacemaker with his master, the Kim Jong-un of the Horn of Africa Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea

The assimilated, perfect slave mind was brought from the backyard of TPLlF-EPRDF, an evil man heavily cloaked as Messiah, erroneously camouflaged as nominal “Saboona Oromo” mesmerized the revolutionary forces, the Great Oromo Nation who brought him on the board in summer 2018 to be a Captain. Most importantly the Alpha generation the Qeerroos and the Qaarrees, the avant-garde of. A fatal erratum right from the begging. He misled the evolutionary forces, most importantly Qeerroos and the Qaarrees who sacrificed their life and brought him on the board who backed him to regret the most within months.

Assimilate such as Goobaanaa and Todays Abiy Ali have been more dangerous than their masters. They fight harder and harder to be recognized by their masters. Recruited, with lashes (Guraa miicciiran leenjissan) the default assimilation procedures of physical and psychological violence, mental-cloning of the Habesha Nafxaanyaa to produce a converted and transferred individuals and groups to the perfect mental slave that any masters can dream. Abiy has been the perfect product, the loyal servant who sworn and prepared to give his neck before his masters. 

Abiy who suffers from chronic schizoid –paranoia with a premorbid personality dreams to reverse the backward Empire at least one century back comes out with a meaningless term called “Medemer, PP-(Predatory Party” to make the contemporary Nafxaanyas cocoons happy. In return, they crowned him as an “intellect”. One must keep in mind Debteras have been the intellects of SCA and any ashker (slave mind) who can read and write intends and dreams to reassure the status quo of the settler-colonial system of Abyssinia (Nafxaanya Safaris) and prepared to safeguard her and to maintain her status quo at all costs has been crowned as the intellects.

Abiy has been proofed, reproofed, and again as an absolute denial, semi-illiterate in all spheres of societal science. He did not even know the dictionary definition of history let alone teaching the history and above all the history of the Oromos people, the great and ancient nation of Africa, the Cradle of Human civilization.

One must have a strong stomach, the courage, and to give an ear to what comes out of Abiy`s mouth that stank right from the first second and worsened from day to day like a rotten egg. In whatever language he used to speak, he spoke nothing else but who he is that enforces to level him as the most dangerous out of outlaw warlords, rebel gangs, known to control the political power of the backward predatory empire of the SCA to the entire population of the Horn of Africa.

The daydreamer and the absolute denial of history his cocoons have been packed with a delusion who intends and prepared to die before his masters and to reverse the settler-colonial empire backward to the era of the black pitch with pox-spot skin, funny nose, and alcoholics the pitch-black ( Leopold II of Belgium Congo) Sahle Mariam / “Menelik II, half– a  devil and half-an Abyssinia (mezzo diavolo e mezzo abissino ), settler genociders, expansionist and colonialist, today in the 21st century in the era of the Alpha generation i.e the Qeerroo and Qarrees and the liberated mind of the great Oromo nations and the downtrodden helpless mass of the entire ethno-nation of estimates 100 million-plus population incarcerated in this prison-house today than ever. 

In the cocoon of the settler-colonial –Nafxaanya Safaries with deep-rooted acculturation where the real world, the tangible one the soli have been erased; i.e. history and supplanted with folklores, fables, myth, and ballad to maintain the Gafol system, i.e obligate dependent-predatory settler colonial system as a result of settler genocidal acts in Oromia and the entire south to Habesah proper. They further reproduced and nurtured the psychology of absolute denial of history to their offspring of diver invaders, and injected in the mind of assimilates from Goobanaa to Abiy who turned the perfect working horse ready to give their neck to their masters.

They have been sent to the battlefield instigated by the settlers within the empire (internal wars) or external wars as it has been the case against the great Oromo nation and the entire south throughout their interactions. They were also packed and sent to die a meaningless death, such in Eretria and Somalian deserts analog to the askaris of European African colonies. 

it was not by chance that the contemporary Nafxaanyaa (gun-bearers) Safaries (settlers), gangs fresh assimilate convert colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali, the shepherd of contemporary Nafxaanya gangs propagated and proclaimed “Orthodox is a State or Aksum ” in his tours via seas as it was the case in the USA. He knew where the collection of the offspring of diver-invader Nefxaanyaa Habesha refuges dominantly harbored, like in WDC or LA he must mesmerize them, bring them back in life from their graveyard to broaden the mass basis of his support for his delusional vision of patronage of default Gafaol System stretches back to the nominal Aksum connoted to “Christianity.” 

The fresh assimilated colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali, the shepherd of contemporary Nafxaanya gangs sat tall in Finfinnee has been well known and proofed, reproofed to be radical stupid, ignorant perfect slave mind. He was also known as super-allergic against sacred scholars and their life long teaching and seminal works of global reckon seminal works and pearls of wisdom in every sphere of social science. One among many syndromes of Tyranny 

The anomalies have been that there are no differences to be noted between the Habesha beggars on the street of Finfinnee, the Debteras in their huts and caves, the “teachers” in the schools, the “professor” in “colleges,” and outlaw warlords and tyrants who catapulted to political power and sat tall in the chair. Abiy Ahmed Ali is the perfect example to be noted. Safuu and laguu have been already erased from his mind and replaced by the fanatic ballads of Nafxaanaas and viral modus operandi and he is prepared to commit grotesque acts of crime, fascism with the premise to act as the shepherd of the dying empire least as he boasts and nothing else more to be noted

  1. Viral Modus Operandi SCAs Art of Life

Since the outlaw bandit Ezana” of Aksum who was converted to nominal “Christianity” accidentally arrived from Near-East Asia in the 4th century and used his new religious myth of “Christian-Theosophy “as the most effective tool of power consolidation and expansion in the region by genocidal acts and established the Gafol system (GS) i.e., the predatory-prey relations vs the mass downtrodden helpless in combat population they invaded, occupied and plagued on their livelihood. 

Henceforth, the GS turned the authentic system of all Abyssinia outlaw worlds by default to the very date with insignificant cosmetic alteration in time and space, there art of life who climbed up to the political ladder and hold the power by guns made in Europe and provided by the greedy moral and ethic less Europeans monarchies that enabled the half– a  devil and half-an Abyssinia ab (mezzo diavolo e mezzo abissino) bandits to the consistent invaders, slaveholders, livestock looters, and genociders, and to maintain their Viral Modus Operandi, materialized by regime sponsored terror, horror, wars, flights, and incarceration of the vast majority of the downtrodden and helpless population incarcerated in the empire. 

Thus the fitness to reading the cocoons of Nafxaanyaa Safaries (settler-colonial Abyssinians) (SCA), and the assimilated working horses as the Computed–Tomography–scan (CT) diagnostic tool dose in the medical world by the very majority of the colonized and victimized population of the entire populations incarcerated in the SCA is an obligation more than anything. It is the begging of the end (the Alpha and the Omega) of the most barbaric backward predatory Abyssinian empire in the Horn of Africa.

Jonathan Swfit, remind us “I never wonder men wicked but I often wonder to see ashamed.”

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  1. Bravo Sudan. I am happy with your victory!! Probably 5 years ago, some people burned the ethioipia flag . Upon hearing this incident, I was extremely irrited. Since I was brainwashed and forecd to believe that I am ethiopian and amhara is the only tribe chosen by God to rule Ethiopia. We always dream there will be a king in the near future to lead Ethiopai and under his rule ethiopia will be the most powerful country in the world. This fake story fashioned and narrated by Amhara elites both in the church and secular entites has deceived many people like me. However, at this time these amhara thugs are killing my people and telling me that they are ethiopians , while killing ethiopians. So, we all tigrians donot need ethiopia and personally work with anyone who want detsroy ethiopianism!! We should burn the flag where we go and find it . We will not forget the role that ethiopian orthodox church leadres plyed in this conflict including th eritreans and some Oromos , while we have beautiful Oromo people with us!!!