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Insurgent forces organized from home to abroad to terrorize the country were arrested

The government announced that it has seized 47 insurgent forces engaged in terrorist acts organized underground from home to abroad with various weapons.

The Joint Security and Stability Force (JSF) said in a statement that the suspects were arrested while coordinating at home and abroad to forcibly overthrow the federal government after targeting senior officials in the Amhara region.

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The joint statement said on April 28 that it was taking irreversible legal action against rebel forces trying to seize power in the region.

The statement of the joint force followed the killing of the head of the Badhaadhina Party in Amhara region, Mr. Girma Yashixilaa by the rebel forces.

In a statement sent to local media today, he said he is continuing to take action and identified the individuals and media outlets involved.

The political, military, intelligence, financial and media branches of the insurgent group are headed by Dr. Ambedkar. Wandosan Asaffa, the statement said.

The branch has been linking up with 16 rebel diaspora members living in different countries and receiving logistical and financial support from Bahar Dar in Amhara region to recruit, train, arm and recruit militants and give them missions to commit violence and killings at the regional and federal levels reached, the statement said.
The assassination of Badhaadhina Party executive member and head of the Amhara regional office Girma Yashixila and his colleagues two days ago was orchestrated by the leaders of the rebel group, Ballaxaa Shaggaawu and Mihirat Wadaajoo (Mirree Wadaajoo), the statement said.

The joint force added that they were using the secret organizations they had formed at home and abroad to forcibly dismiss people’s elected officials in Amhara region and replace their official structures by secretly selecting 450 people in 130 districts of Amhara and other regions . . . .

In addition, the rebel forces were prepared to replace the security forces of the Amhara region with their own armed forces.

On the other hand, the rebel forces have been creating false news and conducting vicious propaganda to divide the people by ethnicity and religion and work to overthrow the regional and federal governments, the statement said.

The investigation is underway against those who are working to destroy the country by spreading false news and engaging in terrorist acts in secret and these so-called terrorist forces are being investigated by the international police (interpol) and the security agencies of the countries. The government has said it will work hard to ensure that they are extradited and brought to justice.

“These rebel forces are being investigated while working together with foreign anti-security forces that do not want Ethiopian unity to overthrow the government by force,” the Joint Force said in a statement.

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