Response to Dr. Yonas Biru, the Oromo Phobic and Oromo Hater Amhara Ultrarightist Extremist

September 2, 2023 Leenjiso Horo Dr. Yonas Biru has shown in his political Swinging Pendulum between being half Oromo and…

3 months ago

Sochii Oromoota Afran Qalloo (1567 – 1856)

Seenaa Afran Qalloo

1 year ago

Do Ethiopia’s Oromo People Have A Better Alternative For Modern Democracy?

Ethiopia’s Oromo people made headlines around the world when peaceful protests turned violent against government land use changes, prompting a state…

7 years ago

Can the Two Biggest Nations – the Oromo and the Agaw – yet Cooperate Against the System of Domination in Oromia?

[i]Few years ago, a known historian prof Laphiso Delebo disclosed the presence of 23 million Agaw in Oromia (Ethiopia). That…

9 years ago

Abbootiin Gadaa Oromoo hangam mootummaa Wayyaaneerraa walaba ta’anii hojjechaa jiru?

  Abdii Boruutiin   Gaafii akka mata-dureetti dhiyeesse kanarratti yaada kiyya otuu hin ibsin dura waa lama galateeffachuun barbaada. Inni…

9 years ago

Understanding Gadaa and Orommummaa:

Oromo Nationalists frequently discuss the underlining premises of Orommumaa within the aspirations for promoting the commonly shared spirit of the…

10 years ago