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Solomon Ungashe gaazeexeessaa Abdii Fiixeef dhoortoo kadhachaa fii jira.. Ummanni Oromoo kana laalchisee maal jedhu? warri haga ammaa gargaarsa arjoomaa jiruus kutatti waan qoodame fakkaata..

Dear friends,

Journalist Abdi Fite was fired from OMN the other day without prior warning. He was a co-founder of the organization and has been employed as a journalist for the last three years. He left his comfortable life in Washington, DC, and moved to Minneapolis, MN  because OMN needed him there.  He left a good paying job and friends behind to serve the organiation and his people, the Oromo pople of Ethiopia.

Abdi is now jobless all of a sudden and he was not given a severance package that would have helped support his family till he finds another job.  Abdi has been a voice for the Oromo people and we feel confident he will continue playing that role at another institution in the near future.

He needs our support now.  Our goal is to raise 25K to help pay his bill for the next few months.  Please donate as much as you can and encourage your friends to do so as well.
Thank you

Abdi Fite Support Team


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