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Addis Master Plan completed, sent to local governments

December 12, 2014 (Capital Ethiopia – pro-government website) — Established to craft a plan that integrates Addis Ababa with the surrounding Oromia region, the Addis Ababa and Surrounding Oromia Special Zone Integrated Master Plan Project Office will come to the end of its mission at the end of the current Ethiopian year. The board of directors, which is led by Dirriba Kuma, mayor of the Addis Ababa city government and Abdullaziz Mohammad, vice president of Oromia regional state, decided to submit the finalized integrated plan by January, 2015.

The board of directors are also expected to announce the approval of designs prepared by the project office, as part of the master plan. These include developing a green economy and using city rivers for recreational purposes. They are also contemplating to launch the plan in the next two weeks. The plan will serve the capital and the special zones for the next 25 years.


“By 2023, Addis Ababa and the surrounding Oromia will provide a safe and livable environment for their people and become Ethiopian’s hub to ensure the national vision of becoming a middle income county, Africas diplomatic capital and internationally competitive city” reads the mission statement of the master plan.
The plan’s purpose is to link Addis Ababa with special zones within 100km of the capital; economically and socially. These zones are administered under Oromia regional state.

“The aim of the project office was to prepare the integrated plan and pass it on to respective economic sectors, under the Addis Ababa city government and the Oromia regional state. Carrying the plan out will be the responsibility of local governments,” said Dawit Nigussie, Public Relation Head at the project office.

Hopes are that this will improve economic conditions in outlying areas. Currently, the integrated plan has introduced new industry zones in Sululta, Burayu-Menagesha, Adama, Sebeta, Gelan-Dukem, and Legetafo/Legedadi.

Source: Capital Ethiopia


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