Dr. Yoonaas Birruu, the Mirror Image of Crimes of Genocide Menelik and Haile Selassie Committed Against the Oromo People

Fatansaa Sulee Shogodoo

September 20, 2023

As it is clear from hateful and Oromo phobia writings and speeches, Dr. Yonas Biru is the mirror image and symbol of the cruelty of Menelik and Haile Selassie. He is the creator and mentor of the Amhara new generation campaigners for the genocidal extermination of the Oromo people and for the new wave of Oromia land grabs. Since 2018, the Amhara political elites under the leadership of Oromo phobias Amhara elites like Dr. Yonas Biru and his company, having seen the weaknesses in the Oromo elites, have been encouraged to engage in a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of political wars against the Oromo people. The Oromo elites’ weaknesses that emboldened the Amhara are their silence, their standby idly, and their absence from the Oromo cause, the cause being the independence of Oromia.

   Dr. Yonas Biru and his extremist Amhara nationalists have engaged in constant intrigues and conspiracies of disgruntled Amhara feudal dead politics and political tactics to further discourage, weaken, and divide the already weak Oromo elites from joining the Oromo struggle. Menelik used these methods during the conquest of Oromia. Following up, Haile Selassie later and then his successive colonial regimes undertook the same divisive tactic during their administration of Oromia by attacking Oromummaa, the Oromoness, and Oromo institutions to divide the Oromo elites. Dr. Yonas Biru carries too much of his predecessors’ feudal aristocratic political dust in his political mind, the dust that he cannot clean off his mind. Because of this, he has developed a political trauma and wounded himself beyond cure.

   Dr. Yonas Biru knew the genocidal crimes Menelik committed against the Oromo people, of which his grandfather was a part and Dr. Yonas Biru himself a beneficiary. He knew very well the extermination of five million Oromo people, the mutilation of breasts of Oromo women and hands of men at Aanolle-Harmaa-harka muraa, and the annihilation at Calii Calanqoo and Azule by Menelik, the man he most glorifies and adorns. It was the first genocidal crime the Amhara committed against the Oromo people. Despite these, he has been and is idealizing Menelik. Not only this, Dr. Yonas Biru also perfectly knew the ethnic cleansing, genocide, and crimes against the Oromo humanity Haile Selassie committed between 1930-1935 after becoming emperor of the Ethiopian colonial Empire. Dr. Yonas Biru’s father and grandfather Dejazmach Biru, and Dejazmach Kasim respectively were active participants of the genocide of 1930-1935.

   Dr. Yonas Biru also perfectly knows what Haile Selassie and his uncontrollable savage Abyssinian extremists, like his father Dejazmach Biru and his grandfather Dejazmach Kasim and, of course, Dr. Yonas himself, participated in and yet denies the unleashed crimes of incarceration, disappearance, torture, murder, and mutilation of the Oromo people and the genocidal extermination of over two million Arsii Oromo at the Lake Langanoo valley gorge, locally known as “Dhumaatii Ashalamoo,” in 1941, after Haile Selassie’s return from exile under the guardianship of the British imperial power. The Lake Laanganoo Valley gorge massacre was the second Abyssinian committed genocidal crimes against the Oromo people since Menelik II. Dr. Yonas Biru has been romanticizing this period of the barbarity of the Amhara colonialist genocide of the Oromo people as the most prosperous, peaceful, and humane time in his feudalistic archaic mindset in his writings, at Abyssinian Conferences, and public talks on media. As it is clear from his writings, his campaign over a long time has been to dehistoricize and neutralize the genocide, violence, human rights violations, dispossession, displacement, and crimes against humanity that Menelik and Haile Selassie committed against the Oromo people. Not only these, but he also knows that the Oromo people were dispossessed of their land and the land taken from them  were given to the Royal families, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the aristocrats, and individual Nafxanya landlords and families, and the Oromo people made serfs. Along with these, the Amhara colonial regime coerced the Oromo people into paying all types of taxes to the colonial government and the Orthodox Church, including Healthcare and Education taxes, without having a Clinic and a school in return in the areas. The people also served the landlords with physical services.

In 1935, the Oromo people fell under the Italian colony. Of the two colonizers, the Italian colonists treated the Oromo people much better than the Amhara colonizers of Oromia.

   Interestingly enough, contrary to the Amhara/Abyssinian colonists of Oromia, the colonizer of the Ethiopian colonial empire, the Italian colonialist during its five-year stay in the Ethiopian empire returned the land taken by the Amhara colonizer of Oromia to the Oromo. The colonialist Italian government removed the heavy burden of taxes the Amhara colonial regime imposed on the Oromo people; allowed the Oromo self-rule, freed the Oromo prisoners, and closed the prison cells and police stations. Moreover, the Oromo language/Afaan Oromoo became the language of courts and civil services. Along with these, Oromiffaa or the Oromo-language radio broadcasting service, was established to serve the Oromo people. Furthermore, publications of literature and all writings in the Oromiffaa/Oromo language commenced. The Oromo people immensely benefited from the Italian colonization of Oromia than from the Amhara/Abyssinian colonization of Oromia. Don’t forget that Italian colonizers colonized the Amhara colonizers of Oromia and the south. Despite these, the Oromo people did not ally with the Italian colonialists because for them both Amhara and Italy were the colonizers of Oromia. What the Oromo people wanted was not an improvement of life or status quo under one colonizer or the other, but a total independence from both. Italy and Abyssinia fought over the Oromia resources and the resources of the nations and nationalities of the south.

   Upon return from exile after five years in 1941 with British guardianship, as the British drove out the Italians, Haile Selassie reversed whatever benefit the Oromo people got under the Italian colony to pre-Italian colonization. Not only this but also, the Abyssinian colonial regime heavily punished the Oromo people for taking back their land from Italy, for the forming the Western Oromo Confederation, and for asking the League of Nations to give the status of a protectorate until establishing an independent Oromia state. He banned the Oromo language from courts, the Church, and every public service; the Oromo language broadcasting Radio was banned; literature and texts written in the Oromo language were collected and burnt; for the Oromo to establish organizations were denied. Following these, the Haile Selassie feudal regime implemented the policy of one people- the Amhara people, Orthodox religion, Amharic language, the Amhara identity, history, and the Amhara culture, on the whole population of the empire of over eighty-six nations and nationalities. Yonas Biru was born in, raised in, lived in during this periods, and was involved in the administration of this colonial dark feudal system. The crimes committed had been the work of his father and grandfather as Dejazmaches of the Ethiopian colonial empire, including Dr. Biru himself.

   Nonetheless, Dr. Yonas Biru has been struggling recently to hide the crimes of the past that he and his family were involved in against the Oromo people. Despite claiming himself as being half Oromo, he is still directly advocating for the genocidal extermination of the Oromo people, their Oromummaa- the Oromo-centric cultural value and identity, without Oromummaa, Oromo as truly being Oromoness do not exist, and Waaqeffannaa- the Oromo indigenous monolithic religion, and Gadaa system of governance et cetera. Unquestionably, his being half-Oromo has been de-Oromonized by his enmity against the Oromo people and their institution. Because of his de-Oromonization of half of his being Oromo, he has been waging war against the Oromo institutions. The blood of the Oromo people is in his hands.

The 1930-1935 Haile Selassie’s anti-Arsii rule

Dr. Yonas, let me remind you of the story if you have already forgotten. The story is about what happened in the Rift Valley Arsii after the conquest of Arsii by Menelik. With the conquest and occupation of Arsii, the regime controlled the land and declared it its own. This means the settler colonial regime dispossessed the people of ownership of land and owned for itself. Following this, it sent settlers to live on the conquered land. Then, it built a Garrison town-military camp named Adaabaa. With this, thousands of colonists flooded into the area for land grabs. Thousands more continuously streamed in following the military and established a Garrison Town at Adaabaa. The Arsii opposed the land grab.

   Even though the Arsii Oromo were defeated, at this point, the settlers could not leave the Garrison Town to settle in the rural area, for still fierce armed resistance never stopped, despite the occupation of the Arsiiland. And Arsii in the Rift Valley still hold onto their land without paying the tax on it. However, with the constitution of 1931, Haile Selassie, for the first time, established in Arsii a system of Balabbat- local elites or village chiefs from Arsii as bridges between Arsii and the Amhara settler colonizers and their Ethiopian imperial colonial authorities, for every gosa in Arsii to collect taxes and keep peace. In the Ethiopian Empire feudal system, Balabbats were the lowest level of feudal class. With this, the colonial government owned three-quarters of Oromo lands for itself. The remaining one-quarter of the land was allowed for the Oromo Balabbats and Ciqaa Shuums to use, the newly created collaborators. Before this, since the conquest, colonization, and occupation of the Arsii, there was no connection or interaction between the Arsii and the settlers in the Rift Valley because the violent resistance continued despite the land seizure. With the appointments of Balabbats, Amhara soldiers and settlers start building settlements outside of the Garrison town.  Still, the Nafxanyaa army never stopped killing every Oromo man, woman, and child they saw or came across. There was excessive hostility between the settlers and the Arsii Oromo during this period in the Rift Valley. Out of these, the fierce resistance against the Amhara colonial regime continued, and the armed resistance made it difficult for the settlers to leave the Garrison Town to settle in the rural area. Arsii continued attacking Garrison town, including the Amhara soldiers and armed settlers’ settlements outside Garrison town, destroying their homes.

   The settlers did not have respect for the Oromo people, their culture, language, or history; instead, they wanted to enforce only their own culture, language, and history. Furthermore, the settlers did not care for the Arsii values that land was sacred and communally owned; they did not respect that Arsii had a cultural connection with the land and its environment. In contrast to this, the settlers cut down trees in the vicinity of the town and started cleaning forests. Arsii did not like the Amhara settlement, cutting down trees and cleaning forests, and fought against it. Consequently, the settlers met with Arsii’s fierce armed resistance to drive the settlers out of the area. Here in the Rift Valley, the Arsii had consistently risen up and successfully fought colonial settlers day and night as guerilla fighters, clearly showing that while colonizers may forcefully take their land, they can never settle on the Arsiiland in the Rift Valley; for this, Arsii fought with determination not to allow Amhara settlement in the area. This guerilla form of tactical fighting made it impossible for the Amhara settlers to settle in the rural area outside Garrison town in the Rift Valley.

  The non-stop resistance of the people made conditions impossible for settler colonizers to settle outside of the Garrison town in the countryside. Instead, they stayed in Garrison Town and could not leave it. The colonial regime found it hard to give the land to settlers because of the absence of security. At the same time, Arsii was unable to defeat the colonists. While the Arsii and Amhara colonialists were at a stalemate or deadlock, the Italians invaded the Ethiopian colonial empire in 1935 and incorporated it into the Italian East African colony. Taking this opportunity, Arsii expelled all Nafxanyaa settlers from Rift Valley. Hence, Rift Valley became free from settler colonial occupation. With this, the people dismantled the Garrison Town at Adaabaa and founded And Arsii erected a new town named Nageellee Arsii instead. Peace returned after the expulsion of the settlers from the Rift Valley.

   With the return of Haile Selassie from exile in 1941, the second wave of settler colonial expansion resumed targeting west Arsii for expelling the settlers from Rift Valley and demolitioning its Garrison town. This time, it came back, reinstituting the military campaign for retaking the land in the Rift Valley, which the Arsii regained during the Italian occupation of the empire. Hearing the coming back of the Amhara settler colonial regime, the Arsii in Rift Valley from Lake Baatuu, or Lake/Hora Dambal, formerly Lake Ziwaay, Lake Abjatta, Lake Laangannoo, and Lake Shalaa, areas moved all their livestock to a location where the enemy could not reach across River Huluuqaa. The Arsii then destroying the bridges to prevent the enemy from advancing. The reason for moving livestock was that the Abyssinians always took away livestock after their military campaigns. At the same time, elderlies, pregnant women, children, infants, the sick, weak ones, and many nationals were taken to a Lake Laangannoo Valley gorge called Ashalamoo by Lake Laangannoo for safety. However, before the able-bodied Arsii came back, the colonialist army found the location through an informant and arrived there. Upon arriving, the colonial soldiers surrounded the Valley Gorge on the land side and the Lake Laangannoo on the other side. So there was no outlet to flee to. At this point, as the saying goes, “The enemy soldiers bombarded the Valley Gorge with bombs where the people were gathered day and night non-stop until all annihilated. “The majority were exterminated by shooting with guns and bombing, while the others died jumping into the lake while escaping. And such were cruelties of the works of the most brutal settler colonial regime of Haile Selassie. At this place, his brutal genocidal colonial regime, of which Dr. Yonas Biru was a part, annihilated over 2 million elders, men, women, children, and infants. This brutal genocidal extermination ever since has been popularly known as “Dhumiitii Ashalamoo,” which means, in English, the destruction at Ashalamoo. And also, it has been said in Oromiffaa, “Horri Laangannoo dhiigatti jijjiitame.” It means Lake Laangannoo turned into blood with the blood of the slaughtered. It was a tragedy. As stated above, this was the second Abyssinian brutal genocidal murder of the Oromo people. The fact remains, however, what Menelik did in the late 19th century during the war of conquest of Oromia, Haile Selassie did in the 20th century at Ashalamoo. It is the same, parallel history; then five million, and now over two million.

   At this point, Arsii clans in Rift Valley called an Assembly. At the Assembly, they vowed and promised to each other never to allow Nafxanyaas settlers ever to settle and own land in the region outside of the towns. They used guerrilla tactics to attack and to create fear and insecurity for the settler colonizers. So, ever since the colonization and occupation of the Arsii region, no Nafxanyaa settler settled in the Rift Valley to this very date. The colonial regime did not dare to assign land to Nafxanyaas because of insecurity and fear. Out of this frustration, the settler colonial administration of Haile Selassie, in 1950, split Rift Valley from Arsii and annexed it to Shawa in the name of “Hayqochinaa Buttajara” and putting it under the governorship of Ras Mesfin Silesh, the then-governor of Shawa, and the Haile Selassie and the Royal Family directly owned the Rift Valley until 1974. With the fall of Haile Selassie in 1974, Arsii refused to remain as a part of Shawa and got back to Arsii. Today, after its return, this region is titled West Arsii Zone. Despite this, the Nafxanyaa annihilation of Arsii at Ashalamoo still deeply haunts Arsii Oromo in the Rift Valley to this day and parallels with genocidal brutality against the Oromo during the conquest of Oromia.

The third genocide committed against the Oromo people

The third genocide was committed against the Oromo people by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) colonial regime, the neo-Emperor Yahannes IV of the Ethiopian colonial empire. The TPLF inherited the Borumedia genocidal crimes committed by Emperor Yohannes IV against the Oromo in Wollo. Then, the TPLF committed the third wave of genocidal slaughter against the Oromo people from 1991 to 2018, including incarcerating, torturing, maiming, and disappearance. It intensified killings of men, women, children, and even mothers with infants in their armpits. In 1992, the TPLF regime slaughtered 20000-30000 unarmed OLA members and incarcerated hundreds of thousands of Oromo nationals in various concentration camps.

   In 2016, at the Irreechaa Oromo Thanksgiving annual festival and a celebration of Oromummaa, the Tigrayan government-sponsored Agazi Force exterminated 800-1000 in one day. After this genocidal massacre, PM Hailemariam Desalegn, the puppet of the TPLF, unashamedly thanked the Agazi soldiers who fired into the Irreechaa Festival assemblage. In his speech, he said, “Our security forces made a great effort to ensure security; no gunfire heard, and the government took great care [to avert harm] of the situation. I want to thank the security forces who protected the people in the name of the EFDRE, those security officers who spent great effort.”

   Similarly, during the 2015-2016 Finfinnee/Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan protest, Agazi Force committed genocidal murder on the Oromo youth protesters, killing between 5000 -6500. Not only this, but also during the TPLF regime administration, over 16,000 Oromo nationals disappeared, and their whereabouts are unknown since. These actions followed the TPLF policy, as made by PM Meles Zenawi in the Parliament speech that the “majority can be reduced to a minority” in referencing the Oromo people. The statement was the intent to commit genocide. It was a genocide campaign slogan for the destruction of the Oromo people in whole or in part.

The call for the fourth wave of Oromo genocide

Following the genocidal crimes of Menelik, Haile Selassie, and EPRDF, the fourth genocide in the 21st century is announced today by the diehard extremist rightwing orphans of the feudal system under the leadership of Dr. Yonas Biru and his Nazist Nafxanyaa narcissist reactionary Habtamu Ayale Teshome of ethio 360 media. The central theme of Dr. Yonas Biru’s writings and talks on media has been and is a call for a new wave of genocide against the Oromo people. For this, he began with the heroic glorification of Menelik, a man who committed genocide and atrocities in the conquest, occupation, and romanticization of the cruelty of administering Oromia and the people of the South by Haile Selassie.

   As you well know, his first political absurdity is that he has been attacking the Oromo Waaqeffannaa, the Gadaa system, Irreechaa, Moggaasaa, and Oromummaa as the primary enemies of Amhara, Orthodox, Muslim, Protestant, and Catholic religions. Following this, he has taken the leading responsibility to call upon these religious believers to join Amhara in the fight against Oromo and their Oromo institutions. Dr. Yonas Biru seems to be hoping for Gobanaa Daacee to rise from his grave to join him in this genocidal war against the Oromo people. Maybe he is hallucinating in hoping for the current neo-Gobanaas, those who do not believe in the independence of Oromia, to join him in his unholy campaign against the struggle for independent Oromia. Here, Dr. Biru seems ignorant of the current political situation in the Ethiopian empire state and that the absurdity of his and his likes Oromo phobia would lead to the ultimate downfall of the empire sooner rather than later, as they have been glorifying.

   In his article entitled Oromummaa’s Religion-Cleansing-and-Cultural-Evilgelization-Project,Dr. Yonas Biru, the Oromo phobic and hater, portrayed Oromummaa as the “Hitler’s mass indoctrination and mobilization processes to create Oromo nationalism.” He continued warning his likes, “Those who ignore Oromummaa do so at their peril like people who ignored the Nazi movement in its formative years.” Following this statement, he called on everybody to fight Oromummaa, stating, “We should focus on it because it is a metastasizing cancer.” Dr. Yonas called Oromummaa a metastasizing cancer and a Nazification movement of Oromo nationalism. This statement is a declaration for an immediate genocidal war call against the Oromo people.

   The Abyssinians always create false narratives and tell them repeatedly, until they make some people believe them. These have been the case since their conquest, colonization, and occupation of Oromia. Their elites always write false narratives like the ones they propagate that Oromo came from Madagascar, India, Kenya, and that Oromo invaded Ethiopia in the 16th century, while Oromo have been the indigenous people to Africa. Their other narrative is portraying of Ethiopia as a country of three thousand years of independence while the name Ethiopia appeared as a country in 1923 with the League of Nations. In this regard, Dan Brown, in his book The Da Vinci Code, 2003, wrote:

History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. By its very nature, history is always a one-sided account.

   One can understand this in terms of what the Amhara had done to the Oromo people for years after the conquest of Oromia. With the conquest of Oromia as the winners, the Amhara wrote history books glorifying themselves as heroes, heroines, and indigenous people to the region creating a false history of themselves while disparaging the conquered Oromo people and their history. With regard to false history, they wrote that the Oromo people were the invaders of Ethiopia, the Oromo came from Madagascar, from Kenya, and even wrote that the Oromos came from outside of Africa. They called the Oromo people with a derogatory name Galla, meaning heathens or pagans. They also portrayed Oromo religion the Waaqeffannaa as devil worship. The Amhara elites wrote falsely narrating the Oromo people as a people without history, et cetera.

   The goal of Yonas Biru is to create some narratives and find a market for them as his predecessors had done in Abyssinian history. One of the false narratives that he created is regarding Oromummaa. He wrote this fiction, “In recent days Oromummaa’s ethnic cleansing endeavor has been elevated to religion/religious cleansing crusade.”  Now, he is trying to find a market for this false narrative among narcissistic and delusional Oromo phobic Amhara extremists. As everybody knows, the Amhara elites write about the history of Ethiopia based on lies and fabrications. Dr. Yonas Biru is among them. His writings and talks have been and are targeting to organize a new wave of genocide to renew and recycle the old one as a new genocide, creating conditions for it against the Oromo people.

   Here, using the word genocide is repeated over and over. The concept of genocide is not new. It was coined in 1944 by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish lawyer, in response to the Nazi extermination of Jewish people. The United Nations adopted it in 1948. According to the United Nations, genocide is when certain acts are committed with the intention of destroying, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. Here these acts are:

  1. Killing members of the group;
  2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  3. Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about a group’s physical destruction in whole or in part;
  4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  5. Forcefully transferring children of the group to another group.

As it is clear from here, genocide has two main elements: One is to have the intent to commit crimes against a group, and the other is to implement that intent to destroy the group in whole or in part, a genocidal campaign. Amhara extremist Nazists chanting “Oromummaa yiwudam” which in English means Oromummaa must be destroyed, in their deep hatred for the Oromo have the intent to commit genocide against the Oromo people. Furthermore, the promotion of “Oromummaa is a Nazification movement of Oromo nationalism” and “Oromummaa is a metastasizing cancer” by the Oromo hater and Oromo phobic Dr. Yonas Biru, in his Oromo hatred writings and speeches, are the intents or reasons for the need for extermination of Oromo. These phrases demonstrate that Dr. Yonas Biru and his settlers’ intentions for the need to destroy Oromo, in whole or in part. Here, what is inside the mindset of Dr. Yonas Biru and his extremist Nafxanyaas is the intent of committing extermination against the Oromo people.

   The second element is taking the ultimate action of mass genocidal murder. That is, organizing, planning and acting on or implementing the above five conditions of genocide. Genocide has been committed throughout history. For example, The Athenian massacre at Melos in 416 BCE during the Peloponnesian war with Sparta, the Roman’s destruction of Carthage-the city-state in 146 BC in North Africa, the German genocide of Herero and Nama 1904-1907 in Namibia, the Ottoman Empire/Turkish Empire genocide of Armenians in 1915 in Turkey, the German genocide of Jews during World War II, and the Hutu genocide of Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda were all recognized by the world community are few among the many. Yet, to date, the genocide the Amhara and the Tigrayan colonial regimes committed against the Oromo people has never been paid attention to. The Abyssinians not only committed physical genocide against the Oromo people but also committed cultural genocide and linguistic genocide.

   At present Dr. Yonas Biru, Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, and their Amhara followers and Orthodox Church are emboldening the new wave of genocidal attacks on the Oromo people. Especially in his writings and speeches, Dr. Yonas Biru has been calling for the immediate genocide of the Oromummaa. The Oromo people have already suffered from Abyssinian colonial genocide, or Abyssinian settler genocide, losing five million people, half of their population, ethnic cleansing, and their land through dispossession. In his portrayal of Oromummaa as ” a metastasizing cancer,” he likened it to cancer to be removed. In this case, the goal of his campaign is to eliminate Oromummaa by committing genocidal annihilation of the Oromo people.

   As stated above, the intent of words will follow the cruelty of swords by the genocidal extermination of the Oromo, in whole or in part; the well-known factual example is that Menelik conquered some Oromo regions by cruelty of force and others by diplomacy. Hence, Dr. Yonas Biru’s calling upon the Oromo Muslims and Christians to join the Amhara settler colonizer of Oromia in the fight against Waaqeffannaa and Oromummaa is tantamount to repeating history. I hope this will never happen again in this century in the Oromia, the Oromo land. It is only the unity of the Oromo people that can prevent it.

The shaken Amhara political kaleidoscope

Dr. Yonas Biru and his Nafxanyaa comrades have been trying hard to revive from the apparent death of Nafxanyaas politics and to reenergize this weakened, dying, and shaken-up Amhara’s political kaleidoscope that has been and is signaling the coming of the end of an era of Nafxanyaa settler colonizing occupation of Oromia. Dr. Yonas Biru thinks the campaign for the extermination of Oromummaa is the way to go to the reenergization of Amhara politics. The campaign has already been on the move since 2018. Such is the hallucination of Dr. Yonas Biru and his Amhara right-wing extremists in the like of Major Dawit Woldegiorgis et cetera.

Today, Dr. Yonas Biru is the mirror image of the crimes of Menelik and Haile Selassie, for he is still advocating for the fourth wave of war of extermination of Oromummaa, being Oromo, Irreechaa, Waaqeffannaa, Guddiffachaa, Moggaasaa, and Gadaa system of political governance of the Oromo people. Dr. Yonas Biru owned the past, the past that he has been glorying and mesmerizing by its “golden age,” but the future belongs to the liberated Oromo people; you can never own it again.

Dr. Yonas Biru, while you are trying to fight the Oromo nationalists and the Oromo people to exterminate them to bring Ethiopia to its “past glorious days,” the contrary to your wish could happen, so you should pay attention to history to the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Ottoman Empires after World War First and of the former USSR and Yugoslavia more recently as informative to you to refrain from your Oromo phobic enmity campaign. Ethiopia is not far off from the same fate, despite the neo-Nafxanyaa settler colonizers and neo-Gobanaas attempt to maintain it. The Amhara Oromo phobia may fasten the condition. Think Ethiopia is an empire; please read the 1931 and its revised version of the 1955 constitutions that state Ethiopia is an empire. Article 1 states, “The Empire of Ethiopia comprises all the territories…All Ethiopian subjects, whether living within or without the Empire, constitute the Ethiopian people.”  Article 123 of the 1955 Ethiopian Empire constitution states, “The city of Addis Ababa is the capital of the Empire.”  Here, it is incumbent on Dr. Yonas Biru, his neo-Nafxanyaas, and neo-Gobanaas to understand the constitutions. As history has shown, an empire can neither be maintained nor democratized or federalized; its option is to break up. So, the Ethiopian Empire had to follow in the same footsteps; it needed to break up, as all empires before it did. An example is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Empire that recently broke up in 1989.

   In conclusion, the above paragraphs have gone through some genocidal crimes the Abyssinian settler colonizers committed against the Oromo people since the conquest and colonization of Oromia. The Abyssinian colonial settlers planned and organized the Oromo genocidal annihilation campaign that started with Menelik that Haile Selassie widely implemented and since continued with Mengistu Haile Mariam, Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn, and Ahmed Ahmad, respectively in succession and now the neo-Nazist and fascist Amaras under the leadership of Oromo phobic Dr. Yonas Biru and his Nafxanyaa associates are renewing the Menelik’s genocide to recycle it in the intensive and extensive ways. This group is widely and viciously campaigning for violence, repression, incarceration, and genocide against the Oromo people. Now, it is only left to the Oromo people to protect themselves against the coming genocidal doom that Dr. Yonas Biru and his co. are preparing, planning, and organizing to implement against the Oromo people and Oromo institutions. This looming danger can only be foiled or stopped in uniting.

Unity is Strength!

Oromia Shall be free!


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