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For 27 years when you were a traitor and killing, spying, imprisoning, kidnapping the Oromo freedom fighters…

Dear Prime Minister of Ethiopia,

In the last 27 years, my parents had to flee their homeland Oromia because of Amhara supremacy. My mum walked with many of her siblings to Somalia refugee camp, then to Djibouti, then to Egypt. My father with his friends walked to Djibouti then to Egypt. They WERE FORCED to leave their homes. My parents like many Oromos were financial and moral supporters of our freedom fighters (OLF). My mother had several siblings who were martyred as Oromo Liberation Army fighters.

And after they relocated to Australia, Ayyantu, Ayyoube, Firomsa, and I were born. We are lucky to call Australia and Oromia are own.

For 27 years when you were a traitor and killing, spying, imprisoning, kidnapping the Oromo freedom fighters, my strong family, my resilient nation was fleeing their homeland because of people like you. Dr Abiy, you are a modern day Gobana Dace. You pretend to be Oromo but are a TRUE NAFXANYA (Amhara settler). Oromos have and continue to co-exist peacefully with many of the minority ethnic groups who reside in Oromia. But thanks to you and your predecessors who are fanning the flames of differences, we are still facing mayhem as a nation.

For 27 years, our Political leaders were pushed out of that country and ONLY traitors such as yourself (OPDO) were able to remain in the system. Remaining in the system but NEVER rising to true power until the Qeeroo (Oromo youth) risked their lives to stand up for the rights of the oppressed nations. Now, you and your comrades (who again may I remind you were an integral part of the brutal killings and torture of Oromo patriots and other oppressed nations) rejoice in this rise to power.

For 27 years, we were inhumanely tortured, forced out of our homeland, called refugee camps home, were in exile for decades in America, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the list goes on. Before you ask any other Oromo where they were for 27 years, ask yourself!

The Oromo are a resilient, brave, proud, peaceful, democratic, diverse nation that will overcome anything including your threats. Remember: violence didn’t help your predecessors. So, it won’t do much for you.


Aisha Oromia Ali, An Oromo-Australian/American born during the era you were a traitor

#27YearChallenge started by my sis Najat Hamza


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