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Somali Liyu Police is a disgrace to the ancient Cushitic (Kushitic) nations.

By HG (Facebook) Denboba Natie


It is mind boggling to witness that the so called Somali liyu police are attacking a sisterly Oromo nation on the order of the barbaric TPLF regime.

These hooligans are so illiterate that they have no clue about the conspiracy of the oppressor and its old tactics of divide and rule.

I am certain that they are attacking Oromos because they are paid to do so. But what is money? Is money the ultimate goal of human life? The old adage that man shall not live by bread alone should serve as a wake up call to these liyu police criminals.

Instead of being bought for money to kill other oppressed peoples, they should have risen up against the regime that enslaved their own nation for decades.

What a visionless bunch of criminals!!


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