The Lost Oromos of 2022 Humans of Oromia Annual Report

From a five-year-old girl tortured for her father's alleged ties to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), a young journalist detained…

3 weeks ago

ENDF Renews Vow to Eliminate OLA

Today, the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) issued a statement announcing the continuation of their campaign to “destroy the Shene…

1 month ago

Witnesses: Drone strikes in Ethiopia’s Oromia kill civilians

NAIROBI, Kenya — Witnesses tell The Associated Press that drone strikes in Ethiopia’s Oromia region killed several dozen civilians last…

3 months ago

Over 100 Oromos Killed as Attacks Continue in Horo Guduru

Falls Church, Virginia (09/20/2022) – As previously reported by OLLAA, on August 30, 2022, an attack was perpetrated by Amhara militias and fano on Oromo civilians in…

4 months ago

What’s Behind the Violence in Ethiopia’s ‘Other’ Conflict?

GAMBELLA, ETHIOPIA —  In Ethiopia’s Gambella region, a June attack on the capital by a rebel group, the Oromo Liberation…

5 months ago

Ethiopia’s leader admits military losses in insurgencies

The increase in violence in Oromia comes as the 20-month-long conflict with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front appears to be…

5 months ago

Dozens killed by Ethiopian ethnic militia – survivors

The Oromo Liberation Army, designated a terrorist organisation by Addis Ababa, said the Amhara Fano militia staged the attack and…

5 months ago

Ethiopian rebels propose humanitarian truce amid drought

Ethiopian rebels propose humanitarian truce amid drought

6 months ago

Gammoojjii fii baadiyyaa qofa osoo hin taane magaalota keessa galaa jirra

BBC Afaan Oromoo Waraanni bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO) kan mootummaan 'ABO-Shanee' jechuun paarlaamaan shororkeessummaan faraje, erga bulchiinsa Abiy Ahimad waliin wal…

7 months ago

Intensified arrests in Arsi zones, Oromia region under pretext of connections with OLA

In these zones, people who do not support the government’s political views, youths who are not youth of the change(not…

8 months ago