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Member of OLF Central Committee, Author Moibon Bekele Shot Dead in Addis Abeba

Moibon Bekele, a member of the central committee of the opposition Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and an author, has been shot dead near his residence in Addis Abeba on the night of 12 October.

Moibon was taken to Abet Hospital for life-saving treatment after being shot by unidentified men around his residence in Sansusi area on the evening of Wednesday, but could not be saved, his friend Lelisa Idris told Addis Standard.

“I don’t know exactly what the circumstances were but he was hit sometime between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM [local time]. When I was told he had been shot, I ran to Abet Hospital. He was alive when I arrived. He was pronounced dead at about 11:30 PM.” His body was taken today to his hometown in Nekemte city, east Wollega zone of Oromia regional state, Lelisa said, adding “so far, nothing is known about who actually shot him. Burayu police has taken up the case.”

The OLF has issued a statement late yesterday as soon as the news of his shooting was heard, saying it had information that Moibon had been shot and was in hospital for treatment. “Many of our members and officials have been subjected to similar situations in this country,” the statement said, and condemned such acts “specifically against its members and officials”.

Lelisa recalled that Moibon, like many other youths, was arrested at various times for his activities and participation in politics. “When he was studying at Jimma University, he was expelled in 2014 due to his participation in protests. He was then arrested while studying at Rift Valley University in Nekemte and was brought to Addis Abeba and imprisoned in Kilinto prison. He was in the room when Kilinto was set on fire [in September 2016]. Then after many years he was released and has since finished his studies at Rift Valley University”

Apart from being a member of the OLF, Moibon was currently working at the state owned Ethio Telecom until his death. According to the state telecom has helped send his body to Nekemte with the company’s car.”AS

Source; Addis


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