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South Sudan To Support Ethiopian Rebels, Insider!

Oct 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — An insider, from within the inner circle of South Sudan security organ, alleged that he, in a team supervised by Akol Koor, the Director of Internal Security Bureau, met Gen. Thokwaath Pal, the leader of the rebel group, Ethiopian Unity Patriotic Front (EUPF) in mid September 2014.

The insider alleged that the main objective of the meeting was to seal a new deal that would strengthen the Ethiopian rebels groups to destabilize the SPLA rebels’ main military training centers in Maiwut and Pagak at the eastern corridor of South Sudan – Ethiopia border.

According to the insider, Gen.Thokwaath has been tasked to establish links with other rebel groups within Ethiopia to form a coalition that will fight for a regime change and destabilize South Sudan Peace Process in Bahir Dar.

According to the insider, director Akol Koor has issued One Million ($1,000,000) US Dollar to the Ethiopian Rebel groups to equip and set up their operation centers at South Sudan-Ethiopian border.

The intelligence alleged that Juba has promised Gen. Thokwaath a sufficient financial and military supports. He said that military garrisons will be set up at the border to detach any military support from Ethiopian government to South Sudan rebels.

Gen. Thokwaath is also expected to cut off any supply routs and recruitment from Gambela Refugees camps in Ethiopia to South Sudan. This would allegedly benefits the regime as it is expected to lure the Eastern Jikany to support South Sudan government.

South Sudan government delegation, according to Michael Makuei Lueth’s interview on BBC focus on Africa, has lost truth in TROIKA, Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Ambassador, Seyoum Mesfin, who leads South Sudan Peace Talks. Hon Makuei recently calls on IGAD to relocate the peace process to Kenya and change the chief mediator.

According to Michael Makuei Lueth, Ethiopia and TROIKA partners support regime change in South Sudan. Mr. Lueth fears that unless the mediation is relocated to Kenya and led by the Kenyan Envoy, General Lazarus Sumbeiyo, the peace process may never yield an agreement.

Salva Kiir government allied with Ugandan and Sudanese rebels against the insurgents in Greater Upper Nile region. Four rebels’ factions that are fighting for regime change in Sudan joined South Sudan civil war in December 2013.

The Government of South Sudan signed military cooperation with Egypt amid allegations that Ethiopia support SPLA rebels, under the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The agreement has allegedly given Egypt a green light to set up a military base in South Sudan, a move that is expected to throw off Ethiopia’s mega project, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance D


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