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Ethiopia: Opdo’s Success Emanates From Its Democratic Nature – Veteran Combatant Bacha Debelle

In a recent exclusive interview with EPA in connection with the Silver Jubilee of the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO), Veteran Combatant and Lieutenant General Bacha Debelle stated that the success story of OPDO emanated from its internal democratic nature.

According to Bacha, before OPDO came to exist, there were a number of liberation fronts in the name of the Oromos. However, OPDO succeeded in satisfying the dire needs of its people in the shortest time possible because the Organization put the interests of the Oromo people above anything else.

“For instance, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) believes that Oromia should declare independence from Ethiopia as it is under the yoke of colonization. This is totally unacceptable and proved to be wrong on several occasions by the Oromos at large,” he added.

Bacha went on saying that the reason why the Oromo people took up arms against the successive monarchical and tyrannical regimes of Ethiopia along with other nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia was for the noble cause of self administration. They as well struggled for a united Ethiopia based on the goodwill of all nations, nationalities and peoples of the country.



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