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Oromummaa cures the world cancer



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  • Secretary-general united nations Mr. Ban ki moon
  • Secretary of state John F.Kerry
  • President of the European Commission Mr. Jean Claude Juncker


In medical terminology Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are multiple types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery and also the most common causes of death worldwide.

Today, I am not going to discuss about the cancer that originate from the abnormal growth of cells but I would like to discuss about the leading cause of death worldwide the man made cancer . That is absence of freedom, democracy and peace.

According to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START project), based at the University of Maryland: “For evidence that authoritarian states create an enabling environment for terrorism, one has only to look at the location and origins of the major terrorist groups active today. The Islamic State, for example, metastasized amid the Syrian dictatorship’s war with opposition rebels and the sectarian divisions sown by increasingly authoritarian Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. An affiliate of the group has emerged in Egypt, where coup leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is cracking down on all forms of dissent. And Boko Haram has radicalized and expanded its reach amid extrajudicial killings and other ineffective tactics by the corruption-plagued Nigerian security forces. Given this reality, the most effective way for democracies to combat terrorism at home over the long term is to foster democratic governance abroad.”

If the reality is promoting peace democracy and freedom in order to fight the burning global issues like terrorism why the USA, Europe and UN support the barbaric Ethiopia TPLF government and minority rule with full act of state terrorism ????

Concomitantly with my question I would like to congratulate the powerful western nations, world leaders and international institutions by announcing the remedies to cure world cancer. The remedies called Oromumma. The name of the therapy originate from the root of the truth called Oromo nations.

Most minor problems can be handled easily under democratic rule However, when the problems get worse rule of law overcome all the complex issues under democratic law. But under dictatorial rule (rule of gun) minor problems leads to torture, unlawful imprisonment and death. When the problems getting worse under rule of gun (like TPLF government) leads to genocide (currently ongoing open and silent genocide against Oromo nations by TPLF government) Despite all unhuman atrocities against Oromo nations for more than 120years the Oromo peoples still persistent in keeping intact and exercising daily the truth (nation of peace, nation of love, nation of freedom, nation of democratic belief, nation of generosity, nation of respect for all creatures and nation of equality). In order to clarify the facts let us look the issues deeply:

Oromo people are egalitarian society. Historically their democratic system of government known as “Gadaa” governed the social, economic political affairs of the Oromo people. Under Gadaa, Oromo women developed their own unique institution known as “Siiqee”. Oromo women used Siiqee institution to defend their rights, promote their interests and challenge male domination.

What happen to this Oromo nations with holistic approach of humanity:

After the Oromo people are colonized in 1880s all Oromo institutions are either totally banned or incapacitated. Since then the Oromo people are denied the right to determine on their social, economic, political and cultural affairs. For example, banning or incapacitating  Siiqee hindered the Oromo women defending their rights. The colonial power is not only banned and incapacitated Oromo institutions but also introduced and widened discriminatory social practices (changing Oromo name to colonized names and gave order to the city administration to change the  Oromo cites to be called in the colonized language and declare psychological war among Oromo’s in order to hate their identity and find jobs with their Oromo names).

What kinds of action has been taken by Oromo nations to defend the truth

  • Raya and Azebo during 1928-30
  • Bale revolt led by hero of the Oromo people general Waqo Guutu in 1960th
  • Mecha-Tulema movement led by hero of the Oromo people general Tadesse Biru in 1965
  • OLF leadership with popular mass movement and imprinting Oromummaa. Oromo liberation front (OLF) is the heart and mind of all Oromo people which confronts the colonization by all kinds of means namely (diplomatic and military approach) and works in multiple ways with international community and leaders to end the colonization.
  • Qube generations supported by Qeerroo leadership with historic mobilization of the Oromo people to eradicate the colonization (December 2015-2016) resulted with European parliament resolution.
  • Grand Oromia protestors (more than 200 Oromo cites) to end ones and for all the colonization (august 2016)

Why the USA, Europe and UN support the barbaric Ethiopia TPLF government

During recent protests from December 2015 until now the TPLF government committed serious atrocities against Oromo peoples, namely  more than 700 Oromo’s are dead, countless were unlawfully imprisoned and tortured. The atrocities were documented by international organization and agencies, namely (HRW, AI, UN, former USA president and European union). Despite diverse tangible evidences of the holistic side of Oromo people and documented evidences of TPLF government atrocities the powerful western nations remain supporting the barbaric Ethiopia TPLF government. Let us look some facts:

In 2014 the Ethiopian Government receive around 30 million euro for the financing of multiple projects while the innocent Oromo civilians are slaughtered by TPLF soldiers in Ambo town 125km (80 miles) west of Addis Ababa (according to BBC reports in 2014, 47 were killed by the security forces) The protestors demanding respect of their constitutional rights and halting brutal act of TPLF soldiers (Agazi commando):their detail demands were:

  • Stop land grapping
  • Stop killings of Oromo children
  • Stop killings of Oromo students
  • Stop raping of Oromo Women’s
  • Respect rule of law and reject rule of gun
  • Abide by real definition of democracy and stop TPLF defined democracy (rule of gun, death, torture imprisonment, rape and harassment).

In 2015  The USA president  Barack Obama visit Ethiopia and shows his appreciation for the contributions of troops to an AU peacekeeping force battling al-Shabaab in Somalia  Again he mentioned also “The Ethiopian government has made extraordinary progress in bringing greater development and opportunity to its citizens,” he said, “but there are very significant restrictions that are not consistent with the universal values that we stand up for, for instance the need for a free press and we’ve seen too much intimidation, and even imprisonment of journalists, and the need for a viable space for civil society and political opposition in the country. So the president will be certainly raising issues related to human rights in Ethiopia

In the same year of President Barack Obama visit the Oromo people’s in general (child, man, women, young, old, students, intellectuals, farmers,  sick or health) were hunted down like fox in their own country, backyard and home. All those atrocities led to the mass protest of Oromo nations in December 2015 and still in august 2016 going on.

In 2016 I myself wrote a letter to the European parliament regarding the open and silent genocide against Oromo people: Here is the essential part of their reaction:

“The European union are closely following reports on the situation in Oromia, but also in the other parts of Ethiopia. The EU delegation and EU member states present in Addis have carried out field monitoring visits to the Oromia region and continue to monitor the situation. Since its December 2015 statement on the events in Oromia, the EU has raised its concerns on several occasions with the Ethiopian authorities, for example: with prime minster Hailemariam Desalgn and Minster Tedro’s A We have called for independent investigations on the events, and for accountability for all acts of violence and abuses perpetrated against protestors”.

From this 3 tangible evidences my analysis as follows: The western powers fail to understand the brutal and barbaric nature of the Ethiopia TPLF government and the total absence of knowledge about Oromumma vision (yes in january 2016 the European parliament passed resolution by condemning the Ethiopia government military action against Oromo people). But what still missing is the translation of that resolution to action.

The OLF is working very hard in order to enhance the translation of that resolution into action but the Oromo intellectuals and Oromo people’s especially Oromo living in diaspora has to do their part through individual actions or by supporting OLF initiative through multiple ways:


  • The Western powers defending their interest. So we have to show them that we are able to protect their interests better than TPLF Mafia government by further promoting Oromo nations through Oromummaa agenda and vision.
  • Misunderstanding of the nature of the Ethiopia TPLF government and absence of knowledge about Oromummaa vision. That shows us our colonizers like TPLF government is able to sell false issues to the world body  and we are unable to tell the truth to the world body. The solution is be able to expand the value and importance of Oromummaa on the international arena.
  • The evidence of the century long humiliation, subjugation, and inequalities against Oromo peoples by colonizers and deafening of international bodies, it encourage  us in order to redouble our abilities to install Oromummaa. Oromummaa Advocates for democracy, freedom, peace, equality, respect of human right and rule of law.


Action taken by Oromo intellectuals, Oromo political leaders, and Oromo voices reflects the truth:

Oromo peoples are now colonized for more than a century. During those long period of time they scarify enormous lives and properties to eradicate colonization and to regain their freedom in order to exercise their god given right.

For this freedom and human right realization the Oromo leaders and intellectuals always follow the path of truth, democratic road and humanity (the exact definition of their root called Oromo nations).

The actions taken by our leaders  and intellectuals  shows the powerfulness of the truth (Oromo nations) and commitment of Oromummaa for peace, freedom democracy, equality, respect of human right and rule of law. But Our colonizers are always choose to follow the path of destruction, non-democratic road map and path of anti-peace. Let us look some evidences from countless examples:


  • The Ethiopian Emperor Hailesilasse fail to defeat Bale Oromo revolt and demand peace deal with Our hero General Waaqoo Guutu. General Waaqoo Guutuu accept the peace plan in order to solve all issues peacefully. Our colonizers as their habit after they made peace agreement and disarm the Oromo people they start to kill, torture, imprisonment and humiliation of the Oromo people to the level of dog.


2- In 1991 the Oromo people under leadership of their vanguard Organization OLF form a transitional government with the current barbaric TPLF government. OLF accept to disarm and put his soldiers in temporary military camp for the sake of peace and democracy in order to foster new Era in the Ethiopian empire to bring eternal peace for all oppressed nations. Again our colonizers with anti-peace and anti-democracy gene code  in their DNA force OLF to leave the transitional government, and declare total war on Oromo people (start to kill Oromo civilians and start to kill and torture the disarmed soldiers in the peace camp).


  • Mr. Bekele Gerba the vice chairman of OFC and the university teacher is unlawfully imprisoned, humiliated and denied any medical care for promoting peace, equality and democracy to everybody (inclusive our enemy). Mr. Bekele Gerba and his fellow innocent Oromo peoples are still languishing in prison camp without any criminal charge. This reflects also the exact character of our colonizers for more than a century (they are allergic for peace, freedom and democracy).
  • Mr. Leenco  Lataa the former founder of the OLF and the current president of ODF accept all humiliation for the sake of peace and travel to Ethiopia to explore peaceful solution. But the TPLF government force him to leave his own country and his own people (while they are the colonizers and occupiers). This episode also clarify that our colonizers are suffering from metastases of the world cancer (anti-peace, anti-democracy and violators of human rights).
  • Oromo TV, TVOMT, OMN, qaanqee show, gadisa dhuga , Simbirtu radio, OVR, seife nebelbal radio, sagale afura biyya radio,Gadaa website, Ayyantuu news, Qeerroo website, Bilisummaa website, Oromia times, Advocating for Oromia website….etc  are working hard to promote the truth (Oromo nations) through Oromummaa road map. But still we are fail to liquidate the traitors and opportunistic individuals, fail to promote the organization or movement which fight the ultimately battle for our nations, fail to bring our truth under world attention. So I would like to thank you for the job that all of you have done for our nation and we have to move step further together to glorify our nations.


My people as I have mentioned above our enemies understand very well that Oromo peoples are nation of peace. To implement their destructive policies and to dismantle the Oromo uprisings for freedom and democracy they use the word Peace and they use rule of gun instead of rule of law for implementation.

Secondly they sell false information and incorrect messages to the international community about their promises and vision while they are blackmailing the real facts and truth “Oromo nation”.

Call to Oromo people and international community:

Oromo people are nation of peace, nation of democratic rule, nation of justice and equality, nation of heroes, nation of generosity, nation of rich in culture, tradition and nature. I am proud to be born from this holistic and collective quality of nations. My people the task in front of us is enormous in order to build our nations. Our tasks are not only defeating the current barbaric TPLF government. It is also about our future that faces our nations like I have mentioned in my previous article “Nation-building is the product of conscious statecraft, not happenstance.  Nation-building is always a work-in-progress; a dynamic process in constant need of nurturing and re-invention. Nation-building never stops and true nation-builder never rest because all nations are constantly facing up to new challenges. Nation-building is therefore about building the tangible and intangible threads that hold a political entity together and gives it a sense of purpose.”  

Dear brothers and sisters

  • wake up and ask yourself about your contribution in this historical national issues,
  • take your responsibility to deliver your parts in order to defeat our enemies and glorify our nations,
  • dedicate yourself to continue our struggle against humiliation and colonization,
  • prepare yourself for ultimate scarifies to liberate your people from century long voice-less-ness and colonization,
  • be ready to give all necessary support (information, material and financial).

International community: Especially the powerful states and world body (USA, European union and UN). Supporting and assisting the Oromo people in their struggle for peace, freedom  and democracy  would have enormous contribution for international community policies. Namely:

  1. Eradicating fundamentalist ideology and terrorism through encouraging Oromummaa vision the promotor of peace, freedom and democracy. Oromummaa Vision will bring eternal peace in Ethiopian empire, horn of Africa and Africa in general.
  2. Protecting and promoting western nation interest: There is no any other concrete, stable and trustful solution than Working with Oromo people in order to safeguard the western interest. The concrete evidence for this realities are as follows:
  • For centuries long the pillar of economic power of the Ethiopian empire is Oromia.
  • Rich in agricultural products like Teff (medically also essential)
  • Rich in natural resources like Gold, mercury, marmar…etc
  • The exporter of the best coffee in the world
  • The heart of business arena
  • The host of international organization like African Union and international embassies.
  1. It is also an international obligation and essential time before too late to look carefully the lies and character of Ethiopia TPLF government and assessing and analyzing the truth of Oromo people in order to safe all nations in Ethiopian empire, the horn of Africa and keeping in place the strategical aspect of Oromia.


Dear brother and sister, For Oromo peoples there is only one way. That is promoting the truth (Oromo nations) through Oromummaa vision and strengthen our vanguard organization OLF. If we need to destroy our enemies and eradicate the chain of colonization we have to redouble our duties as a patriotic citizens. Supporting and strengthen OLF in all aspects (through corrective idea’s, diplomatically, militarily and financially)will lead to enhance our victories, strengthen our position on the world stage and promote our truth.

I hope the international community will look all the facts carefully and seriously in order to stand with Oromo people. It is also the essential time to translate in to action the January 2016  resolution by European parliament against barbaric act of TPLF government in order to punish the Ethiopia TPLF junta and support Oromummaa vision to bring the lasting peace, freedom and democracy in order to cure the world cancer.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B.K.DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium



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