Ethiopian Empire: Socialism and Federalism as Schemes to Avert its Breakup

November 10, 2023

Fatansaa Sulee Shogodoo

   The interest of this article is not to do justice to this topic but to go through it and show the fallacy of Ethiopian ethnic federalism and the danger it posed to Oromia and the Oromo people. Most Oromo scholars and political pundits have been the victims of its shallow phrases without paying attention to the empire and the Oromo question. One needs to pay attention to the Ethiopian empire and the Oromo question. For the last 50 years, the successive colonist regimes have been trying to save their colonial empire from fragmentation through federalism or socialism schemes but to no avail. The focus of this article is on the role of socialism, ethnic federalism, the Oromo collaborators in prolonging the Ethiopian empire. Now, the chance is given to the Oromo collaborators of the colonialists to do their shares to save it. How far these Oromo collaborationists can go as the Oromo national liberation struggle for independence mounts is the question.

   Since the fall of the feudal regime of Emperor Haile Selassie of the Ethiopian Empire in 1974, we have seen the continuous the attempts to bind the Ethiopian Empire together in the permanent union at that time in the form of an Imperial Socialism then followed by an Imperial Federation since 1995. In both cases, the attempts were made for the interest of the Abyssinian settler colonizers rather than the interest of colonized peoples. The “Socialist” government of Military Dergue had been a “Socialist” government of the Empire by the Empire and for the Empire, and the Federalist government of the TPLF/PP has been and is the cosmetic Federalist government of the Empire by the Empire for the Empire.

   Ethiopia is the last surviving obsolete single empire today; naturally, its fate is to break up. However, despite the attempted scheme played by successive Ethiopian colonial regimes to save it from breakup through establishing socialism or federalism, it became impossible to build true federalism or socialism by using the institutions of the ancient dark Abyssinian feudal settler colonial empire state. As has been seen, the Ethiopian socialist empire had ceased to exist because it was incompatible with the empire system. It is also clear that the federal system one is too incompatible with using the ancient feudal institution, and now, it is on its deathbed.

   Now, the last resort left for the regime to hold the empire together is to try a confederation; if it fails, the last option is the independence of the states. However, both demand the will of the people to freely and voluntarily decide whether to form a confederation or a federation of independent states through a referendum or total independence. Hence, first and foremost, there is the need for free and independent states before confederating or federating or remaining independent sovereign states. These are the free choices of the people. Here, under the two conditions- confederation and federation, one has to understand that there are two types of federation or confederation. The first one is coming together federalism or confederalism, and the second one is holding together federalism or confederalism. Coming together a form of federalism or confederalism is the principle of federalization or confederalization. That is a federal or confederal arrangement to be formed voluntarily between or among independent sovereign states. At this point, the empire, first and foremost, has to break up and be dismantled. Then, the free, sovereign, and independent states freely and voluntarily come together to form either a federal or a confederal state. In this case of coming together, federalism is a union based on the will to federate and free consent of the peoples of the independent states, forming a multi-tiered system of governments, polycentric powers, and non-centralization in power. Both federal and state governments are equal in power with self-rule and shared rule in the constitutional division of powers. Hence, no one has the constitutional legitimate authority to force the other to do a job. In the case of the confederal state, the confederal government is subordinate to the regional governments. The decision made has to be unanimous. If not, the Confederate states can break off from the Confederacy. Such was what had happened to the Oromo confederate states under the Oromo Gadaa system. Gadaa was a confederacy, not a federacy or federation. And so it broke up into kingdoms and et cetera. It should have been a federacy to avoid such calamity that led the Oromo people to fall under the Abyssinian colonial occupation.

   On the contrary, the holding together federalism is that the empire holds its colonized people and renames the system federal or confederal. Under this condition, except for the name, nothing changes. Empire, despite the name, form, and structure laid in the constitution listing it as being a federal state or confederal, the system, however, remains a centralized authoritarian, autocratic unitary empire state whereby political power hierarchically follows top-down. The Ethiopian settler colonial federal Empire state has been and is such an empire state. Ethiopia had never been a socialist nor now a federalist. It was socialist then only in name and now federal in name only. It was a superficial socialist then and now superficially multi-ethnic federal state.

   First and foremost, one has to recognize the similarities and differences between coming together and holding together federations. The similarity is that both are types of associations of states. The difference in the holding together federalism, either in the name of socialism or federalism, is the association of conquest and colonized states put together into it, while on the contrary, the coming together federation is a free coming together of independent states. Hence, Ethiopian federalism is the holding together of conquered, occupied, and colonized states in the Ethiopian colonial empire at one time, held together in the name of modernizing feudal Ethiopia- this was a period of introduction of the name of Ethiopia to the colonized peoples and the beginning of mental colonization of the children of the colonized people-children of Balabbaats/ the local agents of the colonial empire in the colonized societies and et cetera, a period of inculcation of the perception of ethnic, cultural, and language inferiority of the colonized peoples and superiority of Amhara, their culture and language at schools; this period ran up until the 1960s. It was the first period of an attempt for the colonial empire government to politically hold together the empire using these mentally colonized educated members of the colonized peoples. It was the first group of these nationals who were the victims of being brainwashed at schools, and today, their children and grandchildren oppose the independence of the colonized peoples in favor of maintaining the Ethiopian empire. Other attempts to hold together the empire were successively followed by socialism and then by federalism, and at another time, held together in the name of socialism and still at another time now in the name of fake multi-ethnic federalism. Despite all these attempts, nothing is working for it to maintain it. The tragedy and travesty is that some Oromo political elites and pseudo-political activists are recycling, supporting this fake federalism to mislead the Oromo people and throw the Oromo struggle off track. In the recycling, the imperial federalism story, Obbo Battee Urgeessaa, the spokesman for the Daawud Ibsaa Abyyanaa’s ABO-shanee in Finfinnee, Oromia, on the Ethiopian Reporter media interview with Mesfin Feleke, in a very absurd twist of factual reality existing on the ground falsely stated that “Ethiopia is a federalist state, not a unitary state” with the intervener. Such persons have infiltrated the OLF as colonial tools hired by the colonial regime in power to prevent the Oromo nationalists from uniting to fight for the liberation of Oromia against the colonial occupation of Oromia. His purpose in calling the Ethiopian Empire a federal state is to confuse the people to support the colonial regime. Such Trojan horses have been within the Oromo nationalists in subverting the Oromo struggle from the inside out since 1999. The absurdity of Battee Urgeessaa is that he presented himself as an Oromo nationalist and then falsely accused Dr. Haile Fida of being an Ethiopianist. Battee Urgeessaa had been a member of the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) alliance with the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), a Nazified Amhara political organization. Indeed, Battee Urgeessaa is an Ethiopianist in OLF clothing. He has no moral, ethical, or political stand to accuse Dr. Haile Fida as an Ethiopianist. Calling Dr. Haile Fida an Ethiopianist is utterly sanctimonious on the part of Battee Urgeessaa. Dr. Haile Fida was a socialist revolutionary who believed in communism. He struggled from his early childhood to dismantle the Ethiopian empire. He was one of the best-known revolutionaries of the time. He laid out the principle of struggle one has to follow in these terms, “the conscious, organized, and armed people will win the revolutionary national struggle.” He was a revolutionary theorist intellectual, and Oromo nationalist who left an indelible footprint in the Oromo people’s aspiration for freedom. In his words of wisdom, he inculcated in us to be conscious of the injustice done to our people, to be organized, and to arm ourselves in order to succeed in our struggle for independence. As it is well known, before 1991, the Oromos were not allowed to develop their culture and language. At the same time, writing in Afaan Oromo (the Oromo language) in any alphabet other than Sabean alphabet was forbidden. However, millions of the Oromo are writing today Afaan Oromo in the Qubee Oromoo alphabet. It was Dr. Haile Fida’s effort in adapting the Latin alphabet to the requirement of writing Afaan Oromo that made the Qubee Afaan Oromo possible.

Had Dr. Haile Fida been an Ethiopianist, as Obbo Battee Urgeessaa dishonestly tries to tell us, he would have never developed the Qubee Oromo Alphabet that the Ethiopianists hate deep in their souls and hearts. Here, what is interesting is that instead of refreshing or abandoning his old political thinking and replacing it with the nationalist political ideas of the Oromo revolutionaries who have always fought for Oromo unity, Obbo Battee Urgeessaa, on the contrary, is still playing divisive politics of ABO-Shanee. He is still holding onto the divisive old political dinosaur born from the divisive political leadership with Daawud Ibsaa’s overtaking of the leadership of 

The OLF in 1999.

Figure 1. Obbo Battee Urgeessaa on a Reporter Media

Here, one as an elite or intelligentsia or nationalist has to remember what is often customary for wise men and women to say in advising the elites, intelligentsias, and nationalists in these terms- DO NOT LIE! DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE LIE! DO NOT SUPPORT THE LIE! DO NOT BETRAY PEOPLE FOR SELF-INTEREST!

Despite this advice, double-crossing or double-dealing, lies, and passivity for self-interest among the Oromo elites and intelligentsias have become common as the colonial genocidal war of Oromo extermination has been and is ravaging the Oromo people. The time is overdue to abandon double-dealing, lies, and passivity. It is time to grab the cause of the Oromo people. The given advice is needed points that the Oromo elites, nationalists, and intelligentsias need to consider when talking about the Ethiopian empire, Ethnic federalism, and transitional government in the settler colonial empire. With these, think of the Oromo colonial question. It is a misleading and plain lie to say Ethiopia is a federal state when it is not and has never been.

   The Oromo people and others in the south remained in the holding together subject to the authorities of the Ethiopian settler colonial empire. Many such empire states, including the former Union of Soviet Socialist Federal Republic, had dissolved. So, it is the law of history that the Ethiopian empire, the so-called Ethiopian federal state, whether it likes it or not, has to give way to the independence of the colonized peoples. The political central point of nationalism is the demand of colonized people for self-determination- a sovereign, independent, and homogeneous territorial unit inhabited as citizens by the members of a nation as defined in conventional ways (national, linguistic, cultural, historical, psychological makeup et cetera). This demand is the demand for external self-determination from colonial occupation. The Oromo people need to proclaim or announce the independence of Oromia from the Ethiopian empire since they are the colonized people. On the contrary, there is a demand for internal self-determination of the nonecolonized but oppressed minorities, and the solution is to seek autonomy within the state unless otherwise genocide has been committed against them.

   Ethiopia is the last of the surviving obsolete empires. Hence, it needs to break up. Its first phase of break up began in 1974 with the fall of the feudal regime; its second phase with the coming to power of the TPLF in 1991, and of course, now under Abiy Ahmad Prosperity Party, it is the third phase. Possibly, this is the last phase of its total breakup since he and his administration turned to the extermination of the Oromo people. His government has been committing terrors on the Oromo people, yet accuses the Oromo freedom fighters of “terrorism.”  His government ascribes to Oromo freedom fighters the crimes it plans to commit against the people. To this end, the regime organized a paramilitary militia death squad in disguising dressing in the similar uniform and hairstyle as the Oromo freedom fighters and referred to it Shanee, then sent them secretly out to the population to kill, loot, extort, rape women and girls, destroy property, burn down homes, take people hostage, and demand ransom. Then, it fabricates lies, deception, misinformation, and disinformation to mislead the people and propagandize that Shanee did it. It attaches the crimes it committed to the name Shanee to cover up its own crimes. The regime, having committed a crime itself, then attributes it to “Shane” to falsely mean the Oromo Liberation freedom fighters. The fact is that OPDO always fabricates lies to blame OLA for what OPDO itself wants to do. Then, after having committed crimes, the OPDO accuses the OLA of it. Its purpose is to influence the Oromo people to hate the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), their freedom fighters. The Oromo people have now understood the tricks of Abiy and Shimalis. One day, the Oromo people will rise to end the Ethiopian empire, and with it will come the political end of Abiy Amhad and Shimalis Abidiisaa. Abiy and Shimalis are Amhara in the Oromo clothing. They speak the Oromo language but Amhara in taste, morals, opinions, and psychological makeup. They use Oromo clothing to hold onto the power and to continue to hold onto it. Using such tactics and schemes, they have been fooling some Oromo nationals into actively supporting them, some being passive observers or passive supporters and others who do not even understand the politics of the empire. While the Oromo nationals are at a dubious junction, the Oromo people are under genocidal attack by these leaders in support of the Ethiopian settler colonialists holding together colonized people in the colonial federal empire.

   Abiy Ahmad and Shimalis Abdiisaa must be held accountable for the genocide they have been committing against the Oromo people since 2018. The questions the Oromo people must ask themselves are who were and are the victims, who were and are the aggressors, and who did and are doing what to whom under Menelik II, Haile Selassie, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn, and now Abiy Ahmad. The answers are unquestionably obvious. The victims have been and are the Oromo people, and the aggressors or perpetrators have been and are the successive Amhara settler governments and their Oromo collaborators. The OPDO has been and is the Abyssinian settler colonizers’ collaborators in Oromia since its formation in 1989. Abiy Ahmad and Shimalis Abdiisaa have been and are under the patronage of the Abyssinian settler colonial empire since their childhood. They have been serving their masters by committing genocidal annihilation against the Oromo people. At this point, no Oromo should forget Fandalalaa Garbaa, the brother of Abishee Garbaa, who betrayed his brother Abishee Garbaa, first by joining King Tekle Haymanot of Gojam who killed Abishee Garbaa and then by joining King Menelik of Shawa after the defeat of Tekle Haymanot at Embabo war. Similarly, Abiy and Shimalis have betrayed the Oromo nationalists, the Oromo people, and Oromia from childhood to date in favor of the Amhara colonial empire.

   Furthermore, both the Military Dergue and the TPLF governments claimed that Ethiopia is a Democratic Federal. Here are their respective constitutions: The Military Dergue constitution of 1987 states, “The Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,” and the then TPLF and now PP constitution of 1995 also states, “Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Here, both claimed that Ethiopia is a democratic and a republic state. The question one may raise is as regards democracy and republic. Does Ethiopia fit the two concepts?

   First and foremost, it is significant to see what these two words stand for. Democracy is a rule by the people, a rule of the majority whereby free and fair election for office holders is exercised and the minority is subordinate to the majority. Often, it is coined as the government of the people by the people and for the people. At the same time, a republic is often equated to representative democracy with checks and balances to protect the inalienable rights of groups, individuals, and minorities that cannot be taken away by the government and where the elected head of state serves for a limited term without a chance for re-election beyond the term limit. Ethiopia does not fit either democracy or republic or both forms of government.

    Now, let us see if Derg’s, TPLF’s, and PP’s fit the definition of democracy and republic as we have seen above. First, let us begin with democracy. Was or is Ethiopia a democracy? The fact is, it does not fit their claim of democracy. Its successive governments have never been elected in a fair, free election, and it is a state with no political freedoms. Not only this, Ethiopia, being an empire, has never had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people since its creation. It has never had a government of the majority but of a minority, never elected its government in fair and free elections.

   Furthermore, regarding the republic, Ethiopia has never had a representative democracy. It falsely adopted the name republic to fool the world community. They incorporated the concept of checks and balances in their respective Constitutions. They have never been in practice. Not only this, they also did not have a term limit in their respective constitutions; they had been staying in office as long as they naturally died or were overthrown. They had been and still are the oppressive regime. This constitution is still under oppression and going on under the Prosperity Party (PP) of Abiy Ahmad. Here, the fact remains that this tyrannical authoritarian regime and tyrannical politicians will continue for the unforeseeable future until the colonized people restore their independence.

The condition Oromo and Amhara live together

The Amhara and the colonized people could live together only after the colonized nations and nationalities decided on their respective self-determination through a referendum, whether to form their independent states or form a new political order to live together. Even with this, first and foremost, the Amhara colonialist regime, political elites, and Amhara people have to acknowledge, admit that Menelik II and Haile Selassie committed genocide against the Oromo people, take responsibility for it, pay reparation for the harm, apologize for it, and then ask for reconciliation with the Oromo people, agree to the removal of statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie from Finfinnee. The German government and the German people did these for the Nazi’s holocaust against the Jews during World War II and genocide committed against the Nama and Herero peoples in Namibia during 1904-1908. The Amhara people are no exception to these. Without this, it is impossible to form a federal or confederal government with the Amhara people for co-existence in one state.

Empires breakup

Since the earliest known empire in history, the Akkadian Empire, empires have been collapsing. It is not uncommon to see empires collapse after major military confrontations with the colonized and incorporated peoples and the consequences of defeats of colonialists. Furthermore, the empires’ lack of political legitimacy and the rejection of the empires’ organization of state structure, compounded with the human and financial cost of war to maintain empires, were the causes of the empires’ collapse. It has been evident throughout history.

   Nothing lasts forever. All empires that appeared in history had fallen, so will the Ethiopian empire. Now, it is time for the Ethiopian empire to break up and a need for the declaration of independence and the foundation of newly independent states of the colonized peoples. As is observed throughout history, the breakup of empire does not happen overnight but gradually and then suddenly. People do not notice this fall. The reason is that the regime has a false sense of security and strength and projects itself outward stability while slowly falling apart. In this case, the empire continues to create an illusion of political stability and muscularity in the middle of its slow collapse, using ghost leaders who always brag with false pride to maintain the state. This government exercises the use of overwhelming force to keep citizens submissive. 

   However, the breakup of the empire begins once the people boldly and unquestioningly rise against it. None can do this except the colonized Oromo people. The Oromo have been and are the most targeted people for extermination by the successive regimes of the Ethiopian empire, especially by the Prosperity Party (PP), more than any colonial regimes before it. The Prosperity Party (PP) and its Amhara Nazis elite alliance understand that it is the colonized majority of Oromo people that can dismantle the colonial empire. The Amhara-Nazified elites and political activists see the freedom, liberty, justice, liberation, and independence of the colonized peoples as an apocalyptic catastrophe for their settler colonial empire. To avert this, the PP and Amhara alliance devised a mechanism of incapacitating the Oromo people and facilitating genocidal annihilation against the Oromo. Here below are the conditions created and have been applied across Oromia-wide against the Oromo people:

  1. There has been an ever-increasing number of recruitment of soldiers to fight off the Oromo people in the empire for their protest or national resistance against the genocidal colonial regime and Amhara Nazified Fano;
  2. There has been an ever-increasing number of recruitment of police officers, prison guards, intelligence, undercover agents, and local collaborators everywhere in Oromia to suppress the Oromo oppositions, undermine, jail, torture, and kill the Oromo people in the name of “law and order;”
  3. More repressive unwritten and written laws in Oromia to disfranchise the Oromo people of their inalienable rights;
  4. Created in Oromia  more looting, thieving, embezzlement, and corruption opportunities and more corrupt participants happy;
  5. Runaway crimes across the empire, especially in Oromia;
  6. Wars, and conflicts throughout the Oromia and the rest;
  7. In Oromia, especially in the Wallaggaa Zone and Shawaa Zone, war, hunger, disease, denial of malaria epidemic relief, denial of healthcare, and hospitalization to the people have been used to exterminate the population. Not only these but also the movement of the people  has been and is restricted;
  8. OPDO, the day it came to power in 2018, started waging war on the genocidal extermination of the Oromo people in alliance with Amhara government and its Nazified armed Fano militia; TPLF; this is the continuation of the war it had been engaged while under the TPLF. Here never forget the Nazis used the Jews to exterminate six million Jews and the Hutus used the Tutsi in the extermination of a million Tutsis. And so, the Amharas are using the OPDO against the Oromo people;
  9. Psychological war on Oromo, war on Oromo unity, war on Oromo nationalism, on Oromummaa, and the regime taking the ownership of the economy to impoverish the Oromo people is unchecked;
  10. Oromia Special Force, used mass killing of the Oromo women, youths, and Oromo civilians, committing crimes against humanity, ransacks homes, et cetera in Oromia;
  11. It created Gachana Sirana (Shield of or Defender of the system) at every locality. Its purpose is for the protection of colonial empire and live on robbing, forcing people for money, and kill Oromo at local levels;
  12. Rampant bribes and extortions of the Oromo people and usurpation of Oromia land and natural resources;
  13. In Oromia, the administrators, legislators, prosecutors, and judges all are integral part of the colonial regime and work for the interest of regime rather than for the Oromo people;
  14. Under Abiy Ahmad and Shimalis Abdiisaa’s leadership, the Oromo people have been impoverished more than any previous colonial regimes since the colonization of Oromia. Genocide has been raging on in Oromia against the Oromo people.

The fact is these conditions have put the Oromo people at risk. These hazardous or threatening conditions to Oromia and the Oromo people must motivate and galvanize the Oromo nationals and people to unite regardless of their political outlook or differences as Oromo and as Oromia nationals to dismantle this settler colonial empire and its genocidal government of Abiy Ahmad and Shimalis Abdiisaa. Here, the Oromo people and nationalists have no option except to dismantle this empire in unity.

   In addition to the above listed that being implemented in Oromia, the following institutions only come under the direct control, order, and supervision of PM Abiy Ahmad, upon which he is pinning his hopes and depending to hold onto power and hold the empire together, these are Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the Republican Guard created in 2018 which is only answerable to Abiy Ahmad, in the like of Imperial Guard was to Emperor Haile Selassie. The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Federal Police Commission, and Federal Prisons Commission are Abiy Ahmad’s primary institutions for his staying in power. However, with the intensification of the national liberation struggle of the colonized peoples, these forces will eventually weaken and turn against him to ensure the end of his holding onto power. Such brings to the end of the Ethio-Amhara Empire of Menelik.

   PM Abiy Ahmad of the Ethiopian Empire, since he became the Prime Minister, has undertaken to erase the question of historical memory, both of individual and collective memories, of the genocide of five million and two million of the Oromo people committed by Menelik II and Haile Selassie respectively, against the Oromo people. He has done this by erecting statues for Menelik and Haile Selassie. Not only this, the Oromo extermination that began by Menelik II in the late 19th century and continued under Haile Selassie’s regime in the 20th century and still now the Prosperity Party (PP) has been and is reinforcing it in the 21st century since it came to power in 2018 in the name of protecting and maintaining the Ethio-Menelik colonial settler empire state. The tragedy of all is under the administration of Abiy Ahmad, the so-called Oromo government, as usual, the Amharic language that had been used under the previous regimes as linguicide of the Oromo language has been and until now is the lingua franca of the Ethiopian settler colonial empire, as Russian was the lingua franca of the whole Soviet Union before 1989. The Oromo language, the majority language, has been as sidelined as ever before. Ethiopia has been and still is a gravely autocratic empire since its formation a century and a half ago by Menelik II. The orphans of the former monarchies in the like of Dr. Yonas Biru and cohorts like to maintain it.

   Most importantly, however, the Oromo struggle continued since Menelik II’s Oromo genocidal extermination of five million during the colonization of Oromia and Haile Selassie’s annihilation of over two million Oromo Arsii at Ashalamoo in Rift Valley after his return from exile in 1941. Haile Selassie and his regime worked very hard to conceal and prevent this genocidal extermination from being known. Throughout the reign of Haile Selassie, the information about the genocide at Ashalamoo had been sealed and never allowed to be heard by the people outside that locality. Even in the locality, it was illegal to talk openly in public about it. Because of this, Amhara has never settled in this region. The colonial regime scared to settle the Amhara settlers in the region during the rule of Haile Selassie.

   Despite this, the Amhara settler colonizer political elites have sustained the demonization, dehumanization, traumatization, and exploitation of the Oromo people by violence and genocide across generations ever since. Still, in the 21st century today, the Amhara elites and people failed to recognize that Menelik II and Haile Selassie committed genocide against the Oromo people. Instead of learning from their ancestors and their past wrongdoings, the Amhara elites are still pleading today in the 21st century to re-repeat committing genocide, all over again against the Oromo people.

   The fact is, the Amhara elites, political activists, and the Amhara people are self-destructing in this mission. Dr. Yonas and his Fano should understand from this that while the vast majority of Amhara call themselves Ethiopian First, the overwhelming majority of the Oromo call themselves Oromo First. At this point, Dr. Yonas Biru, the Fano, all Amhara radical elements, the diehard feudalist elements, and the Amhara people should understand that the Ethiopian empire is going the way all empires in history went- to dissolve or break up and accept the right of self-determination of the nations and nationalities under the holding together of the successive Abyssinian settler colonial occupying regimes and allow to decide their destinies. It is time for the Amhara colonial settler regime of the empire to leave the Oromo country Oromia and go to its original home- the Amhara country proper.

   The colonial regime to hold on to power corrupted the system more than ever. This corrupted system targeted the Oromo people and their resources. It has been diverting more Oromia state resources that have been and are needed for social services to feed the corrupt system. All sorts of enablers need to benefit beyond a simple salary. The regime purposefully encouraged the Magistrates, court officials, prosecutors, police inspectors, Police offers, Ministry Officials, social media, militia youth groups, fake opposition politicians, fake political parties, et cetera to undermine the well-being and safety of the people. The Oromo people have been and are subjected to misrule and injustice. The Oromo people have been and are the victims of this colonial system. Today, under the so-called Oromia regional government, the Oromo people are more under attack than ever since the colonization of Oromia. The OPDO, as the government of Oromia, has been and is looting the Oromia resources exceedingly more than any colonial regime before it.

   The Amhara successive colonial regimes of the empire have tried both fake socialism and fake federalism. Both have failed them. They see trying confederation or independence runs contrary to their interest. Now, to hold the empire together, they resorted to the last option, Menelik II road, the genocidal war of the extermination of the colonized people. Such has been and is what the Amhara state government, the Fano, the Amhara political elites, activists, and social and mainstream media, in alliance with the collaborationist Oromo neo-Gobana nationals, have been engaged in since 2018 against the Oromo people. If successful, the Amhara’s Oromo genocidal extermination campaign of this time could be worse than Menelik II’s time. This coming calamity can be averted by united, organized, and armed Oromo people.

   In conclusion, the article has gone through the cosmetic federalism of the Ethiopian empire. It showed that Ethiopian socialism, as well as federalism, could not be the solution to the problems of the Ethiopian empire. The article also discussed that people establish their respective independent countries before going into federal arrangement. It means, first and foremost, they had to have the will to federate to enter freely and voluntarily into it without preconditions set by anybody. For this to happen, the empire should break up, and the colonized people establish their respective sovereign and independent states. Taking Ethiopia into consideration, the article showed that the Ethiopian ethnic federation is a fake one because, first and foremost, it is hold-together federalism, and second, it is the federation made between elites of the colonizers and of the collaborators of the colonized people, and hence it is invalid, null and void federalism.

   At this point, the Oromo people have entered into one of the worst politics in the history of the colonized peoples. What is it? No elites from the colonized people ever came to govern the colonial empire as a proxy representing the colonizing elites except in the Ethiopian empire since the formation of colonial empires in history. As stated in the article, it is this proxy the OPDO and its mentally colonized and controlled Oromo collaborators committing genocide against the Oromo people. Such is the tragedy in the history of human beings exterminating one’s people in favor of maintaining the colonial empire. The tragedy does not stop here. It goes as far as the Oromo elites on mass media crying to keep this colonial people holding together the federation of the Ethiopian empire. Again, this is also the second tragedy in the history of the political elites of the colonized people. Now, catastrophe is waiting for the Oromo people. It is a catastrophe of extermination of the Oromo people, imminently coming from the colonizers and the colonized elite’s alliance, Fano, the Amhara Nazis group, as well the Amhara Nazified political elites, and the OPDO and its Oromo collaborators. The question is now in the hands of the Oromo nationalists and people. What to do is to unite against it. The Oromo nationalists must stand up together, fighting against the Abyssinian genocidaires and their Oromo collaborators to avert the coming catastrophe that the Oromo face if not stopped now. By standing together, we owe not only to ourselves but to our ancestors who fought so hard for the freedom, justice, and dignity of the Oromo people and the independence of Oromia from the Amhara settler colonial empire, and most of all, to the Oromo future generations, those whose pain and degradation, and extermination we can avert.

The Oromo struggle Continues!

Oromia shall be free!


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Iccitii hidhamuu Obboo Battee Urgeessaa

Haabtaamuu Tasfaayetiin: Tibba darbe kana mariin Paartilee siyaasa Oromoo jedhu kan kanaan dura bara cee’uumsaa…

4 months ago

Godina Baalee: galgala ar’aa magaalaan Roobee balaa ibiddaatiin qabeenyi hawaasa bal’aa hedduun barbadaawe.

Galgala sa’aatii 2:00 (8:00) irratti balaan kun naannoo Buufata durii (Aroge-Mannahaaraa) jedhamu,Masjidannuur cinatti suuqii fi…

4 months ago

Gadaan gujii abbaa gadaa 75ffaa argate

Ofii Abbootii Gadaa 74 baallii waliif dabarsaa asiin geessisan beektu? Haala duudhaa isaa eeggateen waggoota…

4 months ago

Oromiyaan ganna shan guutuu waraanan hunkuramaa jiraatuu namuu ni hubata

Ijoollee Wareegamtootaaf Jecha ...  Nagaa Bara ammaa silaa martuu bakka maratti muldhata. Oromiyaan ganna shan…

6 months ago

Abiy Ahmed’s erecting Memorial Statues for genocidists of the Oromo for Menelik II and Haile Selassie

December 10, 2023 Leenjiso Horo    This article addresses the issue of the Oromo failure to…

6 months ago