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ODF is in a great political Crisis!

Having a good formal Education does not mean a good Leader or Politician. A great politician is a nation builder, a team player and peace maker. ODF founders are neither team player nor role-model. ODF father and his team are neither peace maker nor nation builder. On my past consecutive articles, I have discussed about the birth of ODF and its political implication on the future of Oromia. I have also briefly addressed about the roles of leaders in building a nation. Today, I would like to talk about some internal political development of the ODF. According to some close sources, ODF has a political problem. First, there was no trust among the ODF member’s. Second, there was a division within the members on the basis of a political conviction .A group like Aman Kedir, Hasan Hussien ,Dr, Beyan, and Lencho Bati are seeking and arguing for a complete political reform and system changes in the empire whereas the other members are passive and have more of a conservative instances. From the sides of opponent’s Dr.Beyan was very disappointed with the overall practices because the information he had before he joined the team and the reality after he joins the team was in contrary to his political views and stands. He was the last respected Oromo national who joined the ODF team but now he is among the strongest opponent’s to Mr.Leta many years of political ideology. According to my political informants, the ODF technocratic, Mr. Hassan Hussein was also in political dilemma and incapable of organizing the people in his circle of influences. Of the entire group the case of Aman Kedir is the worst. In terms of his political believe and conviction, he was known as the radical anti-Abyssinia proponent’s for many years in the face of oromian .He was among those who stand for the Sovereign Oromia and still reflect that sentiments. This left him friendless inside the ODF.

In general, the senior males dominate ODF were in war of words among each others. There were no cooperation and commitment among members. ODF has no basis from the grassroots. Most of its members are old senior males. No a female or young generation inside ODF in terms of its composition. Definitely, this presents how the ODF rigid in terms of its political outlook as oppose to its ideal democratization of the empire.

The other practical problems for the ODF was from its commanding boss meant a EPRDF .The mischief EPRDF regime knew how to play a dirty game politics and an expert in divide and rule policy. Its mission is to dismantle all the Oromo political forces and construct its own advanced and a better OPDO that keeps its base power. Mr Leta, the ODF president tirelessly has been dedicated on polarizing the oromian for the last two decades to get the regime loyalty .This was his great project. He tried his best but could not attain his real dream and oromian are unanimously revolt against his philosophy of democratization of the Empire. Oromian are conscious enough and beyond a cheap politics and knew what they need today. Mr.lencho Personal wish is to secure a top post in the empire either two ways .First by allying himself with the EPRDF regimes through polarizing oromian. Second by building his own team as he wants through divide and rule means politics. However, the interesting question left unanswered is does a simple collection of a few groups of people change the EPRDF regime mind? Is really EPRDF care about the ODF that has no basis from the grassroots? If so, what are the differences between the ODPO and ODF? Is the EPRDF there for real change and democracy? I do not think so. If so why, Professor Marare Gudina has failed to democratize the Ethiopia Empire? Is the ODF father has some magic to democratize the Ethiopia Empire? Either way, politically, Mr.Lencho is a double loser both in the face of the Oromo people as well as his servant. His motive was to secure the top post but he belittled himself and his team in the face of the Oromo people. The game for his team was over. No more ODF; its secret agenda is a blind and there is no certainty about its future political conditions.

The problem of the Ethiopia Empire is the problem of power and resource. It is never how to change or transform the life of the people in the empire .It is always how to secure state power through divisive politics. This is a reality in the empire .Politically, speaking this is the biggest failure to Mr.lencha and his team where they undermined the practical political problem in the Empire.
The Oromo people fight these practical political and social problems to bring a radical changes in the empire, to make Oromia a land of hope and opportunity, to make Oromia a land of no war, to make Oromia a land of no crime as well as to make Oromia a land of peace where every minority people living in the Oromia lives on the mutual and respectful manners. Oromo people are a respected society, they respect their senior, respect their leader, and lover their country, nevertheless all these nice culture has eroded because of a bad political culture practices of our frontline politicians. Contrary to this great philosophy the birth of ODF also has changed the mind and heart of Oromian.ODF is responsible for all this moral and political damage and no way its member can escape this legal consequences.ODF founder and members are always a problem maker, they are not a solution seeker or peace maker. They barley cooperative among themselves and are currently in a great political crisis from the very beginning. I always call these interest groups a dual loser politician and never ever name them as a leader because they do not fulfill a requirement of a leadership skill or leading roles ability to build a nation.


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