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Sad News: Five Oromo refugees die on the Sudanese-Libya border

According to a close source, five Oromo refugees have reportedly died and other wounded after they just crossed the border into Libya. The report didn’t identify the exact date and time of the accident, but confirmed that it happened in the last week.

More than half a dozen Oromo refugees were carried on the back of an old Toyota pickup owned by human traffickers when the accident happened. The car was heading from Khartoum to Tripoli, crossing the dangerous Sahara Desert with the haphazard fast speed.

The reason that caused the accident was also said to be driving with the highest speed in attempt to escape from the border police.

The source identified Dunguje Itana, a sister of Feven Itana, a famous spiritual (Christian) singer in Afan Oromo was one of the victims. Dunguje, who was a businesswoman and had her own house in Finfine had gotten her house being demolished by government forces under the pretext of ‘illegally built house’, said the report.

She was left with no compensation for her demolished house, moreover, previously she had been experienced prolonged persecution by government militias in Finfinnee due to her allegiance to being OLF supporter, added the report.

According to one of her close friends, it was this political reason that forced her to flee to Khartoum, however, the city has never been a safe place for thousands of Oromo refugees like Dungujee from across Oromia.

It is estimated that in 2014 alone, more than 5000 Oromo refugees left Sudan for Egypt and Libya, looking for safe place and better life. Among them more than half were forced to leave the capital, fearing day and night persecution by Ethiopian government security agents.

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