Oduu Oromiyaa

Oromo Citizens Targeted, Attacked, and Killed by Ethiopian Security Forces

July brings further reports of extrajudicial killings and attacks against Oromo civilians by government forces.These killings are due to alleged connections to the Oromo Liberation Army. 

It should be noted that the individuals listed below are only those whose deaths have been made public through the media, and does not include mass executions or other incidents which have gone unreported, or in which the victims names are unknown. It seems likely that the true number of victims is much higher than the figures reported.

July 12th Bersisa Gebeyo, Werkina Tamasgen, Fayera Negesa, Busha Negesa, Abushe Haile, Tola Gonfa, and Shasho Kanen (Muka village, Limmuu District, East Wollega Zone)* Fikedue Teshoma (Haro Guddisa Village, Gudayya Bila District, East Wollega Zone)* July 13th Getechow Haile and Temesgen Itane (Haro Limmuu district, East Wollega Zone) July 17th Dawit Misganu Wakjira (Sasiga town, East Wollega Zone) July 20th Batii Ode (Shala District, West Arsi Zone) Biratu Jara and Megersa Dinsa (Ebantu District, East Wollega Zone)* Shifera Jemena (Wanci District, Southwest Shewa Zone)* July 22nd Borje Feyisa, Guluma Hachalu, and Fixuma Alemu (Ammayya district, Southwest Shewa Zone)* Gemechu Asfa Fakansa (Kutaye district, West Shewa zone)* July 24th Tolesa Rgasa (Meta Robi district, West Shewa Zone) Mohammed Ali Sadiq, Ali Mohammed Addayu, Aisha Ibrahim Adam, Dubayi Usman Hassan, and Gamteessa Ali Mohammed (Oda Bultum District, West Hararghe Zone) July 26th Shembali Shumi, Arasa Dima, Wakuma Hirphasa (Galan Waldessa village, Ambo District, West Shewa Zone) July 27th Kayo itikku and Abdoo Hasan (Jimma Ganati district, Horroo Guduru zone)*

OLLAA’s Full Report


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