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The Cruel Massacre of the Dictator Ethiopian Government on Oromo People Can Not Be a Treat to The Oromo Struggle!

The Ethiopian Government EPRDF/TPLF have been oppressed Oromo people for about 23 years. Since it came to power the thousands of Oromo people have been massacred, thousands have disappeared,thousands have been imprisoned, and millions have been displaced from their ancestral land. This serial oppression and discrimination has caused the migration of millions of other Oromo people to seek asyl in the neighbouring countries and to the other parts of the world. This cruel oppression of TPLF on Oromo people has been changing its nature and becoming more intense and systematic in the last few years. Which leads the deterioration of human right of Oromo people in the region.
The TPLF/EPRDF has been massacreeing the Oromo people since it came to power. And still continued the massacre. This cruel genocide committed by regime took place at different parts of Oromia at different times. Massive massacre of Oromo people of 1992 in Haraghe, in April 1995 at Babo Gambel West Wollega ,in March 1995 at Sigmo and Gattira district, in February 2007 at Gara Sufi, in April 2012 at Asasa ,in August 2013 at Kofele and in 2013 at Warra Ilu Wolo are some of the unforgivable genocides committed by the Ethiopian government.However the nationalism and the struggle of Oromo people never stopped rather has become stronger.
There are more than 20,000 Oromo political prisoners in Ethiopia. The arrest and treatment of these prisoners has been strongly criticized by international human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The TPLF use torture against prisoners at the Maikelawi detention center to obtain information. These Oromo political prisoners are oromo activist, teachers, students, and other oromos of different professsion. They were accused of being members or supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front. In January 2014 , the Ethiopian Federal Court gave a prison sentence to an Oromo nationalist and political prisoner from three to twelve years in prison. Killing , torturing, and sentencing to life Oromo political prisoners never be a solution but it strengthens the Oromo struggle aggressively.
The TPLF government has been weakening the human and economic capacities of the Oromo people inside Ethiopia. The land grabbing and displacement of the Oromo farmers in different parts of Oromia including the Finifine expansion ,the banning of the Oromo NGO’s like the Macha-Tulama Self-Help Association and restricting the international charity organizations from operating in Oromia with proclamation of anti-terror law are some of the human and economical weakening on Oromo people.
The dictator Ethiopian government also has been targeting the Oromo intellectuals for more than 20 years. Hundreds of Oromo students been fired and killed ,thousands have been thrown to prison and thousands have been dismissed from the Ethiopian universities for just practicing their democratic right by protesting against the illegal government policies. And most of these students are the most intelligent , straight A’s and at the top rank of every field of studies. The TPLF did this intentionally to elliminate the Oromo future brights because they are treats for its future existence. Though this irresponsible and racist act of the TPLF/EPRDF caused the unshakable revolt against subjugation in different universities in Ethiopia.
The EPRDF has been tried a lot to misguide the Oromo people by using its state based television stations ETV (EBC) and TVO. These Tv stations have been the special weapon of the government for broadcasting false propagandas and fictional documantary films against Oromo Liberation Front and the peaceful muslim protestors. And the government were also using these TV stations to eradicate Oromo nationalism by claiming ethiopianism as a modern thinking and Oromumma as racism . However this leads the Oromo intellectuals and nationalists to stablish Oromia Media Network , which is probably the big step in Oromo struggle history.
In conclusion, as the intensity of oppression by the dictator Ethiopian government increase , the struggle of the Oromo people become more aggressive and stronger. The death of one Oromo nationalist is the born of ten Oromo nationalists. So killing Oromos will not be a solution and it never stops the struggle of Oromo people. The Oromo people both from inside and outside Ethiopia should keep up making more efforts on our achievements; by funding Oromia Media network , by protesting constantly until our voice is heard on all over the world so the financial aid of western government to the dictator Ethiopian government stops. Because the TPLF is not using the western aid money for development purpose rather the money is being used for massacreeing innocent people. The struggle of Oromo people will continue until Oromia is free.
Oromia Shall Be Free!!!

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