Oduu Haaraya

#‎OomoProtests‬ these students of Addis Ababa University have been arrested following today’s protest in front of the US Embassy.

1) Soressa Dame, Chemical Engineering 4th yer
2) Dabala Fayissa, Civil Engineering 4th year
3) Gudina Tesfaye, Management 2nd year
4) Sabre Mohammed (Female), Afan Oromo 3rd year
5) Bilisumma Birhanu, Economics 2nd year
6) Teressa Asnake, Eeconomics 2nd year
7) Eshetu Dejene, economics 2nd year
8) Ejigu Qabata, Economics 2nd year
9)Almaz Arado , Afan Oromo 3rd year
10) Dereje Tamiru, Economics 2nd year
11) Birhanu Badhadha, Public Administration, 1st year

Arrest continues on campus after the protest was dispersed.

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