Oduu Haaraya

Open letter to Dawuud Ibsa, chairman of OLF National Council: a call for your immediate and unconditional resignation

Dear Obbo Dawuud,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your contributions to the Oromo peoples’ struggle for freedom and democracy. You have done so much and sacrificed your entire life for our people. As many Oromos have, you were imprisoned; poisoned, tortured, and suffered an imaginable hardship for our people to achieve a meaningful existence and for that, the Oromo nation will always be grateful. However, the Oromo national liberation struggle entered a stalemate while you are at the helm of OLF. This is a concern of the overwhelming majority of Oromos, at home and abroad. Today, our enemies are committing an imaginable crime against our people and our people are left without anyone to fend off the systemic oppression. We are writing you this letter with heavy burden and with the out most concern for the state of our struggle and our bleeding nation. The Oromo people believed in OLF as a vanguard organization and that trust is eroding fast. Our struggle is at crossroads and we need to act now. We are writing you this letter to ask you for what a true patriot can, and should, do for his people in this most trying of times; for the sake of the people for whose liberty you were prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice, your very life, please resign! If you love the Oromo people and if you still wish and believe the Oromo deserve a national self-determination, the time has come for you to step-down as a leader of our struggle and hand over to someone with a clear vision, determination, and the political will and skills to move the Oromo struggle forward so that the wishes and aspirations of our people—freedom—will be realized. Resign, in the best interest of your beloved organization, OLF, for whose survival you sacrificed the best years of your youth and adult life.

Here are some of the reasons why we are asking you to gracefully step aside:

1. Under your leadership, our beloved organization has been detached from our homeland, too far away to hear the suffering of our people; too entangled in internal conflict, held hostage by a foreign government for their own self-interest, and too weak to effect any kind of change,
2. A decade and a half with which you were blessed to lead the Oromo people is essentially wasted. During this time, you led the organization into endless disintegration. In place of pragmatism, dogma has prevailed; in place of transparency and openness, personal petty has taken root; in place of diversity and inclusion, antagonism has intensified; and in place of merit, patronage has been rewarded that effectively reduced the Oromo peoples struggle to nothing but petty personal conflict and infighting,
3. When you were elected to lead the OLF in 1999, when you gracefully received the mantle from your predecessor, you were expected to unify the nation, mend the old wounds and move us in the right directions; instead, the OLF has been marred with split after split and has been in downward spiral with no end in sight,
4. We are the people of Gadaa who claim with pride that Gadaa is the ultimate system of democracy. Under Gadaa democracy, a leader serves a maximum of eight years and you are at the helm of the OLF for more than 14 years with no timeline to give up the chairmanship. Your term of office has ended years ago and you and your clique has lost any credibility to call the OLF national congress to formally transfer power, if ever. Under the circumstances, the only honorable choice is for your graceful, unconditional, and immediate exit, NOW!
5. Under your leadership, the Oromo struggle has reached a stalemate and with you at the helm, we see no possible scenarios of building a national reconciliation and you and your clique have rejected every attempt to unify Oromos under one umbrella for our struggle.
6. It’s now apparent that all you are doing as of late is issue a press release after press release calling those that has been working diligently to unify our struggle agents of an enemy when in fact you knew very well that is not the case,
7. Due to your inability or unwillingness to work with those you feel a threat to your authoritarian leadership style; by surrounding yourself with mediocre, you have denied the nation the opportunity to make use of the fruits of the wisdom of its gifted and dedicated children
8. Under your leadership, the OLF has split into so many different factions and it is now apparent that the name that was synonymous with the Oromo people has become a joke and is hijacked by lowlifes you brought to the OLF, and the Oromo people are at the point of not wanting to hear the name OLF,
9. Oromos are desperate for change and you and your narrow clique are the only one in the way of this change. Our people are more than ever being killed, tortured, rampantly unemployed, expelled from their ancestral land, and their lands are being taken away and being sold to foreigners and our people in millions are suffering from famine,
10. Obbo Dawuud, we feel it would be morally wrong and historically a big blunder to play hide-and-seek, especially now where our struggle has reached its lowest level it has ever been under your watchful eyes. By failing to be a statesman when the times demanded it, you have disgraced the nation by rejecting every attempt to unite our freedom fighters; instead you are bent on expelling those with critical thinking and forward looking mentality opposed to your dogmatic approach. You need to open your eyes and see for yourselves what is happening on the ground than linger on useless, irrelevant and sometimes cynical doctrines and speculations based on few feeble minded individuals left in the organization with you. It has been a complete disaster, to say the least and this must come to an end, NOW!
11. Obbo Dawuud, look around! You are left alone; bright sons of the nation are deserting you every day. Please do not believe for a minute that you are doing good for our struggle any longer. Your holding onto power is not advancing our struggle; rather, it is taking us back to the 1960s. The reality is, our nation is being held hostage and we beg you to end it and end it, NOW!
12. Your predecessor who left the Oromo struggle in shambles was in the same situation until he was eventually removed from power, and we beg you to not go down that road and please resign now!
13. You have, in many occasions, contributed to the dysfunction and dismantling of the OLF organization everywhere and brought disgrace to the very brand of OLF. You and the incompetent few in the leadership have divided Oromo nationalists along tribal and regional lines and you changed the focus of the organization from struggle for self-determination to struggle for self-destruction,
14. You bear primary responsibility for bringing a former prisoner of war (POW), a thug, and scumbag by the name Kamal Galachu and other TPLF leftover militias to the OLF and ascended them to lead the military wing of OLF that effectively destroyed our beloved organization. Today these TPLF militias are working against the Oromo interest and for that you will be held accountable,
15. As you effectively killed the OLF and clinging to its chairmanship, you are also holding the chairmanship of AFD hostage and the OLF has lost the trust of other oppressed people to be led by OLF because of your inability to lead with vision,
16. As you grew closer to the Eritrean authoritarian regime, you are increasingly acting like a dictator in training and unbecoming of our Gadaa heritage,
17. Under your leadership, the young and the dynamic future generations are ignored, marginalized, and made to feel unwelcome to participate in the national struggle,
18. Under your leadership, we are tired of the in-fighting; the struggle has taken many lives with no end in sight. Change has come to many places except to Oromos and with you at the helm, nothing will change and the Oromo people want you to step aside. Our people are ready to fight, but their vanguard organization, the OLF, that they thought were their savior are being held hostage by you and by the few others who could not see beyond the horizon of their noses,
19. The popular uprising in North Africa and elsewhere is a testament to openness to different tactics and ideas. Under your leadership, none could be launched because of your inability to listen to others,
20. It is now apparent that no Oromo on his/her right mind calls you a leader and certainly not those countless young fighters now in Ma’ikalawi prison that were trained and equipped and ill-fatedly dispatched to fight alone without proper directions and without a political leader dispatched with them. Time and again, they were hoarded like cattle by the enemy to suffer in enemy prisons without ever shooting a single bullet against the tyrannical regime that terrorizes our people, day in, day out,
21. OLF was supposed to mirror our Gadaa heritage that cultivates the youth — the future of our nation. You had a golden opportunity to do just that with the young dynamic Oromo youth that joined the OLF right after staging all kinds of student uprisings since 2001. Instead, they were not make use of, made unwelcome, mistreated and expelled and are being recruited by others,
22. Obbo Dawuud, as far as we are concerned, you and the small clique you lead are becoming the biggest obstacle for the Oromo struggle to move forward. Despite the opening provided by Zanawi’s increasingly authoritarian rule that turned the Oromo people and more and more Ethiopians against his rule, time and again you failed to seize the moment to make an end to the marginalization of the Oromo and tyranny in Ethiopia,,
23. Obbo Dawuud, let’s remind you that Oromos are 40 million strong and there are plenty of other capable leaders with vision and determination that can do a better job than what you have done. You had your time and opportunity to effect change and move the struggle forward and we are sure you will agree with us that that did not happen. We hope you will also agree with us that the time has come for you to step aside and let others take their turn.
24. Listen to us before it’s too late. You have lost all the respect and admirations; be it from the Oromo people or others, and your time has come to let someone else lead us to freedom
25. Obbo Dawuud, we are concerned that our struggle has stalled under your leadership and there is no better time than now for you to step aside with grace. Too much damage has already been done to our struggle. The best you can do for the Oromo people right now is to take a-graceful exit.

Freedom for all!


Concerned Oromos

Members of the OLF Executive Committee Members
Members of OLF National Council
OLF offices around the world
OLF Members around the world
All Oromo Media
Oromo communities around the world
Government of Eritrea

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  1. ala deemtoonni ilmaan Abashaa akka waan Oromoo dhimmanitti xalayaa naqaa dhoossaan barreessaa oolaniis ilmaan Oromoo of duuba hin deebitu. Dawud Ubsa niseensota ABO tu filate kittilayyoonni Abashaa waan isin gakche hin jiru – booyaa oolaa.
    You will die crying, Oromo people belive’s in Dawud and his group. Get a life

    oromiya biyya tiyya 10.30.2012, 09:02pm

    wal arrabsuun oromo tokko hin godhu qabso teenna bakkaan hin gahu ya ilman oromo me jechuma gaari walin ha jennuu waluma ha gorfannuu

    Angoo waliif dabarsaa
    Oromsiis 08.23.2012, 07:44pm

    Rabbumaa jedhaa angoo kan dura bulchaa jirurraa kan cimaa ta’etti mariifi harka caalmaa kan argatee dabarsaa

    Dura Bilisummaa!
    Finiinsaa Qabsoo 07.24.2012, 05:55am

    Mee Qomoo koo!
    Oromoo kan ta’e, garaansaa, keessi isaa Oromoof aaruun hin oolu. Hundumti kan asi irratti barreessus ha ta’u, kan karaa adda-addaa yaadee bilisummaa Oromoof deemu mee itti ha yaadnu. Dura maaltu dursuu qaba? Karaan bakka tokko ga’uudhaa nama geessu baayyee ta’uu danda’a. Yoo wanti barbaadnu saba keenyaaf, ofii keenyaaf Bilisummaa Oromooti ta’e, inni lafa duwwaatti wal-lollu maaliif? Ofittoo yoo taane malee. Ega bilisummaa ta’e adaraa keessan wal hacuucuu, arabsuu, humna wal-buusuu ha dhiisnu.
    Waliin karaa itti amanneen mee Oromoof ha duullu. Wal dura hin gorru. Uummanni Oromo qophaa’aa dha. Kan wajjiniin hiriiree qindeessu barbaada. Mee karaa sirriidha jennee yaadnuun wal ha tumsinu. Wanti guddaan garuu yoo dhuguma Oromoof yaadna ta’e halagaatti wal akka hin kennine waadaa waliif ha seennu. Wal hin gurgurru. Nuti ilmaan abbaa tokkoo taanee diina yeroodhaaf nutti fayyadamuu barbaadutti akka wal hin dabarsine adaraa Waaqa Oromoo uume. Tarsiimoof yoo itti fayyadamuu barbaaddan fayyadamaa malee , habashaatti akka dabarsitanii wal hin kennine. Kan dabarsee wal kennemoo ilma abaarsaati inni malee Oromoo miti.
    Diina itti fayyadami malee diinni sitti hin fayyadamin. Waan irraa fayyadamtu jira jettee yoo amante, innis baayyee si hawwatee yoo irraa fayyadamuuf dirqamte illee, saba kee dabarsitee akka hin kennine. Kan siif hafu, saba keeti; sammuu keeti. Odeeffannoo fi Tarsiimoo adda addaa diina irraa argattu immoo qomoo keetiin ga’i.
    Hormi hormuma. Har’a sitti fayyadamuuf si barbada malee takkumaa si wajjin jiraachuuf miti.
    Qomoo kee Oromoo keessaa tokkotti aaruu ni dandeessa. Obboleessa haadhoo kees yoo ta’e walitti aaraa, wal-lolaa wajjin guddatte. Garuu hormatti dabarsitee hin kennine. Kanaaf iyyuu yoo aariin ati Oromoo tokkotti qabdu bayyee guddaa ta’e, isa balleessuuf jettee diinatti akka hin kennine.
    Jaarsi Oromoo beekaa dha. Jaarsa itti baafadhu. Yoo dadhabames beekaa taatee waan namni sun godhe irra darbiteefi yoo Oromoof gaarii akka ta’utti hojjette ni eebbifamta.
    TOKKO HA TAANU. Kufaatiin diina ga’eera. Oromiyaan ni bilisoomti.


    Birraa 06.13.2012, 11:41am

    I beleive,Mr Daud Ibsaa and his group will realize the down growth of OLF and the disinteration happened under their leadeship. However, they seem as that doesn’t concern them as far as they are on power. the suffering of our people, our Gada system, the sacrifaice paid so far … etc, are not what most concern them. If they were concerned about their people and the OLF organization, they would have resigned at least at the end of their first term as they registered tangible progress. therefore,I don’t think they will listen to the present call and respond positivelly.

    Siif haa galu
    Siin himaa dhagai 06.02.2012, 02:04am

    Dawud Ibsaa caalaa Oromoo keessa gantuu fi dadhabaan hin jiru. Dawud must resign. for his sake and for the Oromos.

    Aluta Continua
    Viva 05.17.2012, 01:55am

    Vivva Dawuud Ibsa, Goota Goota caalu. Watwaachisaa hattu, gantuu fi odeessitu gandaa. Harroota biyya faranjii hin dhageeffattiin. Isaan iyyaani ofumaan callisu. Gaaafa quufanis waa barreessu. Kana caalaa jireeenyi isaani kana hin darbu. Do your job,

    Obissaa 05.03.2012, 12:41am

    tokkumaan oromo kan dhufuu danda’uu yoo dawiiti Ibsaa deeme qofa. akasuuman furmaanis kan argaamu please bassa nama kana

    qanquree Atomsa 04.30.2012, 01:55am

    Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.
    However, to add insult to our injuries, seemingly, King Daud and his entourage of ministers have become royals in waiting, over 20 years, in foreign lands of the Diaspora for a call from their field generals that the war have been won, please come and rule over your people who are eagerly waiting for you. An illusion that does never happen.
    Are we not kind of joking on the lives of millions of our Oromo people by extending their miseries instead of speeding things up and get it over with? Or give the leadership to someone who can lead
    And march us to fight, to death or on to victory. Our might is right, no traitors shall prevail. Our hearts are steeled against the fiery gates of hell. No shot or shell, can still our mighty soul. We are conered froom east and west from nort and south the only thing left is fight it out. Where is the leader while we die? The leadership of all these morons romming around in the Diaspora is 20 years over due to be over.

    let us help Ibsa get the hell out of Eritea
    BilisummaaTV 04.13.2012, 05:17am

    The time has come for all Oromos to say something about where Ibsa’s OLF leading Oromo people at large.All i can say is get the hell out of Eritrea while you can.i feel Ibsa is taken hostage by Eritrean gov and TPLF.TPLF & Eritreans are not friends of Oromo in the past or today.

  2. akkan dhagahee jiutti gadaan tokko wagguma saddeet bulchaa kan abbaa keenya kanaa ammoo kan gadaa lamaa ta’uuf deema. yaada kana anillee nan deegaraa. Obbo Daawid maaloo dafaatii harka keessan kennaa Taayitaa dabarsaa nama visionary ta’e tokkotti nuuf keennaa, silaafuu habdiin qabnu guyyumaan gaddeemaa jirtii

    maaloo dafa

    The time is Over
    Rabbirraa 04.06.2012, 03:38pm

    For the matter of truth this is the time to exit for Obboo Daawid Ibsa

    Dawud is true nationalist ,but he did not 04.03.2012, 10:36am

    Dawud you are really nationalist ,but in the last 15 years you did not bring any change ,you launched propoganda and is not true liberty!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaalle Dawuud, It is time to act!!!
    Joshua N.Oromo 04.01.2012, 11:24pm

    After reading the open letter to J. Dawuud and the comments there after, I have understood the following. 1. that the letter is full of very well articulated profile of J. Dawuud. To the writer “I owe great respect and appreciation”. 2. I could not believe my eyes to read many incompetent comments from obviously J. Dawuud’s fun written in Afaan Oromo and few in English. After observing the fact for the last 13years, and reading the orderly letter, it is shame to write such feeble comment. I openly say to these group ” shame upon you”. If you really want to argue and defend your Comrade, do it in a matured way by supporting your argument with evidences, do not just insult people. Please let’s not write nonsense, there is no time to waste by writing nonsense that do not educate people. Our struggle is continuously regressing and why not the HD is not told the right thing to do.
    I absolutely support the message. It is timely. And we need to think how we can start all over again. we are in a deep shit. I believe any oromo with sound mind will support the idea. It is time J. Dawuud (HD) for you to wake up, open your eyes and take a positive action before is too late. You were required to hand over the power to any successor after serving at most for 8 years.

    Bosha 03.31.2012, 04:36pm

    have tried to understand, what you have written about Mr. Dawud Ibsaa.
    First of all we must know, who is Dawud Ibsaa?, what was his portfolio, before coming to OLF leader and was successful in his job?
    Dawud was poisoned with his comrades, but the only survived was him, he was lucky. He was prisoned, but escaped while was on the way to Hospital in Addis, then entered Sudan. The main question is, how was able to escape and reach Sudan, who was behind him. may be OLF????

    After OLF crisses in Somalia in 1999, the Olf leaderships were gathered in Asmara, then said ” Mr. Galassa Dilbo resigns”. That was true?. Why Mr.Issayes Afeworke did that?. If Galassa resiigns, why Dawude and Galassa were living in separate places in Asmera and why not were working together?.

    Galassa was very active leader and acceptable person in WBO. when the codetta was done, I remember one of the known Oromo nationalist said “the Oromo struggle over now”. That was correct. To tell the fact what fruitful things done since Dawud on leadership. We only observe division among Oromo political parties, in the name of OLF many Oromos prisoned and died at least without throwing stone, demoralise the Oromo people and those struggling in the bush(WBO). Some of the Oromo politician start to cooperate with those wants Ethiopia unity. So what is tangible things from Dawud leadership. If some of you support Dawud, because of regional issue, Galassa also comes from the same area with Dawud. The Oromo people want his freedom. Please let us do the good things for Oromo people, otherwise we are not better than animals.

    Warrattiima West keessa teessee qabsaawota mataa dhooftu kanatu garaa na guba.
    Qabsoo 03.27.2012, 02:25pm

    Walimaa gala hojii diinaa hojjechaa akka jirtan beektanii hojii dhoksaan itti jirtan kanarraa dhaabadhaa! Haga ammaa warri hooggansa dhaaba kanaa irratti bobba’an hin milkoofnu. Dhumni isaani salphina ta’aa akka jiru walumaan ragaa baahaa jirra. Kamal Galchuus akkasuma sirbee sirbee kunoo eessa akkan jiru hunduu beektu. Warreen xalayaa kana barreessitu biyyoota guddatan teessee hojii mataa ishee hojjechaa dha.Dawud Ibsa xalayaa keetin muuduu fi buusuu waan dandeessuu fi qabsoo Oromoo dhaabdu sitti fakkaatee? Hoogganni dhaabaa seeraa fi heera dhaabichaan qajeelfama. Qabsoo bilisummaa uummata addunyaa kamuu keessatti kanumti akka keessanii kuni argamee hin beeku. Bitamtoota duwwaan kun. Marti ofi bira hin darbitu.

    Dawud Ibsa and the true OLF/OLA fighting the enemy are the best and they are the ones to liberate us.It’s not the proper time to talk about power among ourselves.The ever emerging rancor and divisions that originate in the diaspora will benefit only the enemy and those who don’t care a bit about the human right of the Oromo.Dawud Ibsa is Oromo and if the intention of your junk letter were meant to serve Oromo’s struggle anything it should have only been in Afan Oromo.The real intention is to please the enemy, your masters. Useless trash!

    TPLF or an old man with Dementia
    Kenna 03.27.2012, 01:09pm

    Oromo don’t kill your time on this rubbish letter. It is the work of either TPLF or an old man with dementia.

    Soolan 03.27.2012, 01:47am

    Yaa “Open letter”, Kkkkkkkkkkkk……..
    Warrittiin kana xibaartee hangam akka isiin gubattee fi hangam hanga isiin Dawuudin soodattu arguu irraa kan hafee waan kana keessatti xibaarame ergaa hin qabu. Yoo inni gad-lakkisee silaa jireenya Machooftu amma iiti jirtan gad-lakkistanii ni deemtu?
    Baroota kudhan darbaan kan jala fiigaa turtan san hundisaa documented ta’ee jira. Saree gooftaa ishee irratti fincilte fakkaattu. Isin beekna. Gadhee duwwa.

    Shaalloo 03.26.2012, 04:48pm

    Warri kana Dawuudiin bakka gad-lakkisi jettu kun warra kaleessa miilla isaa dhiqaa turtee dha. Ammammoo Dawuud isaan tuffatee waan isaan jedhan godhuu hanqannaan akka niiti dhirsatti hinaaftee asuma ganda keessa maraatu. Berreefamichi Dawudiin caalaa warra barreesse saaxile, duras rabbiin isaan saaxileera malee.
    Kashlabbooti ofumaan of muuddan amma isin ga’atti afaan keessan cufa. Yookan maqaa keessan tarreessinee waan isin gochaa turtani fi amma itti jirtan waliin Adunyaa irra bittineessina.

    Albaasaa 03.26.2012, 04:16pm

    I came to realize that authoritarian/dictatorial leaders are concocted by flatterers or sycophants who run after their interests. As it is witnessed in some comments here some individuals try to convince us to warship an individual or individuals. Their motto seems to make a leader or a king. This is absolutely against the Oromo political culture and the objective of of Oromo liberation struggle. Jarri kun kan amma amala akkanaa calaqqisan odoo mootummaa ta’anii uummaticahatti hangam roorisu laata. Horrible! Kana nama haa oolchu

  3. SHUT UP THOSE WHO MAD OF COMMADER Dawud Ibsa of OLF’s fierce figher and srtong leader that all OLF,fierce fighters, that even Mallas, proved their strentgh in fighting like mad dog that he rated 100 ethiopian solders for 1 OLF’s!!Donot cry on this website?You can cry saying what ever you want to divide oromo regionally but no body consider that because, as you did/said something around oromo putting yourself as oromo we/all oromo know that you are anti-oromo or malles agent,such like propaganda is cystal clear to us,we are not in 50s or60s at least oromia have more intellectuals and educated people inside or outside than any nation in ethiopia than any nations if you know history,so donot wast your time to do that(kind of dividing).I think the time is comming soon thus why you are waging the breath of death to yourself or your people! we known and you are telling oromoo that the regium of habsha started to desintegrate-we already known that many habsha hanged themself many time before many years and still today because of oromo sruggle make you sleepless!And I would like to warn those habsha who throw words on oromo struggle that you are activating it! So keep going and we are catching fire from thae behind on the benzene/kerosene you spiil on the floor! ok!

    Quba tokko gaafa namatti qabduu quba 4 akka ofitti qabaa jirtu beeki!!!
    Jaalataa 03.25.2012, 04:51pm

    Silaa yeroo ammaa kana qabsoon arraba dhukaasuu taate, sunuu oromoon oromoo irratti, mee ani kanan jedhu mudaa isa kaani tarreessuu dhiisi anoo osoon bakka sana ta’e maalan hojjedha laata jedhi ofgaafadhu. Waa’ee aangoo gadi dhiisuu sana ammoo olola dhiisii yoo dhuguma nama oromoof quuqamu taate xalayaakee gara diina tarsiimoo isa ta’e obbo mallasaaf barreessi. Inni kun oromoodhumatu gaafa fedhe heeraaf seera qabu sanaan akkuma kaa’etti buusaati. Numatu kan waliitii ololli ammoo dhiirummaa mitii beekkadhaa!!!!!

    mesage to Moron
    boonaa 03.25.2012, 04:44pm

    last time you ”overthrow” him, you surrederred OLF fighters to wayyane and kissed Ginbot-7s ass!!

    Fortuantely OLF is not an organization built by moron peoles like u!!! he will step down not by crapy letter but according to the organizations rule and regulations

    kanaafan jaallaa bilisummaa.com
    Thru 03.25.2012, 11:06am

    A freedom of speech that is whay I like this website. Unlike ayyaantu.com, gada.com and now so calld seifa nabalbal the Dawud Ibsaa cyber commando who are trying to mislead the oromoo mass..thankyou bilisummaa.com

    arrara 03.22.2012, 02:21pm


    Miskiin Gaaddisaa!
    Leenca Baalee 03.22.2012, 09:08am

    Gaaddisaa, kkkkk!!!!! Dhugaa Waaqaa har’a baay’ee na gaddisiiste. Tooniin haasawa kee dheengaddaa har’a afuuruma takkatti gadi cabuun nama raaja. Miskiin! Dura dursoo, ani Boruu/Bakka bu’aa Boruus miti. Sii himeetin ture, akkan itti dhiheenyatti qaamaan isa hin beekne. Garuu yoon tilmaamu akka ati rakkoo guddaa wayii nama kana irraa qabdun arga. Dhoora akkam si godhe? Dandeettii Ingliffaa Boruu kana irra deddeebitee gaaffii keessa galchita. Wantoota maqaa isaatiin barreeffamaa turanis isa miti jechuu waan yaaddu natti fakkaata. Obbo Gaaddisa, dubbii tokko na yaadachiifte, fayyaa dahi. Waggoota sadan tokko dura Jawaar Mohaammadiin maal jedhamaa akka ture beektaa? Akkuma ati amma Boruudhaan jettu kana articles gurbaan barreessuun ‘isa miti, nama biroo tu duuba isaan barreessee maqaa isaan maxxansa’ jedhamuu ture. Oolee bulee garuu warri akkasi jedheen dandeettii Jawaar amanuuf dirqame. Kan Boruu kanas gaaf tokko ni amantaaf jedheen yaada. Amantus amanuu baattus Boruun si caalaa dandeettii adda addaa akka qabu ummanni argaafii jira. Waa’ee Obbo Boruu irra deddeebi’ee dubbachuu barbaadee miti, sumatu achi na oofaa jira. Waa’ee of faarsuu jettu sanis inni yoo of faarsu hin agarre. Marsaalee interneet irratti namoonni bay’een yoo isa faarsan garuu nan beeka. Anis dandeettii isaan ragaa baheefii si kan dura dhaabbatu falme malee dantaa biraaf miti. Amma booda mata duree dhimma Boruu kana yoo cufne natti tola. Abbaa Daabee kanin siin jedheefis waanuma ati dhuma irratti darbatte san sirraa dhagahuufi. Akka dargaggummaa kee fixattee rifeensa lama biqishite natti himuu keef galatoomi.Eega akkas tahee ammoo dargaggoota waliin xiiqii qabachuu mannaa karaa gadhiisiif. Dandeettii isaanii admit godhiif. Ayyaanni Boruu araara siif haa buusu jedhinnaa laata?

    Sarree ganga keesa yaatee dutu!
    Garii 03.21.2012, 05:42pm

    Mee maat tatuu? Odddessitaniis ta`e boosan waan fidan tokkoo illee hinjiru. Ayyaan-illaalatun hundi kisaara keesa galtee jirti. Warri kan immoo dinati harka lateeti. Xalayaan hin muddamine. Xalayaanis hin bu`u. Angoon riphee lolaa qabsoon warregaman malee qe`e keesa yaa`nii kan argatan miti. Angoon suniis kan oduu malee kan hojii miti.Oddesituun kun eenyu, eenyu akka taane waan wal argineef namni dubbii keesan fudhatu hinjiru.
    Yeroo biroo arinee, jedhuu ammo immoo kadhaan angoo gaafatu?

    Boruu/Bakka bu’aa Boruu
    Gaaddisaa 03.21.2012, 05:04pm

    Yaa Boruu/Bakka bu’aa Boruu maqaa Lenca Baaleen of yaamtu, arraba keetif galatoomi. Ati Boruu ykn bakka bu’aa /aafa qalaaxee/ Boruu taatee dhihaatte. Ani immoo ofii kiyya ta’een barreessa. Barreeffama kee irraa akkan hubadhutti yaada ani barreesse baayyee si aarse. Dhiifama naa godhi.
    Yoo dhuguma akka jettutti nama eenyummaa Boruu hin beekne taateef osoo nama beektu ta’ee akkam taata ree. Natti hin fakkaatu. Ani si yookaan nama biraaf falmaa jirta yoo ta’es ani nam-tokkee irraa rakkoo hin qabu. Namni maqaa kanaan barreesse Boruu maqaa isaa falmataa jiru akka hin taane wanneen mirkaneessan tokko tokkon jechuu yaale. Maqaa nama tokkoo yoo eenyummaa isaa iibsite malee maqaa masoo biraa irraa akki itti addaan beekamu hin jiru Kana malees waan aadaa Oromoo hin taane tokko of daadhuun, of faarsuu fi of beekssuu yaaluu akkasii dhiisi jechuun hinaaffaa miti. Oromoon nama of jajauu fi koortuu(boostee) hin jaallatu. Al tokko tokko lafumaa ka’ee kabala!! Kanaaf waan nama irraa fokkisu tokko karaa danda’ame namatti himuun karaa natti fakkaata.

    Obbo Boruun Hayyuu ta’uu isaa articles afaan Inglizii fi kan biroon barreessuu akka ragaatti naa dhiheessiteef galatoomi. Haata’uutii ati nama kana golguuf jecha waan saaxilaa jirtu natti fakkaata. Erga erga fiddee barraaffamooti kanaan dura afaan Ingliziin maqaa nama kanaan maxxanfaman ulaagaa kamiin iyyuu marreeffama isaa ti jedhee hin amanu. Seenaa of danda’e qabaachuu danda’a. Yoo akkuma ati jette waggoota kurna dabran keessa mana barumsaa sadarkaa ol aanaa seenee bahe hin beeku.
    Egaa mul’ata hin qabdu isa jetteef immoo nam-tokkee faarsuu dhabuu fi fi gartummaa afarsuu dhiisuun mula’ta hin qabdu nama hin jechisiisu.Waan barbaadde naan jechuu dandeessa. Eenyummaa koo waan jijjiiru hin qabu.
    Abbaa Daabee isa jettu immoo ani daabee mitii rifeensi tokko lameen iyyuu na irraa erga sokitee turteetti.
    Hayyee galatoomi

    Hawo Caala
    Jajabe Xirro 03.21.2012, 09:16am

    Barreeffama Dawudiin akka aangoo irra bu’u kadhattu kana namni barreesse gartuu Bayyaan Asooba (Bayaan Of-Soba ykn Bayaan Sobaa) fi Hararge keessa gartuu warra isa waliin fixoqxe dhaaba keessa teesse olola oofa jirtuuti. Ni beekna. warri yaada asi irratti bareessituu ammo warratti ARUSI kisaartedha.

    Bosona Fadis
    Murata Galamso 03.21.2012, 09:09am

    Bayaan Asooba fi gartuun isaa warrii harcaatuun jijjiirama (ABO miciirama) amma xalayaa akka Dawud aangoo gadhiisu labsitu kana barreesituu ilaalchise waa jechuu barbaade. ABOn jijiirama eegii ABO-Shane irra gosaan fotoqxe baatee: 1) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti Hoogana haaraya labsite
    2) Bosona Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti 6 ji’a 6 keessatti oromo bilisa baaste
    3) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti bakka 3tti balbalaan cacabde
    4) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti sagantaa gaaffi mirga ummata Oromo jijiirte
    5)Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti manifesto barreesitee yeroo 3 wol-irra saamte “Manifestoon” kan kiyya jette wal-lolte
    6) Darara Maatii (OPDOn-Tigree fi Amin Jundi (OPDOn Ginbot 7) Leencoo Lata waliin maqaa Artistiin ummata Oromo ararsitee eegi tokko goote boodda ufi ammo qabsoo Oromo akka amala isii gantte
    7) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti Saganta siyaasa ABO Jijjiirte ykn Ginbot 7tti gurgurte
    8) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti “Breaking news” wagga haariya gaafa 01.01.2012 midia goofta isii irratti labsite
    9) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti wal-gahii Ginbot 7 international meeting Amaariffa Nuro Dadafoon ummataaf ibsite
    10) Xalaya maqaan hin himaneen ykn tarii kan woyaneen barreeffame ta’uun hin beekamne maqaa dhoksaan garuu kan akka Bayyaan Asoobaan fi gartuu isaatiin barreefamuu isaa beekamu barreessite
    11) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti akka sagantaa ajaa’ibaan qabatani ummata Oromotti as ba’anii fi sagantaan kunis akka dhufa waaqatti eegama jira. Safuudha, magani, raajidha, odoo warri akkana nu keessa jirani eessan waa hojennaa?

  4. Namticha ‘Gaaddisaa’ ofiin jettu! Bukoon kee dirree baheera. Xalayaa diigaa saniif tumsa bahuuf jettee nama tokko filattee hanga humna keetii irratti haqqifte. Boruu Barraaqaa maal si godhe? Nama jabina qabu arguun maaliif akka haanquutti akka si suukaneessu naaf hin galu. Ani nama Boruu jedhamu kana qaamaan hin beeku. Dandeettii namni kun qabu garuu halaala irra taa’een amaneef. Akka ati jettu namni kun bara 2000? dura SBOf xalayaa barreessuu ture. Ati kanuma gaafasii qofa tu gurra kee keessatti hafe taha. ‘Duudaan isa gaafa gurri isaa dhagahuu qofa odeessa’ jedhu mitii? Waggoota kurnan dabran kana keessa Boruun hojii qabsoo Oromoo keessatti gumaacheen yoo sadarkaa kana gahe maaliif si hinaaffisa? Dandeettii dhaan nama kana tuquuf waan hamilee qabdu natti hin fakkaatu. Obbo Boruu SBO irrattis nan beeka. Dandeettii hogbarruu qabuun qophiilee afaan lamaan SBO akka gaariitti fooyyessuu isaa namoonni ragaa bahan hedduu dha. Hunda caalaa garuu Boruu Barraaqaa qalbii namoota keenyaa baay’ee keessatti kan beekkamtii argate kitaabota isaa keessaa ‘Mudaammuddii’ fi ‘Fixeensa’ kan jedhamaniini. Kana malees hayyummaa isaa karaa biraa ragaa bahuufiin danda’a. Articles afaan sadihiin barreessuun mucaa mul’ataa fi dandeettii abdatamaa qabu ‘ija irraa hafi’ jechisiisu qabu tahuu isaa sii tuquun barbaada. Articles Obbo Boruu keessaa feetu Inliffaan, feetu Amaariffaan, feetu Afaan Oromoon dubbisuu yoo barbaadde link kana hordofuu dandeessa.


    Obbo Daawud yoo tahe, inni agartuu dhaaba kanaa ti amani. Isa taasuu dhaabni kun du’a irraa hafee har’a gahe. QCn itti duultee cabsuunii hin dandeenye. Micciiramnis dhidhiittattee dadhabde. Daawudiin injifachuu dadhabdee ofiifuu akka buddeena unkuroo bakka sagaltti wal hirte. Ati kan Daawud irratti arraba dheeressuuf munyuuqaa jirtu kuns qumbursuu fardi irra ejjete tahuun kee waan hin oolle.

    Ati garuu eenyu jedhee si gaafachuun yeroo qisaasuu hin barbaachisu. Oromoon sin beeku. Anis sin beeku. Akkan tilmaamutti garuu nama hinaaffaan ija si jaamsite wayii tahuu hin haftu. Gabaabumatti guyyaan atii fi kanneen akka keetii maraattanii carqii darbitan fagoo hin tahu. Ati nama Oromoofis tahee Oromiyaaf mul’ata hin qabne tahuu ergaa boxobboxaa kanaan dabarfatteen nutti himaa jirta waan taheef.

    Kaayyoo fi Jaalala namaa qabnu adda baafchuun guddina sammuuti!!
    Qawwee 03.21.2012, 05:33am

    Kanneen ija qabsoo oromoo gabbisurratti xiyyaaffannaa qabaachuun yaada laatan jabaadhaa. kanneen dadhabbii qabsaawaan tokkoo qabu itti himuu akka cubbuun hojjatametti ilaalaa jirtan mee suuta qalbiin bakka qabsoon teenya yeroo ammaa jirtu of booda deebi’aa ilaalaa. dadhabbii walii dhoysuuf carraaqiin baroota dheeraaf godhamaa ture bu’aa argamsiise moo kasaaraa keessaa bahuu hin dandeenye keessa nu galche? gaafii lameen kana qalbiin ilaaluun Daawid Ibsaaf tumsuun walirratti bobbahuu wayyaa moo dhugaa dirretti argaa jiru karaa itti wal fudhachiifnee hegeree saba keenyaa ifa taasisuu irratti marii bilchana qabu jalqabuu wayya? Hundaafuu haali akka sabaa ti keessa jirru hedduu sodaachisaa tahuu hubannee balaa kana keessaa bahuuf obsa walii qabaachuun dansaa dha.


    Dawud is our hero.
    Olana 03.21.2012, 03:39am

    my respond is for all enemy massengers, Dawud is our hero I have a great respect for his all life time dedicate of service for oromo self determination. Dawud is a man of courage and respect, his is not selfish man. he is share all his knowledge, and value from sun rise to sun down he secriface his live, and life for oromo people not for one pariicular region, or religion. he is share power with all true oromo men and women in uniform without any discrimination. Dawud is open door those who believe and went to contirbute for oromo self ditermination what they can. this is my final massege for those filled by evil spirit divided oromos by region and religion your mission is not success don,t waste your time. I envited each one of you personal to leave regionalism and religionalism behind and join oromos.

    Mootii Qixxeessaa 03.21.2012, 02:24am

    Hattuun bilisa nama baaftee hin beektu. Otoo dhuguma kutannoo isaa qabaattanii maaf eenyummaa keessan dhoksitan Garuu eenyummaa keessan tilmaamuun dhibaa miti.

    Tokkoof warra qabsoo OROMOO cabsuuf waan dandeessan hundaa raawwattanii milkii dhabdan yookan warra ammalleen ABO keessatti mataa dhofkattanii dirqama diinni isinti laate raawwachuuf dhamaatan

    Akka waan sina GADAAF quuqamtanii maqaa gadaatin hin nagadinaa. Gadaan waan gochuu qabuu fi dhiisuu qabu, maaliif akka godhuuf dhiisu tolchee beeka.

    Xibaarri keessan waan diinni qabsoo keenyaa xibaaraa baheef xibaarutti jirurraa adda miti. ABOn oggana issaa yoom akka jirjjiruf maalif akka tursiisus tolchee beekaa lafumaa kaatanii hin dhama’inaa.

    Gaaffii keessaniif
    Gowwaa 03.20.2012, 09:13pm

    …odoo warri akkana nu keessa jirani eessan waa hojennaa?

    O/Soori maali kunoo hojjetaa jirtu mitii, kana caalaa maaltu isinirraa eegama?

    Already Dead Dudes!!!!!!!!
    Leenca Baalee 03.20.2012, 09:08pm

    Obbo Bonaya Bonso!
    You got the real point about the man who trades with our hero Obbo Boruu Barraaqaa. He and his asociates must be 5=6!!!!! Well said! I would like to inform the readers that this man, who is standing against Obbo Dawud’s leadership is a pseudo ‘Boruu Barraaqaa’, not the real one. The real Boruu Barraaqaa is the OLF Spokesperson and the head of OLF Info Desk. And I guess may be Obbo Boruu’s merits in energizing the OLF propaganda muscle from time to time is what should be encouraged. But the enemy, as we are now witnessing, got worried about that. Fake ‘Boruu’ kill your self!! The real OBBO Boruu Barraaqaa, May God Bless you!

    Gaashuu Lammeessaa
    Abbaa Gamul 03.20.2012, 05:23pm

    Kosii as irratti barreeffamu kana mara kan xibaaraa oolu Gaashuu Lammeessaa ti. Kashlabbee rabbi irraa gore. Yookii beekumsa hin qabu, wal’aalaa, yookii amala hin qabu kashlabee… gooftaa isaa Daud jelaa feejee miila dhiqee aangoo argate. Maal haa godhu ree inni aangoo irraa buunaan hamma qodaa cabee ti. Kanaaf itti citee komputer irraa taa’ee qaanii tokko malee nama arrabsa. Kun immoo iyyitus, boochus hin hafu, Daud & co. are going down. Oromoon isin tufee jira, ajooftaniittu, xiraa keessan fudhaa deemaa. Oromoon nama surriin qulqulluu nama mul’ata gaarii saba isaaf qabu, nama gandummaa lafatee Oromummaa jabeessu barbaaddi. Yaa Gaashuu kashlabbe inni abjuun sitti dhufee si bubbutaa jiru kun ammoo osoo hin dhugoomne hin hafu ! atis hojii diinummaa keetti jabaadhu, ilmaan Oromoo dandaan qoqqooduu keetti jabaadhu. Homaa mii dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo haqaa kan dhugaan Oromummaaf wareeegamaniitu ifatti bahuuf wixxifataa jira.

    Horrummaan nu hin baasu
    Gaachana 03.20.2012, 05:13pm

    Ilmaan Horroo komutera irra teessanii xibaaruu dhiisaa, isin hin baasu. Gandummaan isinitti yaa hafu, Oromummaa wayya, isatu caala, isatu diina afoo dhaabatuu dandaya. Dawit Ibsa waanuma ganda keessan taheef baabsufi osoo hin taane dhugaaf baasuu wayya. Mee erga aangoo irra ol bahee dhaabi kun ol moo gad deeme ? jedhaa of faafadhaa. Mee walitti deebi’aa marhadhaa. Nama arrabsuun isin xiqqeessa malee isin hin kabajchiisu. Abbaan waanuma faccase haammata bar. Dawitis waanuma kaa’e argate. Waanuma inni Lennccoo Lataa irraan gahtu isarra gahe, waanuma Galaasaa Dilboo irraan inni gahetuu isa irras gahe. Waan badaa hojjechuun dhumi isaa salphina ! keessan kunis garuma san akka hin deemne jabeessaa of eeggadhaa. Namoota yartuuf jedhee dhimma sabi bal’aan walitti arrabsamuuf hin jiru.

    dawd ibsa is in denial
    Hurrumu 03.20.2012, 04:55pm

    Dawud Ibsa you are disconnected from the people they are leading. The reality is that you get so consumed in “petty internal stuff” that they forget what leadership is all about… people! If the people you’re leading don’t like you, understand you, trust you, etc. … you ain’t leading! You are in a great illustration ! you think you are leading by simply wandering around in Asmara ?
    Your other problem I think is you become proud and refuse to be questioned. When a leader refuses to be held accountable to some standard… trouble’s on the way! I think people will tolerate a bit of ego, but when it becomes the driving force of the organization… the leader is destined to fail! Effective leaders embrace accountability and do not walk away from it. Effective leaders are continually learning and changing… implicitly recognizing that who they are today is not enough for tomorrow!

    Waan gabaabaa
    Gaaddisaa 03.20.2012, 02:46pm

    Ani waan gabaabaan jechuu fedha
    Tokkoffaa namooti xalayaa kana mormanii maqaa addaa jijjiirratuuni barreessaa jiran lakkoobsaan xiqqaa ta’uu isaanii caalaa sammuun isaaniis xiqqaa dha. Xalayicha maaf morman jechuu kiyya miti. Akkaataa isaan itti barreessan irraa namooti kun dhuguma obbo Daawud deggeruuf osoo hin taane namoota farreen ABO tranii fi amma illee ABO rakkina keessatti hamisuuf hojechaa jiran fakkaatu. Anaan waan naaf hin liqimfamne tokko namooti kaleessa Darg Isappaa turanii gaafa Darkuun kufu ABOtti dabalaman Abbaa dhaabichaa fi abbaa kaayyoo dhaabichaa ta’anii namooti dhaabicha hundessanii fi kaayyichaaf wareegama baasan diina ABO jedhamuu dha. Namni kaleessa Isappaa ture maaf miseensa ABO ta’e jechuu kiyyas miti. Garuu isa gayyaan haadhaan anatu caala jette ta’ee har’a ABO keessatti sagalee kan qabu namooti dugdi isaanii madaa ta’uutu halaala irraa natti mul’ata. Yoo barbaachise maqaa tarrisuutu danda’ama. Garuu safuu Oromoo tiksuuf jecha biran dabra.
    Haala kana irraa wanna ani hubadhu namooti farra ABO turan hoogganoota ABO dhaba kana gadi dhaaban walitti buusun waan isa tokko deggeran fakkaatanii isa biraatti duuluun waanuma ifatti mul’ataa ture dha.
    Kan biraa waa’ee maqaa Boruu Barraaqaa jedhu. Kunis waan ajaa’ibaa ti. Ani maqaa Boruu Barraaqaa jedhu maqaa beekamaa ta’uu isaatti hin beeku. Maqaa kana bara 2001-2002 keessa mana barumsaa ganda baadiyaa Oromiyaa tokko keessaa qophii xalayaa dhaggeeffattootaa SBOf xalayaa ergaa turuu isaa dabree dabree dhaga’uu irraa kan hafe maqaa offical ta’ee media irratti beekame ta’uu isaatti hin beeku. Ammoo maqaa tokko namooti bayayeen qabaachuu danda’u. Namichi maqaa kanaan yaada wayii barreesses kan hubachiisuu yaaleera. Kanaaf maaliif akka maqaan kun falmamus namaaf hin galu. Boruu Barraaqaa ani miseensa Gumii Sabaa fi dubbataa ABO t jedhee amma maqaa kana falmaa jiru falmuuf mirga qaba. Garuu maqaa kana ana irraa kan hafe namni biraa itti dhimma bahuu hin qabu jedhee falmuu hin danda’u. Sababi isaas eenyumaa nama tokkoo kan ibsu maqaa abbaa sanaa qofa miti. Wanneen eenyumaa nama tokkoo ibsan hunda hanga hin gargaaramnetti waan wal nama gaafachiisu natti hin fakkaatu.
    Haa ta’uu kunis amma waan deebii argate fakkaata. Maqaan sun akka maqaa Boruu Barraaqaa isa Miseensa Gumii Sabaa ABO hin ta’in barreeffama namichaa irraa iyyuu ni hubatama. Sababi isaas afaan Inglizii bilchaataan barreffame. Akkan duubbee Boruu Barraaqaa “Miseensa Gumii ABO” beekutti inni afaan Inglizii barreessuuf gahummaa hin qabu. Barmooti isaa sadarkaa gadii dha jechuutu dhaga’ama. Kana malees nami kun akka dhaga’amutti dhihooma kana filmaata malee Gumii Sabaatti mudame. Kana caalaa iyyuu kunoo Dubbataa dhaabaa kan jedhu dhag’aa jirra. Kanaaf namni yeroo crisis akkanaa akkanatti shaffisaan 2guddina” argate kun nama ayyaanlaalataa ta’uu qaba jedheen tilmaama. Namni akkasii nama isa mude qeeqee akka hin barreessine beekamaa dha. Kunoo amanamummaa isaa innuu bilisummaa.com irratti ibsatee jira. Kanaaf Oromoon diraamaa akkanaa ilaaluu fi dhaga’uu hin qabu. Yeroon keessa jiramu yeroo ff faarsanii fi wal faarsan miti. Oromoo fi qabsoon Oromoo salphina keessa jiru. Akkam goonee salphina kana keessaa haa baanuu irratti marihachuutu furmaata. Waan gurri namaa dhag’uu hin barbaadne naanneessaa ooluun gatii hin
    qabu. Waan gabaabaa jedheen isinitti dheeressee dhiifama.

  5. Bayaan Asooba fi gartuun isaa warrii harcaatuun jijjiirama (ABO miciirama) amma xalayaa akka Dawud aangoo gadhiisu labsitu kana barreesituu ilaalchise waa jechuu barbaade. ABOn jijiirama eegii ABO-Shane irra gosaan fotoqxe baatee: 1) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti Hoogana haaraya labsite
    2) Bosona Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti 6 ji’a 6 keessatti oromo bilisa baaste
    3) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti bakka 3tti balbalaan cacabde
    4) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti sagantaa gaaffi mirga ummata Oromo jijiirte
    5)Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti manifesto barreesitee yeroo 3 wol-irra saamte “Manifestoon” kan kiyya jette wal-lolte
    6) Darara Maatii (OPDOn-Tigree fi Amin Jundi (OPDOn Ginbot 7) Leencoo Lata waliin maqaa Artistiin ummata Oromo ararsitee eegi tokko goote boodda ufi ammo qabsoo Oromo akka amala isii gantte
    7) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti Saganta siyaasa ABO Jijjiirte ykn Ginbot 7tti gurgurte
    8) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti “Breaking news” wagga haariya gaafa 01.01.2012 midia goofta isii irratti labsite
    9) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti wal-gahii Ginbot 7 international meeting Amaariffa Nuro Dadafoon ummataaf ibsite
    10) Xalaya maqaan hin himaneen ykn tarii kan woyaneen barreeffame ta’uun hin beekamne maqaa dhoksaan garuu kan akka Bayyaan Asoobaan fi gartuu isaatiin barreefamuu isaa beekamu barreessite
    11) Bosona Mennisoota (Menniapolis) keessatti akka sagantaa ajaa’ibaan qabatani ummata Oromotti as ba’anii fi sagantaan kunis akka dhufa waaqatti eegama jira. Safuudha, magani, raajidha, odoo warri akkana nu keessa jirani eessan waa hojennaa?

    Barreefama abdi kutannaa
    Milkessa 03.20.2012, 10:46am

    Barreeffamni kun gutummaa guutuuttii kan barreeffame jaarsitti yeroo hundaa qabsoo ummata oromoo lafarraa balleessuuf oliif gadkahattu,Leencoo Lataa tahuun isaa ifaadha!!Garuu jaarsi kun otoo galgala isaa bareechate maal taha?Waanuma fe’eefuu xalayaa abdii kutannaa tahuun isaa wal nama hin gaafachiisu!
    Leencoo Lataa yoo tahe kaleessas Hara’as boorus haadha manaa Mallas Zenawiiti!!
    Qabsoon ummata oromoo nama abdii kutateen hin gufatu!!!

    Boru Barraaqaa
    Bonaya Bonso 03.20.2012, 06:01am

    Boru Barraaqaa,
    I am having serious doubt you have Oromo interest in mind. In fact I am suspecting you may be a Tigre agent. Why do you think being a refugee, be it in Asmara or any place else on earth, would make the real Obbo Boruu Barraaqaa a confused person? And how dare you say Obbo Dawuud is directing his attention against Oromo citizens? All Oromos agree there is a boundary line between them and their enemies. No matter whatever mistake he may have made, Oromos agree Obbo Dawuud will never turn against his people, period. I cannot say the same about you and the so-called “concerned Oromos” you are allied with. You all sound 6+5 to many of us.

    Response to a person or a group who wrote about the resignation of Dawud Ibsa
    Tolera 03.20.2012, 05:05am

    First of all, I would like to appreciate those who have been addressing their concerns to the public as well as the responsible personnel when it comes to the common interest of Oromo at large. But I doubt whether the motivation behind those who have been addressing the issue at hand is helpful and constructive due to the following reasons:
    1).The ejected messages seem full of hatred and venom. I want to assure those who have a short sighted mental eye, the way are galloping through will never ever bring constructive achievement. It has even worsen our struggle.
    2). It doesn’t give any sense when some individuals cry about Dawud Ibsa day and night . If you want to liberate as well as benefit every Oromo, form your own organization and move forward. As of me the name of the organization is not a big problem; you can name it haven or devil. Don’t forget that you are judged and will be judged by what you achieve rather than by what you have been writing a false and baseless allegation.
    3). The message you want to convey is baseless and untrue mainly because no other Oromo organizations is taking action against our enemy except the one which is under the leader ship of Dawud Ibsa. If you have claims tell us one by one???
    4) You sound like enemy agent/s. There is no single day that you talk about enemy. Your target is always against true Oromo nationalists including Dawud Ibsa.

    In short, your message if full of flaws and bias!!!

    olana 03.20.2012, 03:26am

    well you are writing what you are thinking and your opinion. any how before you are calling Mr Dawud to resign you need to introduce yourself and your role inside of oromo struggle, what you are contribute for oromo self-determination. you said the same as our enemy said to Mr Dawud. we know every well who is Dawud? what is his stand, what he is contribute for oromo struggle. as I believe you are the messenger of enemy. the resignation of any OLF leaders is up to OLF members not enemies. I said to you don,t wast you time, if you live in exile by welfare go find job.

    It is time to honor Galasa Dilbo, the last OLF Leader to resign in honor, but with unfortunate replacement
    Siiquu 03.19.2012, 10:23pm

    [DEHAI] OLF Chairman Mr. Galasa Dilbo Resigns, Mr. Dawud Ibsa Elected as the Front’s New Chairman

    From: Abraham Haile (view other messages by this author)
    Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 10:34:44


    November 28, 1999

    OLF Chairman Mr. Galasa Dilbo Resigns, Mr. Dawud Ibsa Elected as the Front’s
    New Chairman

    Statement by the Oromo Liberation Front National Council

    November 27, 1999

    The Oromo Liberation Front National Council held its second meeting from
    21/11/99 to 27/11/99. In this meeting, the long serving OLF Chairman Mr.
    Galasa Dilbo presented his resignation letter and requested to be relieved
    from his duty of chairmanship due to health reason. After carefully
    examining the resignation letter, the OLF National Council accepted the
    resignation and democratically elected Mr. Dawud Ibsa Ayana as a new
    Chairman. Mr. Dawud Ibsa has been serving in the Organization for the last
    20 years in different capacities.

    The OLF national Council expressed its gratefulness and admiration to Mr.
    Galasa Dilbo who has served as a Chairman of the OLF for more than ten
    years. The meeting honoured Mr. Galasa’s outstanding contribution to the
    Oromo cause for the last 25 years. Mr. Galasa Dilbo has an important place
    in the history of the Oromo people’s struggle and he is highly loved and
    admired in the hearts of the fallen as well as living Oromo nationalists.

    The meeting also thoroughly discussed the status of the Oromo people’s
    struggle, the current political, military and human rights situation in the
    Ethiopian Empire, and analysed the effects of the devastating border war
    between Eritrea and Ethiopia on the Oromo people. The OLF National Council
    concluded its meeting by passing several resolutions on crucial issues
    pertaining to the struggle. The resolution will be released in the next

    Victory to the Oromo People!!
    Oromo Liberation Front National Council

    One of the Famoust Articles I Have Read on Oromo Cause
    Oumar 03.19.2012, 05:05pm

    You hit the nail on the head. Nothing is left unsaid. You said it in a very beautiful and plain language. There is no doubt that he is the agent of the the Eritrean government. I have never heard or seen or a leader that fears to go to fire and achieved independence for his people in the past. There will not be one in the future, too.

    A leader should be able to live among his people and be able to go to danger. He, instead, has been sitting in Asmara and confusing us for the last fifteen years. Leaving the the chairmanship is so little for him. He is responsible for all frgmentations within the OLF. The Eritrean government does not and will not interested in the creation of Oromiyaa. That government is our permanent enemy. Expect nothing from it plot agains our noble cause.

    The person or group who who wrote the letter to Dawuud is our oromo hero or heroine. No one dares talking about this taboo. After reading the article, I feel extremely happy.

    No More or Less than Oromiyaa. Keep it up


    Leadership failure
    Mammo 03.19.2012, 03:50pm

    Daud Ibsa instead of becoming defensive and point finger at other people. Look internal and accept that you are wrong. You are driving ABO to a dead end. Unless you can take responsibility for your own actions/mistakes you will never be able to learn effectively. Don’t pretend to be a leader that you are not. Don’t helplessly blame others for your failure. You have failed the Oromo people and please man-up and accept it.

    Daud Must Go
    Boru Barraaqaa 03.19.2012, 02:41pm

    Leenca Baalee

    You accuse me of being stupid because I share the same name with one confused refugee in Asmara, not knowing that people in different parts or even in the same village can have the same name. You claim that he has no time to attend to such a petty matter, but what you do not want to mention is those people including Daud Ibsaa has nothing to do except may sitting and gossiping about people and events in different parts.

    After saying this much about the name, let me add a little bit about the popular demand for resignation of Daud Ibsa. Daud has lead our struggle into a dead end by taking his eye from the enemy and directing his campaign against the Oromo citizens, All the fragmentation could have been averted had their been some other person who is capable of leading and decision making. I know Daud has sacrificed a lot for Oromo cause, but leading wasn’t his gift and it is time to gracefully exit our beloved organization.

    Muumee Ciro 03.19.2012, 01:26pm

    OPDOn Tigree (Darara MaatiiI fi OPDOn Ginbot 7 (Amin Juundi) Menisoottatti wolitti dhufte bosona Paaltalk Amerika fi internettiin bilisa nu baasuuf jidduu kana ammo waa barreessu jalqabdee jirti:

  6. Warri maqaa dhoksatte arma irratti olola ooftu kuni hanga wal-gahii Oromo irrattis ta’e sochii qabsoo Oromo keessatti ifaa of-baaste Oromoof hin hojetiinitti Oromoof homa tokko gochuu hin dandeessu.

    Sammuun waa diigu ijaa dhugaa hin qabneef jecha maqaa dhooksan barreessiti. Oromoon akka eenyuu taatani ni beeka. Gaafa sagantaa hattummaa keessan isa bara baraan odeeffamee hin dhumne kanan gadi baatani haasofna. Jijjiiramni barana amoo Kanadhaa. KKKKKKKKK

    Warra Kana Barreesse Ni Beekna
    Diimaa 03.19.2012, 09:19am

    Warri Xalayaa jettanii arma irratti maxxansitan eenyu akka taatan ni beekamtu. Warreen kaleessa maqaa “Jijjiirama” jedhuun fonqolcha raawwachuuf tattaafatee milkaa’uu dadhabetu har’a karaa biraatiin dhufe. Kanaaf waa’een ABO isin hin laallatu. Jijjiirama jettanii yaadatan, gariin keessan Habashaatti galatan. Ammas hokkora biraa kaasuuf hin abjootiinaa. Aangoo yoo feetan qabsaa’aa qulqulluu ta’aati sammuu qulqulluun Oromoof qabsaawaa. Gandaa fi waa meeqa walitti guurtanii takkuu takkallee deemuu hin dandeenye, har’as as garagaltanii hin boohiinaa, Oromoon eenyummaa keessanii fi fedhii keessan sirriitti bareera waan taheef waa borcuu kana ofirraa dhiisa. Daawud Ibsaa akka keessan kana gaggaragaltuu miti, Daawud Ibsaa Oromoo fi qabsaawota Oromootu filatee bakka buufate. Xalayaa kashalabbootaan hin filamne. Daawud nama jireenya dhuunfaa gaggeeffataa waa borcu osoo hin taane, nama jireenya isaa guutuu QBOtiif wareegeedha. Kanaaf Kijiba bakka tanatti ooftan ofirraa dhiisa. Kan biraa ammoo Namni maqaa BORUU BARRAAQAA jedhuun barreessite, maaliif maqaa namaa jala daheeffatta? Of dandeessee maaf hin dubbattu. Qabsaa’ota gidduutti shira uumuuf tattaaffiin akkasii si hin baasu. Maqaa namaatiin hin daldaliinaa. Of dandeessee maaf yaada hin kennattu. Yoomiyyuu daandiin haqaa ni injifata. Ayyaanlaallattoonnis ni qaana’u.

    Ayyaantuu Gammadaa 03.19.2012, 08:28am

    Ibsi kun waggaa 10 dura bahuu male. Daawwit Qabsoo kanatti akka taphatuuf, nuhi miseensoti fi deggertooti Shanee hundi waan gumaachine qabna. Haa ta’u garuu, haala qabsoon keenya keessa jiru kanaaf, gaafatama olaanaa kan qabu, Daawwit Ibsaa ti. Kanneen yaamicha kana godhan eenyummaa isaanii ifa yoo godhan nin deggera. Maqaa isaanii ifa hin godhan yoo ta’e, garuu, yaamicha warra sodaattuu hin deggeru. Daawwit qabsoo hoogganuu akka hin dandeenye fi isa caalaatti gootummaa kan qabdan of fakkeessaa maqaa keessan ibsuu sodatuun, isin illee Daawwit waliin garaagarummaa akka hin qabne mul’isa. Maqaa keessan ifa yoo gootan an gama kiyyaan isin deggeruuf qophii dha

    Habibii 03.19.2012, 08:09am

    Yaa harcaatuu seena fi Ilmaan tumtuu gammoojji wallagaa fi Arusii,
    xalayaa barreessutiin odoo namni hoogana isaa jijjiirrata ta’e yoona kana ummanni Ethiopia milioonni 84 hundi Melesitti xalaya barreesse of irraa buuse jira. Garuu warrittiin JALDEEyyiin gartuu Leencoo Laata ofii diigamte, ummata Oromos diigdee amma ille akaata ishiin itti jirtu agarsiisa.

    Baruma baraan ammo waa qabanne as baana jechaa odeessiti. Qaanis hin beektu.

    Your naked sign of stupidity
    Leenca Baalee 03.19.2012, 05:10am

    Dear the man who used the respected name of Obbo ‘Boruu Barraaqaa’! Shame on you, man! Why did you use the proper name known by a famous man Obbo Boruu? You must be among those desperated guys who just embarked on silly games, to make confusion among our heros like Boruu and his commreds. This must be on of the naked signs of your stupidity. If you were confident enough, why don’t you use your own name or another unknown nick name? I guess this is a personal delibarate attack against Obbo Boruu. I know very well who Obbo Boruu Barraaqaa is. He is such a busy man who has no time to take part in such silly games. I am not writing this on behalf of him, just this is my own opinion. Step away from usinig a famouth Oromo nationalist’s name!

    Wanti xebexxebdan fudhatama dhabnaan qabsaayota dalagaa isaanii malee akka kee arraba dheerachuuf yeroo hin qabne irratti qiyyaafachuun kee kufaatii dha. Osoo nama guddaa sammuu qabu taatee kana hin gootu. Nama guddaa kan ofiiin jettus yoo tahe amma xiqqaatteerta, kana hubadhu. Hatattamaan akka Obbo Boruu Barraaqaa dhiifama gaafachuu qabdun si gorsa. Yoo diddes, it is the matter of time, numa saaxilamuuf teessa.

    Offensive articles by anonymous authors on Oromo websites
    Bonaya Bonso 03.19.2012, 05:06am

    Obbo Boruu Barraqaa,
    I’m sorry I misspelled your name in my last comment, and it is because I feel one should not strictly qubee spelling rules in proper names.

    Anyway, look at what we have done and what we are doing. In the aftermath of the OLF expulsion from the Transitional Government of Ethiopia in 1992, we held Obbo Leenco Lataa solely and wholly responsible for the disaster that followed and we convicted and essentially destroyed him as a leader. In the late 1990s, when we could not see any progress in our struggle for freedom, we blamed Obbo Galaasa for our failure and we removed him from his position and that eventually led to the second major split of the OLF. Now the so called “Concerned Oromos” are blaming Obbo Dawud Ibsa for the weaknesses we see in our national struggle and they appear determined to destroy him once again.

    I think all of the above were and are wrong and we have to stop it. If a single individual can determine the success or failure of an organization or a movement, then there is something wrong with that organization or movement. Where are the checks and balances? What is the point of having an organization if the fate of a movement is determined by the action and/or inaction of an individual at the helm?

    It is in consideration of such questions that I have always refused to blame any individual for the despicable state our national movement has been in for quite sometime. We have destroyed every living individual that has led the OLF at one point or another and we have no hero or role model left standing. The only national heroes we have are people like Elemo Qilxu, Tadasaa Birruu, and Baro Tumsa but they are dead. Do our leaders have to die first for us to respect and honor them? That is what it looks like and I disagree.

    To KF
    Bombi 03.19.2012, 03:27am

    It is obvious whom you are swinging your bat against. If anything else the individual you are attacking is monumental in fending of the jijirama onslaught against the organization and if not for this person I doubt the organization would be where it is today. I also give this individual credit for stepping down gracefully with out waging any negative propaganda against the organization and its leadership. You are nothing but an idiot for attacking this person. As to the letter by concerned oromos I don;t agree with it at all. it must be written by people who have previously attempted to destroy the organization since they are not willing to provide their identity. I suspect it is authored by former jijirama group who have already wrote similar letter four years prior. My question to them what makes you thing you can lead an organization that survived your all out assualt while you could not even lead your splinter group. Your only goal must be to do away with whatever is left. My suggestion to any oromo who are interested changing the lot of their people for God’s sake have a gut and create brand new organization that is capable of garnering all oromo support instead of crying about one organization. Just look at Birhanu Nega. Did he worry about Qinijit after 2005 when the leaders of that group failed to see eye to eye. He went ahead and created his own vibrant organization. Why can’t oromos who leave OLF do the same?

    Dawud jaamaa fi duudaa dha
    Horro 03.19.2012, 02:34am

    Dawud Ibsa is leading the Oromo nation to dead end ! dead end ! he has got to go ! What is the diffrence between Daud, Isayyas and Meles. Nothing. Same ideology, same way of thingking, same generation…etc. and look, they all cling to power without the people’s will. He is a disgrace to the Oromo people. April 15, 2012 is guyyaa goototaa. Please make this memorable day your last day and free the Oromoo people.

    Daud Must go
    Boruu Barraqaa 03.18.2012, 10:53pm


    What an arrogant and dispicable creature.

    You call people “low lie by birth” and “devoid of consious” which can only show how low life you are and devoid of reasoning. The article you just respond to is full of consciousness, reasoning and analysis for a normal human being who is capable of conceptualization. If you have a gut and understand what is going on, why dont you just list your disagreement with the author(s) like people of a high morality would do instead of vomiting our a public forum. I know that the “little man” in you makes you hate Leencoo Lataa, because all of you and your bos Daud Ibsa looks extremely dwarf to the eyes, therefore you the low lifes decide to push the bright and people of reason away from Oromo struggle. It seems you have no clue but time is up for your wanna be another “Adawa” of the Hamuru, Gidda Kiramu and Guduruu clan members. The time calls for an OLF of 21st centurtu capable of leading the nation to a success.

    Dear “Concerned Oromos”,
    KF 03.18.2012, 10:11pm

    Dear “Concerned Oromos”,
    It is not that surprising to see you at the bottom of your moral decay as you are inherently low by birth. One has to “smile” about your statement of “the bright sons of Oromia” deserting the struggle because a deserter cannot be bright and brilliant. A deserter is inherently a lowlife that is destined to remain low under any circumstaces. Those who deserted very recently had repeated what they
    had done exactly 34 years ago. As the manifestation of of their
    inherent problems, they had to repeat the same mistake they had committed during their teenage years again in their 50s.
    The rest is a laughing stock and has no meaningful place by any standard.
    It is very clear that Leenco Lata is venting his last breath through his Disciples he had been mentoring for about two decades “Bergen
    Conference” being the land mark in the process with the addition of his newly “Hatched Larvas” during the last two years. Regardless of all their mishaps, Dawuud Ibsa’s predecessors were absolutely right about their stance towards Leenco Lata and this reality is actually gathering momentum.
    The issue is not about Dawuud, it is about an idiocy that has been directed towards an Oromo instead of an enemey.
    The angry bunch of Welfare Recipients, Addicts and some Laborer Intellectualls who had been busy drafting the rubbish can be listed one by one and one can read also which statement was utterred by which individual surrogate of Leenco Lata. One can clearly see the pictures of those individuals behind each and every word.
    So, dear “Concerened Oromos”, we are equally, if not more, concerned about our beloved country Oromia and try to get out of your boxes you have been confined in to for many years in your “Comfortable” Cottages in the West and consider your fellow Oromos as Concerened entities of
    the same Country you love too, if your move is about the love of a country after all.
    Otherwise, you will harm your own conscious, if you have a conscious and those of you who have been devoid of the human conscious by “birth” you have no one to harm and just keep barking.

  7. Dear Bonaya Bonso

    Thank you for responding? I do understand your point. But what you fail to understand is this was and is how the Oromo websites has been operating. Even if you look at other sites like ayyaantuu and gadaa.com, they publish anonymous article from time to time. So, it is unfair to blame this two sites for publishing this article. After all the point mentioned in this article is very legitimate and genuine as far I and other who advocate for the resignation of Daud, because with him on the helm of our struggle the only thing one can expect is a complete paralysis of our struggle. Daud is not a national leader by any measurement, because he miserably failed to be one. From his leadership of 14 years only one thing is visible, which is destruction and fragmentation of the Oromo struggle to the point where Daud and his likes justify their being a leader by the support of few relatives and people from their locals. I do not think the Oromo people deserve this.

    Laga Karra 03.18.2012, 08:12pm

    Odoo xalayaa barreessuun namni hoogana isaa jijjiirrata ta’e yoon Melesitti ummanni Ethiopia milioonni 84 hundi barreesse of irraa kaasee jira. Garuu warrittiin JALDEESSI ABO keessa gosummaa fi wallaalummaan baate odoo hin ijaaramiin diigamte kuni amma ille akkaata ishiin itti jirtu agarsiisa.

    Lenjiso Arsi 03.18.2012, 08:05pm

    There is no people or country or individual human being who removed its leader by writng such anonymous and coward person. There is no any member of any society who puplicize such destructive mentality by letting anonymous letter and inspired by enemy interest person’s letter. What we all Oromos know is that too much damage has already been done to our struggle by those mentaly savaged and fascist Oromo grup known as Jijiirama and their tribal memebers who declared the illegal and tribal based clan war.

    This letter is the final achievment that Jijjiirama ABO delivered to the Oromo People as they promissed when they are separated geniune OLF led by beloved chairman Dawud Ibsa

    Buri Waddesso is the author
    Bonaya Bonso 03.18.2012, 07:49pm

    Boru Barraqaa,
    In fact the number of articles published annually by anonyfmous authors is in the millions but you missed my point. Can you mention a single case where reputed newspapers/websites like The New York Times or Washington Post published an article from anonymous source attacking a national leader? There is none. To us Oromos websites like Bilisummaa.com and Opride.com are what the papers I mentioned above are to Americans, if you can understand what I mean. The editors have ethical, moral, and national responsibilities they have to respect in my opinion.

    Yes, I use pen name but you will never see me attacking anyone, let alone an Oromo nationalist leader. GOT MY POINT?????

    All current “leaders” are not even good followers. They are all trash!!!
    Oromo 03.18.2012, 07:27pm

    A leader is someone who made an extraordinary achievement and leads others to match or exceed him. Can Daud or Kamal Gantuu offer anything close to that??????

    all oromos have to excercise democracy
    dhuga 03.18.2012, 07:04pm

    If he does not resign, what will happen? Where is the responsibility of Gummi saba members ? Do you think, the members are scared of……? It is up to them to reelect him or not. You can elect your own leader and go a head

    Daud Ibsa Must take a graceful exit.
    Boru Barraaqaa 03.18.2012, 06:36pm

    Bonaya Bonso

    What a hypocrite are you? hundreds of articles are published every year from anonymous sources and I do not see why this one should be treated differently. What kind of coward and hypocrite you are to ask other use there legal name when posting while you hiding under a fake nick name?
    Do you think people are encouraged to air their views while people like you out there who are prepared to lynch other who differ from you with their views? What do you think is the problem, whether the article was authored by Buri Waddessoo or anyone person as long as he or she expressed his views as decently as he did.

    The author of this article asked only for one thing, which the resignation of Daud Ibsa from his post. I do agree with all the point listed that justifies his resignation. If you have different opinion, come and provide us with reasonable refutation of this paper.

    concerned oromos kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    abdi 03.18.2012, 06:34pm

    Dawud, we love you, you are the committed oromo leader I have ever seen. viva jaal Dawud

    Buri Waddesso is the author
    Bonaya Bonso 03.18.2012, 03:39pm

    A careful comparison of this letter with an article entitled “Vision, Organization, and Strategy for the Advancement of Oromo Freedom: Woefully Lacking” and was posted on Opride.com two months ago shows they were written by the same author(s). Even while addressing seemingly different topics, they are almost identical in content and choice of words, phrases and sentences the author(s) used.

    I have a couple of question for Bilisummaa.com and Opride editors:

    1. Who do you think you are serving by letting anonymous cowards to use your website to publicize divisive anti Oromo articles?

    2. Don’t you think the Oromo public deserves the right to know who these cowards are?


    Qabiyyee xalayaa irratti xiyyeeffadhaa
    taajjabaa 03.18.2012, 01:58pm

    Namooti mormiis ta’e deggersa xalayaa facaatee bareessitan osoo qabiyyee xalayaa barreeffamtee irratti xiyyeeffattanii gaarii dha. Namooti garii xalayaasa kana gadi fageenyaan waan dubbisan hin fakkaatu. Afaan ittiin barreffames cimaa waan ta’eef garii keenyaaf waan salphaatti hubatamu miti.

    Kan biraa xalayaa kana wayyaaneetu barreesse warri jedhan Oromoo keessa namni yaada bichaataa afaan alagaan akka kanatti barreessuu danda’u hin jiru jechuu fakkaata. Kun akka tokkotti of tuffachuu ta’a. Lammii ofii tuffatanii alagaa kanaahuu diina jabaa fakkeessanii dhiheessuu ta’a.

    Ani xalayaa kana nama ykn namoota beektota ykn scholar ta’aniii fi haala ABO fi QBO itti dhiheenyaan beekntu barreesse jedheen yaada. Abbaa fedheenuu haa barreeffamuu dhaamsa dabarsu qaba. Waan akkasii dhaaba tokko dhiisaa tii mootummaa keessatti iyyuu yeroo crisis walii galaa keessa jiramu waanuma dhufuu danda’u dha. Yeroo hawaasi tokko reform barbaaduu fi haalli gara sanatti nama dhiibu jir waanuma mul’chuu malu dha Egaa akkuma deddeebi’ee gaafatamaa jiru osoo maqaan nama ykn namoota berreessee achi irra jiraatee ibsa itti gaafachuufis ta’e gaaffii dhiheessuuf namaa tola. Ammoo open letter maqaa osoo irra hin kaa’in barreessuun waan haaraa miti. Wanuma barame dha. Waa hundaafuu qabiyyee xalayaa irratti xiyyeeffachuu malee arrabsoon gatii hin qabu. Akka hawaasa boodatti hafaa wal nyaachuu fi wal diiguun qabsoo sabichaaf kasaaraa dha malee bu’aa hin qabu

  8. Warri maqaa “Concerned oromos” jette xalaya kana barreessite eenyu akka taate ni beekna. Yeroo duraaf maqaa mata duree “Concerned oromos” jedhuun namni ibsa oromootti barreessu jalqabe SAAQATA ITAAFATI. Kanaafu warri xalayaa kana barreesse warra jaarmiyaa Leencoo Lata, ta’ani fi hundeen xalayaa kanas OSLO, NORWAY irra gartuu Leencoo Lataat akka barreeffamee Oromoon hundi beeku qaba. Kanaafuu itti gaafatama qabsoo Oromo facaasuuf gartuun kuni itti gafatamuu qabdi. Duraanis kan qabsoo oromo waggaa afurtamaa ol-ajjeesse ykn owaale ture jara kanadha. Amma garuu ijaa amala isaani beeknuuf eessa iyyuu ga’uu hin dandeessu

    ifa godhaa hundaaf
    Faarsanii Bilisummaa 03.18.2012, 11:08am

    Warra bilisummaa.com Waltajiin kun kan Oromoo natti fakkata dursa. Kanaf waan maxxansitan hunda dursa Afaan Oromoon godhaa. Itti ansuun Afaan Ingilifaan . Sababi isaa Oromoon Ingilfa hin beekne hedduu. Kana irratti hojjedhaa.

    Hikkaa xalayaa Obbo Dawudif barreesitan ariitiin eeganna. Afaan Ingilzii warri hin beekne maaliin dubbisna?

    Waa Xiinxalo 03.18.2012, 02:46am

    xalayan bareeda, abbaa fedheenu barrayu, rakkoo qbsoon oromoo keesa jirtuuf furmataa isii akeeka. tokko tokko ka yaada kanaa olittii kennu ammo, albee lamaan nama nyaatudha. kanaafu namoonii yaada kennamu dubbibiftan waan barrayuu ilaaltanii hin aarina, waltajjii banaa waan ta’eef basaaftonnii diinaa oromoo fakkatanii afaan mi’eessanii waan oromoo afaan faajjessu barreesu danda’u. warrii maqaa namootaa gaafatu ammo, takka nama achii fageessee hin ilaalee ta’a isa wayittuu hin akeekina.

    oware 03.18.2012, 12:52am

    Namootni kun hanga yoomii xibaarani moo hanga du’aa dullumaa umurii guutuu kanumaan hafani, waan Jaal Dawud warri barreesse kun diinuman jedha, ykn meeshaa diinaati garuu waan hubachuu qaban dhimmi kun dhimma miseensa ABOti malee dhimma nama biraa miti, buusuus, jijjiiruus kan danda’u miseensa ABO qofa, Miseensii fi jaarmiyaan ABO qabsoo kanaaf eenyutu amanamadhaa fi gaafa rakkoo eenyutu cichee qabsoo kana baraaruu dandahaa gorsa alaa hin barbaadu, kanaafuu diinnis tahe fiirri waan beekuu qabu Dawud ofiin achi irra hin jiru, miseensi isa muude hanga isa buusutti olollii fi piropagandaan diinaa kun ABO biratti dhuufuu loonii tahuu beekuu qabdan.
    Shame for you,

    Concerned …???
    Insarmuu 03.17.2012, 09:35pm

    “Concerned oromos”!!!
    Yoo kan oromoof cinqamtu taate, dura eenyummaa kee beeksifta. Rurruqamuun, moggaa qabatanii waa jechuun nama hin dhibu.
    Gabaabaatti atuu of-dhoksite, (wayyaanee? OPDO? Gantuu? … dallantuu?),
    I think this letter is helpful for the ‘Ethiopian Hearald’

    PLEASE STEP DOWN obbo Daud
    Tola 03.17.2012, 07:05pm

    Obbo Daud,

    In my opinion, you did nothing for the Oromo cause. Diina Oromo miti ati Hantuutallee hin ajjeesne. Kanaaf, bu’aan kee maal?
    Ijoollee sababa kee mana hidhaatti tortoraa jiran yaadadhu. Namoota sababa bilbila kee fi emailii kee gaaga’aman yaadadhu.

    Si ga’a!! Dura taa’aa (diilallaawaa) kan akka kee hin barbaachisu- Plz nurra deemi!! I’m fed up.

    wan hin fakaanee
    tola 03.17.2012, 05:19pm

    warri samuun dhuuftee xalayaa barreesuu dhan dawud ibsaa aangoo akka dhiisuu barbadanii?safuu yaa oromo.wayyaanee isiin eergatee moo akkami dubbin teeysaan?haa jeenuu mee xalayaa bareesuu keeysaan garee yoo dhiiraa tataan maqaa keeysaan maa irra hin kaayinaa?Aangoo warootaa maqaa isaanituu dhookseef lataa mee?garuu eenyuu akka tataan oromon isiin beeka.diinii isiin eerguu keeysaan isinii ibsataan dawud qoofa hin arrabsinne Hogganoota ABO kan qabsoo tanaa gad gageeysaa jiruu hunda arrabsitaan .Gantuu Haawasnii tufe

    Weelmal 03.17.2012, 04:55pm

    Kuni Letteri miti Bombi dha male. Dawud kand dubise yero holatu nati mul’ata. KKKKKKKKK

    Wan hundan dhdhabdani Letterin Loolu eegaltan!

    Judge the letter by its content, not by its author!
    Elemo 03.17.2012, 04:29pm

    Let’s say this letter was written by “Wayanee” as some want us to believe.
    Can someone tell us anything wrong in its content?
    I suggest prominent oromo scholars take over political leadership of the organization. Dr. Asoba is a real leader who did his job as best as he could and resigned when he noticed he’s no longer in control. Daud should have done the same a decade ago. Oromo must reshuffle their leadership every 4 years! not 14. Bishaanillee yoo iddoo tokko ciise raammoo kuuseetu ajaaya!
    Never admit gantus like Kamal into the oronaization again!

    Gammachu 03.17.2012, 04:15pm

    Yaa Waaqa!, Yaa Rabbi!, Yaa Gooftaa! maaliimaaf kana nutti dhiifta?

    ABOn rakkinna qabaatuun isaa beekkamaa dha. Rakkinni kuniis kan ture. Rakkinni hiikamuu irra bifuma jijjiirataa, rakkoo tokko irraa gama rakkoo gara biraatti ceeyamaa as gahe. Murni amma xalayaa kana barreesse, asiin dura yeroo rakkinni dhalatu eessa turan? Har’a ammoo maaltu dhalate?
    Akka natti fakkaatutti, murni kun murna Kamaal Galchuu waliin saganteefatee ture. General Kamaal Galchuu dura’taa isaanii waan tureef, ariifatee Habashaa waliin walta’iinsa labse. Kanatu murna kana dallansiise malee jarri tokkuma. Generaalchi siyaasaa waan hin beekneef ariifatee ibidda keessa bu’e. Muni kun garuu, itti yaadanii, fi itti qophaawanii boolla qabsoo Oromoo itti awwaalan qotaa turan.
    Jarri kun maaliif, maqaa isaanii tarreessanii gaafii isaanii wajjiin dhiyeessuu dhiisan? Kun gaafii tokko. An akka nama tokkotti, maqaa keessan dhiyeessaa jedhaan. Kana yoo hingoone, murni kun amanamtootaa miti.

    Dhumarratti, murni maqaa dhokfatee xalayaa kana barreesse muna Kamaal Galchuu waliin ture. Kun shakkii tokko malee hubatamuu qaba. Yaa lammiiwwan, murni kun, murna tokkummaa Impaayeera Habashaa tiksuuf daldala siyaasaa oofaa jiru ta’uu isaa hubadhu.

    • Warra akka keessan utuu waa takka hin dalagiin hooggantoota dhugaa, bilisummaa ummata isaaniif qabsaa’an irratti ala taa’ee olola oofutu qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo laaffise malee Qabsaa’aa Dhugaa kan kaayyoosaa isa ganamaa, kan ummataa irraa kan hin maqne, kan ABO jiraachisee Jaal/Daawud Ibsaa mit. Oduun hojii hin ta’u. Isin ABO fi diina ummata Oromooti. Kan Abo diigaa ture isini; warra oduu malee hojii hin beekne.

      Wayyaannee and their secret followers
      Lammii 03.17.2012, 03:50pm

      This is not a letter it is rather a propaganda designed as part of Wayyaanee ongoing fight against Oromo leaders. If you have the truth state your name and let people debate you. What thing I learned from this letter is that Dawud and his group is the real Oromo fighters. They make you and your Wayyaanee masters cry day and night and you did not know what to do except baseless propaganda. No Oromo is listening to you and you better get a life.
      Who do you think you are sitting in a kitchen table of you comfortable zone and asking Oromo hereof to resign. If you have what it takes why don’t you go ahead and state your name!!!!!!!!!!
      On another hand we Oromo know who you are just to mention a few facts:
      1. You created a problem within the organization and became the cause of Galasa and his group to abandon OLF
      2. To advance you wreaked ideas and serener to Wayyane you came up with burgeon conference
      3. When all this fail you tried to form an organization and tried to split the Organization. When all this failed you came back and pushed araara. I heard the organization gave you all that you want but wanted more to advance the same idea of surrendering to Wayyannee with bigger force. Now you are trying to blame the victim who said enough is enough and moved on to be stronger than you can imagine.
      4. You are trying to form another organization and now when you find out you have neither talent nor the ability to do so, you started you trash propaganda. Why don’t you just go ahead and join your masters. We Oromo are too smart for your nonsense. You cannot divide us not you cannot weakness us anymore.
      What else do you want – you lost and this kind of propaganda does not work. I suggest you get you act together and come back to promising liberation within 6 months kkkkkkkkkk. You could not handle the heat and got out of the kitchen. My other suggestion is to stay out and get a life. This is beyond you ability. You cannot damage this organization anymore. We know who you are no matter how match you try to hide your true identity and nature

      yaada warra laattan hundaaf!!!
      Bareentuu Booranaa 03.17.2012, 01:31pm

      An waahee yaada hololaa Jaal Daawud Ibsaarratti waan natti dhagahame jedheeera garuu,waantin amma jechuu barbaadu namootni yaada laatan oromoon akkuma jiru habashootni yaada diigumsaa kennuuf barreessan ni jiru jamaa,maal maaliif gowwomnaa? namni afaan oromoo barreesseef oromoo tahamoo? habashaan isin hin beektan malee qophaaayee egra taa’ee tureeraam,ijoolleessaa fi ofiisa qubeee barateeraam barachaaas jiraam,kana malees ilmaan habashaa oromiyaatti dhalatanii guddatan kan adda baasuun nama rakkisu hojii basaasummaaarrtti bobba’anii jiran meeqqaaf meeqa akka tahehoo beektuu??kanaaf nuti oromootni yaada addaaddaa arginee akka oromoon barreesseetti itti aarree nus kan nama oromoo tahe kan aarsu laachuuf irraa of qusachuu qabnaa jamaa? ha’a maaliif seetani kan mootummaan wayyaanee kophaatti lammiilee isaa yuuniversitii maqaleetti afaan oromoo maaf barsiisa isiniti fakkaate? of eegachuutu nurra jira! nutu hin barre malee habashaan oromoon akka tokko hin taaneef waanti inni hin goone hin jiru godhuufis ciisaaa bulaa hin jiru? dhugaa qabu biyyi isaanii oromiyaan bilisummaashee gonfannaan “No more country called ethiopia” kanaaf hudduun isaan romma nuti ilmaan oromoo immoo kana beeknee rakkoo keenya fuulaa fuulatti mariyachuu,”harreen waldhiitti malee ilkaan walirraa hin fixxu” jedha oromoon!

      Jiraachuu dhiisnus walbiraa yaanni koo sin bira
      utuu fagaannuus walirraa turrullee walagarraa
      ka’i lammii koo abdii hin kutinii obsa gaafataa hin ariifatin qabsoonii

      Roorroo jibbun biyyaa baanee qabsoof jecha faffacaanee
      qomoo koo injifannee galluu tokko taanee galtuu ofirraa haqnee
      ………………… guyyaan tokko ni dhufa qeerroon waliigalee guyyaan ifa baanu!jedhe Jaalatamaa fi kabajamaan Hirphaaa Gaanfuree!!!!

      qabsoon kan sabaati
      Qabsawaa Sabaa 03.17.2012, 10:34am

      warrii kana barreessitan hojii hojii Hin qabdaan OPDO irra ta’a laata?
      Eenyuu barreessee? wa’e Hogganaa ABO maaltu isin galche miseensa ABO jijjiruuf mirga itti qaba.

      OPDO Darara Matii
      Hassan Husein 03.17.2012, 10:32am

      Dhaaba seera malee diigdani 2008 Kamaal waliin gantani baatani hin turtani mitii? Isin maliif hin lollee? Isin irra Kamaal Galchuu akka wayyu hin beektanii? Dawudiin dhiistani eegii biraa deemtani, Eegii maqaa ABO qabaattanii, eegii dadhabina hunda duraan jiru jijjiirtaani, Eegii hoogana ABO haara dhaabu keessan labsitani, Eegi ji’a 6 keessatti Oromo bilisa akka baastani labsitani/waada seentani booda amma ammo maaliif haangoo Dawudi akka barbaaddani himattuu laataa? Toole Leencoo Lata nuuf filtani qopheessitaniittuuree? Udaan hudduu keessan irraa aja’u maaliif Dawuditti haqachuuf yaaltu lata. Eenyuuf bakka buusuuf yaaltani laataa? Hassan Husein? Leencoo Baatitii? Bayyaan Asoobattii? Leencoo Lataatii? moo OPDO Darara Maatitii lataa?

      Dibabee 03.17.2012, 10:26am

      Baruma baraan dhaaba haraya dhabdani akka as ba’uuf teessani akkuma dhufa JESUS eegamu isin eegaa jirra. Leencoon waggaa 40 ol waanuma Oromoon dantaa faranji jala deeme barbaadu male Oromoof maal buusee?
      Warri qabsoo Oromo 2008 diigani paaltalki fi internett bosona Amerikaa fi Europatiin olola oofuu malee Oromoof kan Dawud irra caalu maal hojettanii? Gariin goofta gariin ashkara walii taatani wal-faarsu malee waan Dawud irra adda isin godhu maal hojettanii? Harcaatota seena ta’u keessan walaaluun keessan ammo hedduu nama dhiba.

      Madaala 03.17.2012, 08:54am

      Whoever wrote this letter must be bunch of losers and cowards. They don’t even have the courage to write their name(s). Therefore, the writers do not have any credibility and the letter is not worth the paper written on it. We have seen such movies and such losers time and time again. If you have the gut, identify yourself and speak out, otherwise, just shut-up!

      Gobanootta harayaa
      Buruyso 03.17.2012, 07:33am

      Who ever write this letter, we know you from your writting why you didn’t fight before you leave organization if you wanna solve this problem go back to in organization then you can fix it, if you are true oromo you have to go back to in organization and respect your leader and the organization rules and policy OLF. Don’t cry from outside of the box if you cry from outside you cannot change anything even you lost your respect all your friends who cry from outside who again is the leader in the army struggle all of you condom of TPLF ideology all of you who lost the legitimacy from oromo people we know you you are opportunist we never give up Oromo struggle until one Oromo left if you tired just give up take care your wife and your children don’t make any comment on Oromo struggle all of you who broke the law out of the struggle if you are a man identify your name ask our leader public don’t be a trash letter bye mr or Dr reconcillation or koree Araaraa all of u trash

      Dawud needs to stopdown now
      boona 03.17.2012, 07:19am

      Dawud done nothing to change oromo struggle forward , olf less less powerful since he was chairman of this organization. it is shame he is still lead this organization for 14 years without no victor, we could say he is second dictator next to meles, he needs to give a chance other people to lead.

      oware 03.17.2012, 05:45am

      Namni olitti waa bareessu kun eenyu? Dawud Ibsaa bar fedha mataa isaatiin achirraa jiraachuu hin dandayu, dhimmi kun kan ilaalu JECHUUN DIRQAMA KANA DHIISISUU FI ITTI FUFSIISUUN 1ff miseensa ABO nama tahe 2ffaa nama jaarmiyaa ABOtti ijaaramee jiru qofaa dha, please qabsoo gaggeessuun oduu hin sehinaa, silaas Dawuditti himuuf afaan oromooyyuu ni gaha garuu namni kun 1ffaa afaan oromoo hin beeku taha, 2ffaa oromoo miti taha, inni sadaffaa, afaan oromoo barreessuuyyuu hin beeku taha , 4ffaan bolola angoof kan rakkatu dha kanaaf namni kun qeeqa kennuufuu hin dandahu. Rabbi obsa siif haa kennun jedha.

  9. Now I realized that Dawiid is a real, strong and truthful Oromo leader. And it is only one practical OLF and its true leader. Could they name any organization leader who gave up by open letter written by excellent english language philosopherr? It is obvious, when there is motion, there is counter-motion. OLF recently became very proactive than it was ever before. Before those mendling b/n Habasha and Oromo become very distructive OLF already knew their way and accordingly acted fastly. For instance, the warning given recently “The Effort to Emasculate the Oromo Liberation Struggle Has Been and Will Be a Failure” is the best example that OLF proactively doing things in the write direction. It is to this response the so called “Concerned Oromos” tried their repeated futile exercise. I belive Dawiid will continue to clear his house as he did before. His homework is not done.

    Amala Dabeessaa
    Oromiya 03.17.2012, 03:23am

    Worri waan kana barreesse dabeessa. osoo akka oromootti dhiira ta’an kaayyoo isaanii kana gadi bahanii ummata itti bahanii Oromoo waan baasu kana jedhu.
    Karoo biroon waan guddisee na dhibe barruu fi xalayaa amma barreessan kana keessa Daawudii fi hogganoota isa waliin jiru arrabsu,dogmaa fi waan hin jirre jechaa gama biraan ammoo angoo irraa bu’ii nama biraatti dabarsi jedhu. Egaan ergii jarri isa waliin jiran doogmaa fi waan hin taane ta’anii Daawud eenyutti akka aangoo dabarsu barbaadanii?? kkkkkk harreen yogguu halaaktu malee gogguu dhudhuuftu hin beektu jedha oromoon. isinuu eenyu ta’uu keessan hin himanne aangoon eenyutti akka kennamu barbaaddanii? zamanni keessa dhume amma usaa ta’a! hogganni dhaaba takkaa qabsoo keessaa dhalata malee biyya alaa irraa akka shagaxaatti fe’amee ummataaf hin galu.

    Lead yourself out of Asmara!
    Taliiilaa 03.17.2012, 03:06am

    No matter who wrote this article, it’s very accurate, objective and reflects the interest of the entire oromo nation. Just the fact that some one was tortured and imprisoned by the enemy doesn’t qualify him/her as a capapble leade by itsself. In fact if he was a good leader he should have recognized the feeling of the oromo nation that he,s NOT upto the job and rejected the position in the first place, or at least resigned immediately after his first debacle. Waiting for a mass call for resignation makes him only coward, arrogant and draws him only deeper into the ground!!!!!

    safuu 03.17.2012, 02:03am

    Isiin Eenyuu Faadhaa Xalayaa Bareesuu dhaan Aangoo Fuudhachuu barbadaan?Moo mallas isiin eergatee?baasuumaa yaa oromo silaa xalayaa amma Hoggana Oromo irrati Bareesitaan kana Mallas ti bareesitaan isnirraa Bareedaa turee.Rakkon teeysaan Aaangoo moo maali?qabsoon alaa teeysaani Xalayaa bareesuudhaan Aaangoo barbaduu. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk shame on u

    Silaa kan Oromoo dhaabbatan tahe maaliif isin waa hin godhiin.
    Q 03.17.2012, 01:51am

    Wanni nama dhibu warri xalayaa barreessuun Oromoof qabsoofna jattanii yaaddan mee gadi bahaati Oromoof waan mul’ataa tokko godhaa. Nuutu beeka amma Oromoo bilisoomsina jattani beekkumsi keessan ofiifu wal dii guu, Abashatti harka keennachh fi Wayyanetti galuuf foollachuu dha.
    Obbo Dawud isin hunda irra harka dhibba caala. Yeroo isin qabsoo Oromoo diiguu fi fafacaasuuf hojjattan, qabsoo oromoo asiin gahe. Hamma feetan boochaniis qabsoo Oromoo xalayaan as hin geenye. Kana malees, silaa waa gootan maaliif hamma ammaa hin godhin. Resign jachuun ammoo isintu filee? warra yakkamtoota qabsoo Oromoo irratti yakka hojjattan tahuu Oromoon isin beekaa. Stay away form Oromo struggle. Viva ABO and its leaders including Dawud Ibsa.

    Bareentuu Booranaa 03.17.2012, 01:47am

    Isin warreen akkana gootan kun isinirratti beekameera,isini jalee mallas warreen Jaal Daawud Ibsaa mataa dhukkubbii isnitti taheedha malee oromoota oromummaaf qabsaayan miti,uummanti oromoo tapha bushooftuu akkasiif iddoo hin laatu,maal godhe Daawud? Sitoo akkasaatti garaa kutannoon hin qabsoofnee qabsoon eessaa galam gaha,ati inni stoora biyya alaa keessa teessee odeessitu/tan kun istoora keessaa bahaatii akkasaatti of keennaatii qabsaayaa yoos bilisummaan dhufaatii,jaallee daawud ibsaa gahumsa isaa kan madaalu waraana adda bilisummaa oromooti malee sii isee mandara bunaarra teessee odeessitu miti! kanaaf WBO oromoo nama kana hin barbaannu yoo jedhan isaan qofaatu dandaha malee anis isinis warri haala mihjataa keessa teenyee dhudhuufnu haa dhaabnu,akkuma galaasaa dilboorratti kaatanii bara 2008 waanadda bilisummaa oromoo gidduutti tahe nuti warri oromoo taane ni beekna.kanaaf lama na hin suufani jette oromoon, yoomuu nuti warri haala mijataa keessa teenyee odeessinu gatii hin qabnu caalaa waan isarra gahe fi haala dadhabina hooggasaa jiru WBO oromoo isa bona aduun,ganna bokkaan hiidda mukaa nyaachuun biyya isaaa bilisoomsuuf dhiiga tufaa jirutu dhimma kan murteessuu qaba malee kunn yaada diinaa akka tahe ifaatti beeekama,garuu diina taatanii wareegama dAAWUD oromoof kaffale beekuun keessan duwwaan ni gaha,ganaa mataa dhukkubbii isinitti tahaatii ariifattaniii of hin maraachinaa!

    Bareentuu Boorana, oromiyaa

    baseless article
    BULCHA 03.17.2012, 01:36am

    For those who wrote this article shame on you. you are self serving idiot who can not serve the oromo cause can the author of this article tell us who want the chairman ship of OLF.

    Consider the root cause, not POW or others
    YD 03.17.2012, 01:36am

    What a lovely request but to lazy leader who denegarate our existance in all aspect. I support the request if he has gut and mind to consider. The only shortcoming in these all statement is about ‘POW” or those you lebelled as ‘lowlife’. Mind you it is the lampoon and lazy action of so called Doud Ibsa that leads to the measurement those generals and other took it today, not there fault. Had they dream something better, they shouldn’t have left enemy camp. They left with only one choice, to leave the leadership of this lazy leader and take temporary action. If you consider all criteria you rised for the resignation of this lazy Doud Ibsa, you shouldn’t dare to take other as a loophole. You should have to consider the root cause, not the consequence. The more this lazy man on symbolic power, the sooner will loose our collective identity.

    You fool Doud, pleas hung yourself or resign, don’t hung our dream!!

    jeaulsing to dawud
    qasim 03.17.2012, 01:35am

    jijirama/miccirama.ja’aa 6 keeysaati oromo fi oromiyaa bilisoomsinaa jatanii goosaa rra maalaqaa guurachaa baatanii maallaqaa fiixnaan wal nyachuu eegaltanii bikka 7 adaa batanii gariin keeysaan amaraati galtaani amma moo afaan qabnaa jatanii dawud ibsaa aangoo irra akka nuuf bu’uu yeroo jetaan hin qaanfatanii?oromoon akka isiin tufatee isiin jibee ammalee hin hubanne?Barruu kana kan barreesee hassen hussen fi leencoo Albaati ti isiin beeynaa hattu maraa>>>yeroo takka takka of dagataan fakaatuu 2008 keeysaa waan ja’aa bataan ni daggatanii?Abo /Dawud ibsaa irra Aangoo fuunnee hin janne?arra Eeysaa jirtaan?Haawaasaa/goosaa keeysaatu jibamtanii.Rabbii Nama hin salphisiin.Amiin Amiin Viva ABO /OLF Cahirman Dawud Ibsaa we love u.don’t give attention for those looser.

    Right call
    Daranni 03.17.2012, 01:15am

    This is a timely call and I hope Obbo Dawuud will recognize this fact thaat his time has come to hand over to someone else. He has been at it for a long time and things are not going our way!!!

  10. Daud Ibsa has done his part as far as taking part in the struggle is concerned. But expecting him to be a pragmatic and wise leader is another. He was confused from very beginning, forget what is at stake and the inhuman condition the Oromo people found itself and focused only on one thing which was and still is safeguarding his position at any cost even if it takes the demise of OLF and the suffering of the Oromo people in perpetuity. Here were are now at the age of a cliff so deep and from which we cannot rise again if we keep the status quo to win. Daud Ibsa should pressured and told in any language he might understand to take exit, so that the nation can take over it’s affairs. it is a long overdue and we must say time is up in one voice.

    Hunde Saba 03.16.2012, 11:20pm

    Who are these concerned Oromos? kkkkkkkk
    Yooni dhugumaan Oromoota tayanii fi waan itti amanan hojjatan taye maaf eenyummaan isaani dhokate? Yooni diinni Oromoo akkas hojjatee hoo maaliin beekama?
    Kan biroo immoo kanneen yaada laannu hagam adda baaneeti maqaa namootaa kaafna?
    Oromoo, komii fi hamiin qabsoo tayee hin beekuu haa hubannuu.

    not true
    Hunde 03.16.2012, 10:41pm

    this is wrote by Leencoo Lataa Group and Hassen Hussen,Leencoo Batii,shame on you guys.why meles uses you guys ?don’t attack oromos struggle focuse on wayanes or males.don’t be stupid… we love our chairman Dawud ibsa

    wayane ajent
    ABBAA OROMIYAA 03.16.2012, 10:31pm

    i think this title wrote by wayane/meles sender

    Long over due!
    Dachasaa 03.16.2012, 10:21pm

    This is LOOOOOONG overdue! The man must go, now, if he hasnt done so. He proved that he can’t lead even sheep!

    jjdjdjdj 03.16.2012, 10:10pm

    Dhaaba seera malee diigdani 2008 Kamaal waliin gantani baatani hin turtani mitii? Isin maliif hin lollee? Isin irra Kamaal Galchuu akka wayyu hin beektanii? Dawudiin dhiistani eegii biraa deemtani, Eegii maqaa ABO qabaattanii, eegii dadhabina hunda duraan jiru jijjiirtaani, Eegii hoogana ABO haara dhaabu keessan labsitani, Eegi ji’a 6 keessatti Oromo bilisa akka baastani labsitani/waada seentani booda amma ammo maaliif haangoo Dawudi akka barbaaddani himattuu laataa? Toole Leencoo Lata nuuf filtani qopheessitaniittuuree? Udaan hudduu keessan irraa aja’u maaliif Dawuditti haqachuuf yaaltu lata. Eenyuuf bakka buusuuf yaaltani laataa? Hassan Husein? Leencoo Baatitii? Bayyaan Asoobattii? Leencoo Lataatii? moo Darara Maatitii lataa?

    ofis qancaree qabsoo qancarssee jira
    arganbekan 03.16.2012, 09:42pm

    dhaamsi kun dhaamsa sirrii dha, yoo gurra qabaatee dhagaheef. yoo dide ammoo isa afewerqii biratti dhiisanima somale ykn bakka biraa keeessatti warana ijaaruu dha

  11. what is the use of recycling this nwes after more than one year?

  12. Warii takka kamal jetan yokaan lncoo jettan madda issa beekuu hin dandeene walarbduu maltuu fide kun ijarssa moo digdha hunddi keesaan yoo waan itti amantan qabaatan (amnttii) qabbatan oromoonajeefamma qeeirra ariama jirra mattaduree dubbiakkanaa lafatti gataatti akka oromotta biyyakessatti maqqaa kanaan darramaajiraan gargaru irratti wal maradhaa atis abban midiyya kanna yoo oromticha taayee waan oromoon irrattiwaldiguu asratti hin baasin

    • A liberation leader/leadership, which doesn’t entirely kill his enemy can not liberate a people under colonization. Wayane leaders have been killing Oromos not only in Oromia but crossing the boundary of Ethiopia. in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and USA. How they are Heros? Garuu, ABOn humnoota Oromoo ajjesan tokko hin ajjeesin jira especially the top ones, who made Oromo to be under Abasha colonial killings. That is why I have a great doubt on the members of OLF. Really, some times I ask myself whether they are true Oromo or not? Let Dawud passes this power to youngs who are strong and Hero, not scientists. We need an illitrate Hero, who can lead Oromo people in fighting for freedom.


      • I completly agree with your suggestion. We loudly talk about gadaa system of power transfer. It is unbelievable to have one person as OLF (the flag bearer of Oromo struggle for freedom) leader for so long. OLF chairmanship should be a rotating responsibility among different godinaawaan Oromia just like gadaa model of power sharing.

        Deep in my heart, I believe that all Oromo forces should unite and be under the leadership of Qeeroo. The future belongs to them and they are the ones facing the enemy upfront. They are the ones that are close to bosonaa Oromo.

        Oromo people have only one question, political freedom and ownership of their country. Therefore, they only need one effective political and fighting force. Oromo struggle for freedom is not a franchise business. Oromo children are being killed everyday in Oromia while we are debating about who should lead us. Our leader is some one capable of being among our fighting forces in Oromia, capable of inspiring every Oromo to join the fight including those skilled Oromos serving in the armed forces of the enemy.

        Victory to Oromo people!!!

  13. Dawid Ibsa qabsoo oromo ogganuu dhisati offi iyyu hin ogganu wara afaani.

  14. odeesituun waan qabsoo essatti beekan qabsoo oromottii diina tahuu malee summii ummata oromoo keessattii facaasu malee hagga hoggana ABOti duula bantan maalef mootummaa wayyannee ilmaan oromoo dhabamsiisaa jiruu biyyarraa ari,aa jirru qa,ee isarraa buqissee lammii biyya alaatif kanna jiruu oromoo kumaataman baqachiisaa jiruu kan mana hidhatti waadama jiruu ijji keessan hin gartu waan hoggana dhaaba kana hin tahiin kun kan garsiisu gochaa diinumaati malee ummata oromoof yaadanii mitti qabsoon bilisummaa oromoo bakka isiin yaadan bira kutte jirtii kana abdii kutadhaa warreen qabsoo oromoo diinatti harka kannisiisu deemtan hundii qabsoo yaroo ammaa bakka isiin yaadan hin jirtu akkanumatti dhamaatu malee warrii bara baraan dhaaba jaraa jirtan kun maal ummata oromoof gootan biyya farajjii teessanii oduu afuufu malee dhirtii an saba kiyyaafin hojjadha jadhee deemu hoggana dhaaba tokko irratti olola hin ofuu waan hojjattan yaroo dhabdan barruun gadii kaatan warrii qabsoo sabaa harchaasi biraa kutte Abadan qabsoo kana keessatti namnii isiin deebisu hin jiruu akkanatti hin dhama,iina janna

  15. who’s asking probably their which working with oromoo people enemy. I believe dauud ibsa is strong against our enemy more than think. you tried to bit him but guys never can, therefore you invented this stupid idea. forget about dauud ibsa because he doing so good oromiyaa getting to near of to be free. is that happen because of you? I don’t think so. if you think just like an intelligent people get back this words you wrote about OLF leader Obbo dauud Ibsa.

  16. If you really believes in what you are talking about, come out with your real name! don’t hide behind ” concerned” Coward!! You are the one who run around a mad dog; you are the one who kisses G-7’s ass!! Dawud is a Hero who stands for an idea he believes in to the end. akkakeesa akka dhagaa bishaan keesa gaggaragaru didee hare wa’i!! loser

  17. This is a joke ….who is asking who?