Oduu Haaraya

‪#‎OromoProtests‬ Agazi soldiers killed 5 people and wounded several in Kofale district ( West Arsi) today.

Those killed
1) Geru Ararsa
2) Abdoo Hajii
3) Gelgelu ( from Garmama village)
4) Abdoo ( Gambotahara village)
5) Kadu Waayu ( from Alkaso Village)

1) Tuna Abdela
2) Gudeta Aman
3) Ahmed Abdela
4)Gemechu Hamado
5) Gutema Gobena

May those killed join our martyrs in heaven. Condolences to their family and the nation. We wish speedy recovery for those wounded.

If TPLF thinks killing will stop this movement, they have not learned a thing over the last 3 months.

Note that these killings have been committed only in the last few hours following arrival of Agazi forces from Shashemene and Asella.

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