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Demonstration Held In Support Of Oromo Students In Ethiopia

The Oromo Community in South Dakota held a demonstration in downtown Sioux Falls Friday morning.          

The group joined thousands of Oromos from dozens of other cities across the globe. Together, they hope to bring awareness to the situation happening in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. There, dozens of Oromo students have been killed and hundreds injured while protesting the government’s plan to expand the boundaries of the capital, which would displace up to two million people.

Lencho Hassen of Sioux Falls said, “We are here for a reason. In this country we went through the same kind of thing. Especially when it comes to the government kind of pressing us. Everybody loves where they’re from and we do love it, so we don’t want to forget about these guys and we just want to show them that on the media, that we are with them.”

Along with thousands of others, the Oromo Community in South Dakota is sending a letter to President Obama, asking him to acknowledge the issue.

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