Oduu Haaraya

“Wataaddarrii akkamiin Jeneraala ari’a”

Rakkoolee OMN keessatti mudataniiru jedhaman qulqulleessuuf koreen tokko boordii OMNiin dhaabbatee ture. Koreen kunis dhimma kanarratti qorannoo gaggeessuun bu’aa qorannoo isaa ifa godhee jira. Qophiin keenya kan har’aas dhimma kana wajjin haala walqabateen gaaffii fi deebii miseensoota boordii OMN sadi wajjin taasifamedha.

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  1. It does not come as a surprise at all that Beeka will be called all types of names for his comments regarding three Undercover-ethiopianists–Mohammed, Asfaw, and Jawar. Several years back, few of us confronted Undercover-ethiopianists within the OLF and we were condemned, called similar types of names, including spies, Naftegna agents by Undercover-ethiopianist Oromos and stupid Oromos , henceforth–useful idiots and useful innocents. About 25 years later, some of the same stupid Oromos who defended those Undercover-ethiopianists within the OLF were the first to condemn Oromo who protected Undercover-ethiopianists (Alas!). The others who were innocently defending Undercover-ethiopianists were embarrassed and thunderstruck. I know we have a long way to go as a people to reach a level of managing real politic and learn how to identify the enemy within us and true Oromo nationalists. It requires enlightenment and experience for political rookies to deal with political whizzes; for real politic that leads to life and death situations is not for useful idiots. Unfortunately things are even more complicated today to “sort the wheat from the chaff”. A dishwasher can get a laptop in the morning and the same day start writing political commentary from a privacy of his shanty room blasting Oromo nationalists of all political, educational, or professional background, while innocently defending Undercover-ethiopianist Oromos. It is not easy for erudite to have a civil dialogue with low level idiots who have no business engaging in commentary about intricate national issues at the highest level of thinking. Not because common folks do not have the natural rights, but, because such low level thinkers miss the entire point by making choices based on backward thinking and wasting everyone’s time. Political con artists relay on useful idiots. In politics, useful idiots are dangerous for they end up being propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not fully understand, and are used cynically by con artists. People like Jawar et al, survive on such useful idiots to accomplish their dirty work.
    For example, I watched Asfaw Beyene and Mohammed Hassen again on OMN last night. This time around was very different, for they were at home on OMN they control now and the floor was left for the two to say anything they want unquestioned. I was not shocked at all listening to Asfaw Beyene and Mohammed Hassen’s white lies, for I expected that the two will defend a con artist Jawar and both will throw a decent professional, Dr. Hamza, under the bus. They did and even more; they called Hamza a liar. Another decent Oromo is victimized and marched on unimpeded. At OMN, the victims are piling up, and the 1st victims were the founders of OMN; next were some nationalist reporters within OMN, and now nationalist managers. As a keen participant and devotee of Oromo struggle for several decades, I have observed these patterns repeated over and over by Undercover-ethiopianist Oromo infiltrators for several decades and Mohammed Hassan and Asfaw Beyene were at the center of several of these conflicts. Jawar is a new recruit and a useful addition as an experienced young OPDO and graduate from TPLF School of “gimgema” to weed-out OLF “narrow nationalists” from OPDO.
    We are cognizant of the role of counter-revolutionaries, and this is not unique to Oromo. Several times in history, well intentioned revolutions have been high jacked by infiltrators, demagogues and traitors. During the past 40 years, several individuals lead the OLF who did not belong in the OLF. The Oromo paid a very high price in terms of life and treasure. This and the next generation will pay even more price if those of us who watched sometimes silence in the past and continue not to speak-up now. A knowing and intentional failure to share potentially harmful information, when a duty to speak exists, amounts to aiding and abetting the commission of a fraud. It amounts to betraying the Oromo cause, and the country we are trying to liberate, Oromia. Silence is not always golden!

  2. Beekaa Namoo,

    I would be refrained from calling these prominent Oromo individuals “undercover Ethiopianists and OPDO’s”. Oromos solve their problems through dialogue not by insulting each other. What is worse than silence is an insult.

    Having said that, I do disagree with the committee’s approach to solving the issue and its resut. It seems to me that they started the process only to reinforce what they already believed. They already believed that there was no issue and that the allegations were unfounded. For this, the prove is some of their own comments. For example, one of them said, ” We are not paid employees of the organization. Then, how come Jawar can dictate to us?” Others made it seem as if only one person complained-the person being Dr. Hamza. This is a reductionist strategy to dismiss the issue as being a one-person’s problem. They also insisted that all the money was in the organization’s bank account without giving any further detail. It should be remembered that at least two individuals claimed that only about $20,000 was in that account and the rest was in the hands of individuals (I’d rather not mention names here). But those individuals never said that there was no money in the bank. I am sure the committee members know that this was the allegation. If so, should they not have gone a little further than giving us a word of reaasurance that our money is save? Is the $20,000 all the money??? Or is there more? What mechanism is in place to keep track? One of the committee members repeatedly talked about being too early for an audit as if he was well reharsed. This is again, a tactic to redicule the complaint and the complainants. NOBODY asked for an audit. But where is the Inome Statement? Where is the Balance Sheet?…never mind quarterly. How about annual financial statements? Okay, it is too early for an audit. But I know that you know those financial statements are way overdue.

    All these show their pre-existing attitude toward the issue. They all should know better as professionals. Knowing the impotance of the issue, they should have taken their responsibily much more seriously and approached the problem without any prejudice, with a clean slate and with the sole objective of getting to the bottom of it and solving it if possible. This was definitely not the case. They grossly lacked independence and their bias was clearly evident from their comments.

    I consider myself to be an adult, highly intelligent, and highly educated – perhaps, more educted than I need to be. Thus, I readily recognize when I am patronized. To me, the job that these highly regarded Oromo scholars and elders did was a little more than patronizing. Therefore, if we want this issue to go away and us to fully heal and move forward, an independent fact-finding committee should be formed immediately with the sole purpose of finding the truth and solving the problem without prejudice.

    Thank you

    • Qeeyroo Mataa Tuutaa


      The person who claimed that only 20k was transferred to the OMN bank account also claimed that the money was put in the hands of another committee called the PCC, which was in charge of the money collected from Oromo First fundraisers. So there’s a big difference between the money being in the hands of individuals, and being in the hands of a committee with professional accountants. Is that financial misappropriation? I don’t think so. None of the donors even knew who the OMN committee was. There may have been a difference of opinion and clash in the OMN committee which culminated in some ppl leaving. But allegations of financial misappropriation/corruption are baseless. Painting every OMN board and EC volunteer as puppets and clueless is not rational. Let it go. Stop repeating this crap.

  3. should be read as “safe”, not “save”

    Thank you

  4. beeka namoo mitii hinaafaa ykn wollaala namoo ufiin jechuu qabda.

  5. Beeka Naannoo , well ,you had put things in its right perspective . I shall applaud your bravely and and well thought comment regarding this so called Oromo intellectuals ,( dr. Asfaw and dr. Muhammed ) and poor Jawar whom being used to promote their hidden agenda of bragging as Oromo elite and only intellectuals working as undercover OPDOS disguised themselves among us.