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Stop 1606 offenders to stay and work from 14 nationalities


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Give effect to the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh region, and follow-up of HH Deputy Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Riyadh region continues to police the Riyadh region and the security of its campaign security against violators of the system to stay and work in the city of Riyadh and provincial affiliates reaching number of arrests in the Riyadh region and its provinces on Wednesday , 1/2/1435 AH ( 1606) (14) different nationalities led by Ethiopian citizenship .

Under arrest them carrying fake IDs or finished or without evidence
And continue the security agencies competent police Riyadh region represented by the management control of the administrative and patrol security Riyadh and Task Force and duties of the Traffic Department of Riyadh region and the Division of Investigation and the Criminal and Civil Defense and the Department of the Mujahideen its daily according to studied plans follow-up of the police chief of Riyadh region, Maj. Gen. Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Hilal and include seizures labor several stages , including the establishment of some of the points of inspection sudden Ttoalha security patrols to inspect the motorists and check their identities and taxis to make sure Nzamathm as well as identify some suspicious sites within some neighborhoods inhabited by labor bulk by the management of the setting الإدراي police Riyadh and the Department of investigation and the Criminal Investigation and raided and only plans certain participation of other security forces strongly represented tasks and duties and security patrols and teams of traffic and teams Mujahideen and take into account the district police Riyadh in their security plans during the arrests identify groups labor offense through most neighborhoods gathering of labor and more streets are piled where labor bulk is then draw the plans and determine the appropriate times to eliminate them and make sure to provide all the appropriate and adequate possibilities for each destination during the period specified for that plan .
Ensure regular residence
Have resulted in a security crackdown carried out by the district police Riyadh to hunt down and adjust violators system to stay and work in the city of Riyadh and the provinces affiliate last Wednesday all arrested a number (1606) of 14 different nationalities led by sexual Ethiopian has found concerned with the arrested identities forged or finished or that most of them do not hold residencies with resulted in campaigns that have been implemented in some provinces, the failure of a number of who work in the profession of grazing and some sites sell livestock irregular in the streets or selling feed with focused issues that have been seized within the neighborhoods of Riyadh stealthy in some private residences Baezzab the hope of extension or search for a sponsor to guarantee and provide mobile work well for some workers in the workshop and some of the buffets and restaurants and food Supply
Arrest offenders
Has initiated stakeholders in the campaign investigative work with those arrested in the regions and provinces and classification of cases by knowledge required security of them to destinations security in previous cases and know expatriates who are self-employed , and absent from work, and later all -out coming visas Hajj or Umrah or visit types or for tourism or treatment , or hackers arrested , and then stopped at sites designated for shelter , and the completion of the statutory procedures for the implementation of sanction against them and deport them .
The moment of the arrest of violators

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