Oduu Haaraya

When the mole issue hit the fan, Shanee’s communication strategists came up with the same old visceral messaging reaction

Here and there
by: Diida Borbor
1. Xurunaa: the Abominable Mole
When the mole issue hit the fan, Shanee’s communication strategists came up
with the same old visceral messaging reaction: disparage, ridicule and denigrate
critics and play the victim card.
It’s difficult to comprehend how certain top strategists met in a “war room” or a
“situation room” or a “command centre”, did brain storming and then came up
with a communication strategy framing it as Shanee vs Shanee haters (Oromo vs
Oromo), instead of TPLF vs Oromo. Shanee’s initial reaction was that it was
propaganda of those who hate Shanee as well as the unity of the four diaspora
organizations. Even certain Shanee surrogate outlets gave an opportunity to
Xurunaa by interviewing him so that he can have a kick at us one more time.
Because of such ineptness, when the mole issue surfaced, Shanee miserably
failed to lead and set the agenda. Instead of being deliberate and acting first, it
became reactive and nervous – shooting in the dark – aimlessly, without
purpose. It never dawned on Shanee that Xurunaa was a mole inserted by TPLF
not by Oromos.
As usual, Shanee has let loose its well-oiled character assassination machine
against certain Oromo individuals. No, doubt about it, Shanee is adept in that
and it has mastered the art of character assassinations, bad mouthing and
disparaging other well-meaning Oromos. Sad to say, it’s very good at it.
However, the real issue, which is Woyyaane (its mole) vs Oromo, remained
unanswered. As you probably know, the rumour about Xurunaa the mole has
been circulating for over two years, so certain questions need to be addressed by
Shanee (if not publicly at least internally):
Did the officer in contact with the mole exercised due diligence and
professional care in the performance of his/her duties?
Did the officer in contact with the mole demonstrate standard care required
from a reasonable person? Was the officer negligent?
How many officers were in contact with the mole?
Has the officer been warned about the mole and refused to heed?
· Has the organization been warned about the mole and failed to act?
Why the organization did not come out and unequivocally condemn the
Does the mole hold a trump card to ward off or blackmail Shanee?
Thus, in the absence of clear and direct explanation from Shanee, a vacuum
was created. As a saying goes, “nature abhors a vacuum”. So, when Shanee
failed to act, it’s the law of nature that someone else had to step in to fill the
vacuum. By holding back details and by not explicitly condemning the mole,
Shanee helped in ramping up the scandal.
When will Shanee ever learn?
2. Hawwii Tazarraa (singer/artist) – heroine or anti-heroine?
Everyone I talked with was amazed at her apparent bravery and defiance (with
Oromo resistance salute) while lying down in hospital bed with allegedly terrible
injury inflicted upon her by the security forces. Certain diaspora individuals were
so moved by her seemingly heroic action wired her some money.
After the unveiling of Xurunaa, the abominable mole, a different version about
her purported heroic and brazen act circulates. Good to know if she is a heroine
or a villain (scoundrel). And, what do we learn from it?
It would be greatly appreciated if those with pertinent information bring us up to
speed on the matter.
3. “International Qeerro”?
· The group claims that it’s part and parcel of the genuine qeerro back home.
· It declares that its trusted media outlets are “SBO” and “TV Gaaddisa
dhugaa” only. The fact that it boasts of having an affiliation with “TV
Gaaddisa dhugaa” speaks volume. “Tell me who your friends and I’ll tell who
you are” perfectly applies here.
· I find it very crude, unrefined and unsophisticated – insulting someone’s
intelligence. Who is it trying to fool?
· It talks like Shanee; it acts like Shanee; it feels like Shanee and it fiddles like
Shanee. So it’s Shanee.
4. “TV Gaaddisa Dhugaa”?
Just few things (for now):
“Melke xifuun be sim yideggifuu” (an Amhara saying).
· People talk, even when they have nothing to say.
· In this day and age, we don’t need pretenders, hypocrites and uninformed
masquerading as someone with a substance. It’s a classic symptom of the
mentality of the oppressed when imposters and quacks try to pass as sage
and as qabasaawa by mimicking the culture of the oppressor. In their
underdeveloped and culturally un liberated mind; they feel that they have
now replaced the oppressor and that they are good enough for Oromo. For
such un liberated mind, it’s the manifestation of the Amharic saying “le
Gaalla nefs abbaat diaqon mech annesew”. We should reject such nonsense
in all its forms and in all spheres. It’s an insult to 50 million Oromos and we
deserve better.
· It’s about time that we unequivocally reject such sub-standard and
pretenders masquerading in our name. Let the experienced and seasoned
professionals do the job.

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