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2014 Ireechaa Celebration in Adelaide, South Austalia



On September 20, 2014, members of the Oromo community residing in the city of Adelaide, South Australia celebrated Irrechaa, Oromo Thanksgiving Day, at Bonython park by Torrens River. Members of the Oromo community came together in unison and celebrated the historic and iconic Oromo thanksgiving day in the sprit of unity and Orommumma.


The celebration ceremony was commenced as per Oromo culture and tradition by Oromo elder blessing. In his blessing speech an Oromo elder Obbo Ahmed Qumbi noted that, “Irreechaa was, is and will be Oromo’s Thanksgiving Day and will remain so”. Irreechaa is for Oromos and Oromos are for Irreechaa. It is not affiliated to Muslims, Christians or Waaqeefata.  It is Oromo’s celebration and will remain so.


Irreechaa was celebrated in the year when Orommumma and the struggle of Oromo people for freedom and unity was heightened and  its importance was deeply internalized than ever before.


The forebears and thinkers of Oromos invented and used one of the most progressive, inclusive and egalitarian socioeconomic, political, security/defence, systems where individuals and family live and rights are respected; the Gadaa system, a system where the Oromo people directly elected its own leaders. Like Gadaa system Irreechaa is another Oromo progressive and inclusive public celebration where children of one father and followers of different religion and faith come together to pray and thank their Waaqqaa/God. Our forbearers were not divided along side religion and faith to come together  and thank their Waaqqaa/God.


The core values and essence of Irreechaa is far more than coming together once a year. It is the essence of oneness, Orommumma and more importantly unity regardless of the faith or religion each one of us follow or believe in.  The elder also noted that Our people in Oromia are suffering and paying the highest price and underlined the importance of unity and promoting Orommumma and called upon all members of the Oromo communities and political parties for greater understanding and unity than ever before.


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