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Aljazeera English has done a great job for Oromo people. So did the panellists representing the issues. In my view, the team has performed excellent, given the complexities and width of the issues and problems at hand

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Aljazeera English has done a great job for Oromo people. So did the panellists representing the issues. In my view, the team has performed excellent, given the complexities and width of the issues and problems at hand. They clearly stated the problems and issues that we have been dealing with for last century and plus. They were able to also explain in sufficient and satisfactory way why Oromo issues should be treated and understood in different way than simply an ordinary problem that is related to any authoritarian regime. The degree of mutual understanding among the team members is beautiful as long as problem identification and explaining the manifestations of these problems is concerned. I am personally loved that of the show.

However, when it came to the prescriptions of solutions, the team could not articulate them in a very clear manner. It is very obvious that two main solutions were presented as alternatives in current Oromo politics: Democratizing Ethiopia and make Oromo people the beneficiary thereof or empowering Oromo people to decide on its fate through the process of self-determination, which I only understand as another term for free and fair public referendum. The first alternative was clearly presented and articulated by Mohammed Ademo. I believe it is sufficiently explained by him which is good.

The second alternative was simply passed over for unknown reasons. I thinkJawar has done his best, within the given circumstances, when he stated “it is up to Oromo people to decide for itself”. We have to be grateful for that but it could have been articulated( not necessarily by him but by the rest member of the team) in more clear and unambiguous manner. There is nothing we hide from the entire world because it is very legitimate and appropriate alternatives for current Oromo socio-political-economic demands. In this regard, I would like to be honest on the fact that how on earth Ob.

Fido could not state the programs and solutions that have been in OLF program for the last four decades? I believe he represented the “core OLF” who has been struggling to empower Oromo people to determine their fate through right to self determination up to secession. I do not see any political advantage to keep quite on these kinds of critical matters when everyone wants to hear what OLF has for Oromo people as a solution. Loving peace and prosperity is the desire of every human being. The most important question is how we can get the peace and prosperity we desire. There is a clear answer in OLF program and why he could not say it clearly and loudly? There are millions of Oromos who want to exercise their right to self determination and decide on the fate of their own and the generations to come. I am just wondering! Whatever is presented as a solution at Aljazeera English is just a beginning and there are very long ways to go in either ways: democratizing or allowing our people to make the proper and legitimate decision for themselves.
With this idea in mind, I loved the show and I am proud of the team’s performance.

Laggase Alamu

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  1. Thank you Jawar Mohammed Mohammed Ademo and Dr. Fido for articulating very well the unparalleled atrocities against our people in that empire.
    I think Mohammed has properly discharged his duty by pushing Aljazeera for the show. The job of a professional journalist is to expose, by any means, such injustices regardless of where it happens and by who.
    I am sure this would send a clear message to both the oppressed and the oppressors that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, we shall overcome! As an Oromo all we demand is freedom equality and justice not only for us but for all. We just want to be the author of our destiny, and the same for others. why this has to be wrong for goodness sake?
    I hope other nationalities in that country would sincerely understand that fighting for our right does not in any way translate into harming anybody else. We are fighting the system that has plunged all of us into the abyss of injustice inequality exploitation poverty hunger… name it.
    Of course, those who want to keep the status quo for one reason or another will never cease branding our just struggle anything that feeds their narratives. Whatever we say or do they seemed to have taken oath not to ever yield. Our appeal is not to them but to those who have been ill-informed about this peace loving people and its just struggle.

  2. yaada baayyee gaaridha kanaafuu ittti fufaa!!!very good idea please continue it!!!