Oduu Haaraya


By Taye Kissi Jima

History is blighted by the deeds of many evil men, tyrannies who used the masks of religion, patriotism, racism and myth as an excuse for some of horrifying crimes committed in human history. They instigated, waged wars, mass slaughter, conducted genocides, ethocides and sadism. Men like Menelik II, Leopold II, Lothar von Trotha, Cecil Rhodes, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mengistu Haile-mariam, Meles Zenawi and others that succumbed human life more than the pandemic diseases all in one did in the history of human being on this planet earth. Evil men virtually share common traits independent of time and place to whom power has meant a license to corrupt, maim, murder and terror. They are all ugly indeed, self-styled, greedy for power and conquest, and took as ingratitude of the writhing of its victims. They are selfish, alone, did not even trust their own shadow let alone to have friends indeed and societal interactions,thier rational part of the brain, the Cerebrum, where facts and fiction are analyzed, distilled, judged and evaluated are packed with myth, fiction, fables, ignorance, arrogance, pseudo-patriotism, racism and hatred in which they mesmerized a simple human emotion for which they prepared them to die

In this article, the National Socialist German Party, short Nazi led by Adolf Hitler and his 25 points of manifesto broadcasted in February 1924 officially and executed by Nazis and its analogy with the TPLF/EPRDF led by Meles Zenawi’s 34 point plans and execution to the very date are thoroughly analyzed.As it is very essential to have knowledge of the past, to understand the present, and look at the future, a glimpse of historical backgrounds of both parties and “Quasi states” are elucidated. The Five major significant points of Nazi plans designed by A. Hitler such as Mythology, Power, Land, Freedom of expression, and Targeted people policies, programs of operations and executions analogy are compared. Cilck Here For Full PDF 

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