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Beekaan sirna Gadaa Tokkos yeroo ILMAAN Oromoo gorsan akkas jedhu...Maqaa nuti hiika saa hin beekne hin moggaafatinaa...

Posted by Hangaatuu Tufaa Qabsooftuu on den 2 oktober 2015

Beekaan sirna Gadaa Tokkos yeroo ILMAAN Oromoo gorsan akkas jedhu…

Maqaa nuti hiika saa hin beekne hin moggaafatinaa jedhu! Jedhanii hin dhiisnee Maqaa Muhammad jedhuu fii Kadiija jedhu hiika isaa Namni beeku hin jiru jedhan!!! Kuni raajii dhuma⁉

Namni kun erga dhimma Maqaa kaase maaliif Maqaa Muhammadii fii Kadiijaatiin’eegale? ykn jalqabe? Dhuguma wanta hordoftootni Islaamaa
Maqaa Muhammad jedhuu fi Kadiija jedhu wanta isaan moggaafataniif wallaaleetii laata?⁉ Kuni wanta dhugarraa fagaateedha
Maqaan Muhammad jedhu Addunyaa kana gubbaatti Maqaa eenyuu ‘akka ta’e Namni hin beekne baay’ee xiqqaadha?
Nama hin beekneef Maqaan Muhammad jedhamu kun Maqaa Maqaa Rabbiitti ykn Waaqaatti anee waamamuudha.! Maqaa Muhammad jedhamu kana kan akka inni Maqaa Rabbiitti aanee dubbatamu taasise ykn murtii Ummata isatti Amanetti kenne Rabbi ykn waaqa qofaadha.
Akkamitti Rabbi ykn waaqayyo Maqaa isaatti aansee MUHAMMADIIN waame yoo jette? akkas jechuudhaan ufitti aansee waame 👉Laa’ilaaha’illallaahu Muhammad Rasuulullaahi ykn Rabbii tokko qofa malee gabbaramaan Dhugaa hin jiru ! Muhammadis ergamaa RABBIITI ykn waaqaati jechuudhaan waaqni ufitti aansee Maqaa isaa dubbateera! Waaqni Addunyaa kana gubbaatti Ergamtoota baay’ee’ergeera. Haata’u malee kan Rabbi Isaan keessa Maqaa Rabbiitiin akka wal qabatu taasise Muhammad qofaadha. Maaliif jechuun keessan hin hafu Namni hin beekne? Wanti Rabbi Maqaa Muhammadii fi kan isaa walqabsiiseef 1 ffaan Rabbi MUHAMMADIIN Ummata Addunyaa kana gubbaa jiru hundatti wanta’ergeefiidha! Nama qofa osoo hin ta’in Jiinnii ykn seexana ykn sheyxaanattis ergameera! JINNII jechuun wanta Ijji Nama’arguu hin dandeenye kan Addunyaa kana gubbaa jiraatan jechuudha! Muslimtootni JINNIIN maal’akka ta’e’akka gaaritti beeku jedheen amana👍
Muhammad malee’ergamtootni hundi dhuunfaadhaan gara Saba saanii qofatti’ergaman.
2 ffaan Ergamaa waaqaa isa xumuraati! MUHAMMADIIN booda Qiyaamaa ykn Dacherraa kaafamuun’ala Ergaan Rabbirra ‘eegan hin jiru wan ta’eefi !
Kadiijas Haadha Muslimtootaaddunyaa gubbaa jiranii hundaati! Kadiija Haadha Mana Ergamaa Aalaamaati!
Wanti’ani dubbii kana addaan baaseef Oromootni qulqulluun akka hubatuufi!
Hordoftoota Amantii ISLAAMAATIIN Maqaa kana jijjiiradhaa jechuunirra Kan isaanitti dhiyaatu Lubbbuu’isaanii Maatii’isaanii guutumatti dhabuu’isaaniif wayya!
Walumaagalatti Oromootni bifa walqeequu kanarraa yoo’walqusachuu ykn ufqusachuu baatan ufumaa wal nyaachuul ala Bilisummaan isaan eegan wanta jirtu natti hin fakkatu!

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  1. An namicha kana wahi beeka je’ee hin amanu. Maqaan Mohammadi fi maqaan Khadija maqaa eenyuu akka tahan ni wallaala jechuu kootii miti. Garuu, hayyummaa (intelligence) isaa, beekkumsa isaa waa’ee seenaa Oromoo tifii amantoota Oromoo akkasuma bilchala siyaasaa tifi bilchala manguddummaa tu irraa hanqata je’ee tin amana. Amantii ifii gad dhiisuun sabboonaa nama hin godhu. Maqaan kanuma abbaaf tahee tu maqaa dha. Abbaan fedhe “Damee” baafata, ka fedhe immoo “Malaakuu” baafata. Akkasuma ka fedhe Mohammed baafata. Maqaa chaalaa wanni walitti nu fidu Oromummaa dha. Amantii waliitti qoosuun, arrabsuun walitti dhufeenya keenya ni laaffisa malee hin jabeeysu.

    By the way, Muslims know very well the meaning of those names. Besides being our prophet’s name the name Mohammed means ” The reputable one”. Kadija was his wife and the first person who belived in and accepted him as the messenger of God. Mind you both names are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. I don’t believe for a second this this ignorant ass did not know the importance of these names among the Muslims. He was probably paid well by the wayanes to divide Oromos and weaken OMN. The sad thing is that our geneous OMN staff failed to see this and knowingky or unkowingly slipped this garbage for everybody to see. The OMN editorial Board, in its part disclaimer, part apology statement stated that the individual’s openion does not represent that of the OMN. It goes on to say that it wishes to balance between restricting freedom of expression of individuals and offensive statements. I have to say that the man went way beyond just making an offensive statement. His statement could even hurt the organization itself. Second, OMN has the responsibility 1) to correct the individusl right there and then. 2) to edit out the statement knowing that it was inappropriate. Let us face it, our community is not as mature as that of North America (the west). The majority our people are not media literate. We are also emotionally charged when our faith is insulted-we have little tolerance when it comes to our beliefs. So, our people cannot distingiuish beween an OMN opinion and that of an individual who is invited an expert to give advice. Therefore, OMN’s disclaimer that individual’s opinion does not represent that of the organization does not work in our society. The idea of balancing personal freedom of expression and offensive statements sounds nice. But at the end of the day, what is offensive is offensive and does not violate freedom of expression because the two are not on the same spectrum. OMN has faltered several times before. I am not sure if it is intentional or incompetence. In either case, it is not good. The knee-jerk reaction after the fact is almost always common. At the very least, it does not help the situation. At worst, it even adds fuel to the fire. For example, the statement that the clip was inserted by “unkown people” is a bad joke. How did those “uknown people” get into your studio, had access to the file? Was that after you edited the interview and cut out the offensive statement? why did you save the clip? Who are these unkown people? The wayane agents? or some kinds of invisible imaginary employees of OMN?? Like I said, it is a bad joke that is neither amusing nor explanatory.

    If you want to apologize, you come out and say sorry, we screwed up and we will be careful in the future. 1) you should never give conflicting statements. 2) you should never give lame excuses like the bad joke. There is no doubt in my mind that OMN needs qualified professional staff who are intelligent enough to be able to see things through and make intelligent decisions. Journalism is a highly demanding profession that requires the ability to see things from every angle. The Oromo community in diaspora needs to raise its future journalists. Until then, we will continue to have this studpidity because using Ethiopian-trained journalists is just not compatible with what this media is trying to accomplish. I hope that this organization won’t collapse because of such stupidity.