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Boeing-plan kraschlandade i San Francisco

A Boeing 777 aircraft, belonging to Asiana Airlines, crashed on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport in the U.S. state of California. Evidence suggests that the majority of the approximately 300 persons on board survived without serious injuries.

A video recording from the local television station KTVU shows the smoke rising up from the plane, which is more or less parallel to the airport runway, severely damaged. Fire appears to have broken out during or after landing. KTVU writes on its news site to the rear of the plane should have been torn off when the plane landed.

An eyewitness says the TV station that the plane’s landing gear just taken the ground when the tail broke off. Another task says that the front landing gear does not hit the ground, suggesting that the plane was too stegrat relative to the track when the ground contact followed.

The plane appeared to have taken the land directly at the runway start, suggesting an abnormal landing. The distance margin pursued has for unknown reasons failed to materialize.

Data from the fire department says that passengers on board is in need of treatment for burns.

According to several media, about 300 people have been on board the plane. A small number of passengers have suffered burns but according nätsajten The Hill, referring to the Federal Aviation Administration FAA, said to one person being seriously injured.

A passenger on board the plane, David Eun, tweeting that the plane just crashed, but most are on board seems to be okay:

“I just crashed into SFO. The tail severed. Most seem to have survived. I’m ok. Surreal, “writes Eun, according to TT.

A former pilot interviewed by news CNN television said, after reviewing the track on the runway, the plane probably took land earlier than intended. Then it should have rotated – moved sideways, maybe a full turn – before it stopped next to the runway.

According to the local weather service was the meteorological conditions urgently “ideal” at the time of the crash, reports CNN.

The plane came from Soeul in South Korea and had flight number 214. Asiana Airlines is one of South Korea’s major airline, founded in 1988.

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