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Call for Demonstration at Saudi-Arabien Embassy in Germany,Concerning Human Right Violations against Oromos and Nation and Nationalities of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

A Protest demonstration will be organized by Union of Oromo Students in Germany(UOSG), the concerned Oromo Communities, and Ethiopian nations and nationalities in Germany and will  take place in front of the Saudi Arabia consulate in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Germany,Frankfurt Main
Date: Thursday, Nov. 21,2013

Time: 13:00 -17:00

Place: Demonstration Starts from Haupt Bahnhof (main train station) up to Generalkonsulat des Königreichs Saudi-Arabien, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49,

The concerned Oromo Communities, Union of Oromo Students in Germany and Ethiopian nations and nationalities in Germany strongly condemns the mass killing, inhumanlyy killing, torturing, murdering, massacring, brutal treatment and being raping by Saudi citizens and security forces publicly more than ever. Moreover, the current situation in Saudi Arabia is not politics rather it is all about humanity in line with the International Law for violating the UN Human Rights Declaration of 1948,Articles 3,5, and 7.

“The whole world have to condemn the Human Right Violations in Saudi Arabia against immigrants of Oromos,Nation and Nationalities of Ethiopians.”hE2avXMV14l3w 8bFKCO8gsfGQ 9VRX6 1czvkiAjcaSrhbFjG8ehAr3Ck viYBz7EHh45WmOHdvGxbeOTax5DW1BKPUP5 IFDmwnzthj3UeiDP De aSA7tUHVtFcyZ0Ay4hQnK1lkqevMOsKsJKQ887om19j0JJO7MKuv gnFGJXb i Zq3Q0Tht7JwrrYF2GDsSYeoXHC7GeWQwyY8IEAiugYEk0Lqcf1AMLbSblZkWSe A2B 2bNyLxuejlbi3UB8D9TPlwWa7Rq6MkuA0dUSBAsrTnZNjaEd8xvSiMTjuUVkENe3XufNaL6oJfh uBF3PYUfDvJV0oO27QIm7v0




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