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Crimes committed against the Eritrean people by Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia

Eritreans amputated by Minilik II, 1896

Eritreans amputated by Minilik II, 1896

January 19, 2014 (Facebook) – These photo were taken in 1896 in a field hospital in Massawa, Eritrea. It depicts Eritrean askari (soldiers) and some Italian officers. The soldiers were captured in a battle on March 1, 1896, between the invading Italian colonial army and Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

The Abyssinias won the battle and 2000 Eritrean soldiers who were in Italian service were killed and 800 were captured. As punishment for what the Ethiopians regarded as treason, the right hand and left foot of the captured were cut off. According to the Italian subtitle this was done at the monastery of Abba Garima east of Adwa, in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Many of the captives died from their injuries.

This video (source https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=497995930253874) was made for the exhibition “The Storage – An Ethnographic Treasure” displayed at the Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, Sweden.


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Source: Facebook

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