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Thousands of ONLF, OLF and Somalis protest against Ethiopian delegates

January 19, 2014

Thousands of Ogaden National Liberation Front and Oromo Liberation Front protested against a delegation from Ethiopian government on Saturday.This comes after cash-strapped Ethiopian Regime sent delegates to United Kingdom for fundraising for its Nile water dam construction project.

The protesters were shouting in a loud voice down,down Woyane down and waving banners that refers the Ethiopian government as a terrorist state.

The protesters stopped the Ethiopian delegation to hold a meeting in a hotel near Ethiopian Embassy to London.

Opposition sources say, the delegates led by Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen were accompanied with Ethiopian-appointed Somali Regional President of Abdi mohamoud Omar aka Abdi Iley and members from the federal government that became got bogged down with waves of anger protesters.

The British police did not disperse the protesters that have been chanting anti-Woyane slogans since they were well organized and non-violent protesters,this follows after the main Ethiopian oppositions held a conference in Germany last week,in which the Allied Forces of Somali Politicians, ONLF,OLF, and members from Eritrea diaspora vowed to topple the Ethiopian regime which they regard as “an illegal government”.

However,the groups of Ogaden National liberation Front and Oromo Liberation Front allied against TPLF-Led of Ethiopian Regime and both of these groups are Independence seeking movements that have been fighting for the full independence of Oromia and Ogaden Region for the last three decades.

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