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Truth Barometer#3


Part II

In the first part of the article the vehicles, the mechanize of the intervention of the colonizer of the mind, the state of the awareness of the colonized mind and outputs were thoroughly discussed. And this part is the continuation of it.

  1. c) This intervention affects central aspects of the mind’s structure, mode of operation, and contents.

Our current knowledge how our brain functions find in the dawn. There are more questions to be answered than the reverse. But what is general said that everything begins in the brain and an estimated over three-quarters of our accomplishments of anything is credited to brain or mind holds true. A branch of medicine called cognitive psychology studies the performances, the way stimulus or information received, stored, processed and solved or responded in the brain. So to say, analog to a computer given inputs-processed-stored and gave the outputs. The computer or robot takes a responsibility automatization functions and computing it gives us the results. Literally, the brain can be defined as the very much sophisticated super computer that we do have no comparatives if taken entirely.

Once our land was occupied by physical violence (wars) and controlled, the long-lasting psychological war began in earnest. Psychological war (PW)- (Waraana (Duula) xiinsammu) that can be considered a silent killer. It alters the central structure  of the cognitive performances and its process in the mind of the colonized by the colonizer. That is why, the Abyssinia colonizers waged PWs on the history, culture, social fabric, virtually on everything of Oromo and the indigenous people of south incarcerated in the empire for survival and development of her birthplace on the fate of the others south to her original turf of settlement. Parallel to the occupation by wars, she renamed settled areas, personal names, through forced conversions, psychological terror, gave fancy, derogative, deformed names, she adopted to her languages outside of Africa. She knew that the relationships between history and culture are an analog to the jugular vein and Achilles tendon of the human body.That was where the systematically planned ethnocide began with an objective to erase, if she can all, the identity, history, cultural goods, moral, ethics, taboos, norms, symbols, traditional celebrations, faith and rituals what natural make human (Homo sapiens sapiens)  an exceptional species from other animal species.

These attempts were made by intervening and through injecting her poisons stimulus based on myth, fables, superstitions packed of lies she imported.The paranoia of it is she did and still do not know it for herself what the imported myths and fables, but pretends so that she is knowledgeable and intelligent until one proves her stupid and caught her red-handed. She has a perception of extraordinary arrogance to put herself at the pinnacle, all for her political (to rule), psychological ( to boast), material (to loot), and social (hierarchy) satisfaction.The ethnocide she committed for centuries to the present was/is to detach the indigenous people from their deeply rooted culture, moral, ethics, taboos, and norms linked to their forbears and heritages. By doing so the cognitive performances of the brain structure of the victims of PW without any alternatives ultimately changed.The PW victims in receiving stimulus, storing, processing, behaving, reacting, responding and in resolving everything gradually in favor of the culprit: the colonizer as a product of assimilation memories, stored stimulus or information.The colonized mind perceived the information of  the colonizers as truth, universal, applicable and executable in the real world. In doing that the victims cognitive consciousness, the colonized mind carries the mind of his master commonly called the head of the stranger; the colonizers in That is why the Oromos say: ‘Kun ykn Tun akka habashati yaada ykn yaadi.’ Furthermore, the colonizers also gave and still give training to his slave to be a good servant in all sphere of life, but not to challenge his power and its profits by any means possible. To give an example Pavlov’s dog behavioral studies that proved the unconditional stimulus trigger unconditional response by correlating food and saliva production of the dog. Today, trained police dogs do outstanding jobs reacts and responds to his master’s command based on the stimulus stored in the brain through training and awards for good jobs the dog has done, analog to the slave mind. Suppose if the master puts his mentally slaved on the top of Bale Mountain or on the top of Qarree Go’aa cliff (on the top of the Nile valley) to jump down and commands, ready! Go! The slave mind executes the order without hesitation. The master (geeta) finally says goodbye my loyal servant (yene ashker) peace up on you somewhere else in heaven and goes back to his cage (goojoo). The Vultures of the Nile Valley in Qarree Go’aa and Bale Mountain says thank you, Master, you make my day. The meal was very exceptional, never has had it before, for sure, nothing will be left for termites, even the hairs and the nails of your Ashker is edible.

During the fratricidal wars fought between Isaias of Eritrea and Meles of fake Ethiopia alleged to “border disputes” it was estimated by several  independent medias that seventy to hundred twenty thousand soldiers sent in waves to the no man’s land with land mines  in between the trenches were killed from both sides that hold two-and-a-half years. Isaias official announcement claimed Nineteen thousand Eritreans were killed. As we know from the history of the empire over three–quarters of the low grade, foot soldiers, and military service providers were Oromos and the people of the south physically, but habeshanized, coated by “Ethiopiawent-color” in their mind. So far, no one expects the exact figures from TPLF tyrannical regime. The logic can be obtained from reducing the causality of Eritrea claimed from total estimates that go to the account of the TPLFEthiopia.” And from this account and over three-Quarters of them were the slave minded Oromos “Ashkers.” that turned to land mine food in the Tigre desert, unknown terra far away from home. For the vultures flying over no man’s land desert, food in surplus, a God-given reward. The slave minded soldiers of Oromos and the southern people by name died in services of their masters similar to the Askaris (Africa local troops) who died for their European colonial masters during the scramble for African continent. All is about the cloned brain and altered structures in favor of his masters.

Thus, having a meaning full Oromo, Sidama, Ogaden, Afar, Benshangul-Gumuz, etc., names and faces, but colonial mind,gray matter coated or masked with “Ethiopiwent” as a result of the Amharaized /Habeshanized brain spins and cognitive dysfunctions serve only his masters. To their natives in reverses, they were/are equivalent to a child that bites his mutters breast. The very reasons why Oromos conveyed their voices of grievances by saying:“ Gandi mal nuyi godhee, eessaati qa’ee fi afaan keenya beeka, warruma keenya kan aka saree fuuldura fi booda deemutu kan male.”. When translated into  English roughly means  “Our challenges in real is not the strangers per se who knew nothing about our land and language,but those of ours who runs fore and back with them,” since their ancestral soil was occupied by the aliens of the north to the present.

We all remember what the leader of the gangsters TPLF club Meles once said: “If the Oromos are not Ethiopian, they can invade the whole Africa and rule.” If we analysis this stimulus or information, how does the brain of the slaved mind (Ashkers) and liberated mind; Sabboona(tu)  responds and acts, one can find that the action the statement trigger or induces are diametrically opposite, although the are equally colonized by the same colonizers.

The Askers is a successful product of long-lasting interventions of cognitive performances by his master, a good assimilate whom the master trusts for his duties and accomplishments and gained psychological awards as a “true Ethiopian.” As in Pavlov’s-dogs experiment of the unconditional commands of brain-food-Saliva in the dog, similarly, the unconditional stimulus of the brain in the mind of the colonized induces the production of endorphin (opioid like substance) from the master gland. The secreted opoid like  substance triggers and stimulates as a reward, a feeling of happiness, belongingness, recognition, proud, importance and inclusiveness. In folks daily vocabulary, the slave (the Ashker) mind is “high”or “miirqaanee” and the rest of the body system responds according to the level and availability of endorphin production and circulation.

The same stimulus in liberated mind (Sabboona(tu) triggers the fact that the stolen word of greek origin Aethiops, is a “common curse,” can not even correctly pronounce, late alone to be considered as the member of it. The (Sabboona(tu) s are allergic to it, because of the fact of Master –Slave relationships in the history of the empire, and the name itself triggers in their mind the gruesome acts of genocides, and ethnocides she conducted to their people in the pasts and present. The liberated mind does not need Greek names, to be considered “civilized,”by anyone, and proud of their own beautiful, meaning full names of heritages  of their homeland. They can count their pedigree of ancestral roots in both sides of their parents to the extent one needed,the tangible proves of originality; Abba Biyuummaa; and unique culture, the owner of their territories before the coming of aliens to the region. liberated mind The Oromos has never have had a culture of invasion, they have a culture of  defense and protection of their ancestral soil and its belongings. Mother nature has given all that Oromos need in their blessed territories, Biyya Oromoo /Oromia.They are primordial or autochthonous people, deep rooted to their ancestral soil, who love their Qa’ee, where each and every inch has its own history to tell.

Whereas the Abyssinians were /are the offsprings of continuous invaders and divers, the Genghis-khan of the horn of Africa, with exception “they ca not differentiate horse from donkey let alone to rid like the Mongolians Genghis-khan. They have had an unbroken history of arrogance, superstitions, hypocrisy, deep-rooted racism, and fanaticism. We ”Thanks” to the unconditional support of the greedy foreigners, the Europeans, the USA and the others too, who supplied her all that she needed and still needs to survive and in creating  on of the barbaric empire on this planet. Thus, what the leader of the TPLF-Gangster reflected is not known for the southern peoples. As it has been in the past, he is telling his own history and culture of deeply rooted invasion, but not real about Oromos and the south people who he  virtually knew nothing except plundering and tyranny and plans of systemic assimilation or extermination for centuries that must be known whenever we deal with aliens of the north, the Abyssians.


(d) Its effects are long-lasting and not easily removable.

The major challenges of a colonized mind (ashker) is the dysfunctionality of the cognitive consciousness, as a result of a long-lasting process of assimilation that can be compared to a patient infected with cancer disease, whose cause is multifaceted, so as to the colonizations of mind. Cancer diseases are rarely recognizable and detectable by the patient himself, during the asymptomatic progress in the cellular level. The patient rarely aware of it until it reaches  some stages and manifests some visible signs of discomfort internally, symptoms like pain, organ dysfunctionality, irregularities of the systems of the body, internal bleeding, etc. This is a time when the patient aware and consults the physician, if available. At this stage, if Cancer has its upper hand, distributed into other tissues, organs and systems of the body beyond its origin, and found in malignant state (Metastasis: a Greek word, meaning “displacement” that indicate the probability of recovery is very low and more sadly it may relapse and finally the patient dies. That is why early or regular screen for cancer disease is standardized in some progressive countries. Analogue to the courses of cancer, mental colonization is also rarely detectable by the colonized people,”. Depending on the intensity and efforts of active participation of the colonized to assimilate, physically, mentally and the service given to his master, mostly determines the state and level of mental decolonization or recovery. The fewer efforts the physical colonized makes an attempt to assimilate in mind, the higher the probability of recovery and vice-versa. In other words, the more effort and the longer the colonized served as a vehicle for his master without hesitation, like a running horse, the harder it will be to recover from mental slavery.The colonized mind that had served, and still serves as a comfortable captive of mind or a prisoner of myth, fable, and conceptual incarceration have no returns from serving his master as loyal until his death; lifelong services.

Once, the mentally colonized or arrested was/is satisfied with the masters awards for his services and loyalty, such as prefixes (titles), a small share of economic,pocket money,etc., benefits as a psychological foods given as promotions, with an illusions of inclusion, importance, and recognition by his masters. As in cancer, mental colonization has also multifaceted causes, complex cognitive disturbance, and performances, and crucially needs to be considered as all multiple factors. in one.It will not be wrong if the colonized mind is diagnosed as societal cancer, a schizophrenia patient while the patient carries not his own but the mind of his colonizers; strange in mind. What exists in the real world does not exist in the colonized mind and replaced with the colonizers myth, fictions, and arts of world view. For instance, We still hear, read statements like “There is no Oromo, Sidama,Ogaden, Afar and other over eighty Ethno-nationals incarcerated in the empire, but one “Ethiopia, Religion, Langauge, Nation,etc.,” or we want to “democratise, the barbaric empire, we want true this and that~ism,  a day dreamers. The irony of it is when the colonized people, the victims apply it on themselves as if they are included in the empire who planned to wipe them out of this planet. While no patient wants to hear to be diagnosed with cancer that meant in most cases “death,”so as to the  long-lasted colonized mind will not like to hear to be diagnosed like you are a carrying your masters head.Frantz Fanon reminds us: all determined by his masters

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

(e) There is a marked asymmetry of power between the parties involved

The relationships between the Abyssinia proper, the colonizer that were extended to five to six time from her original size in the last quarter of the 19th century and established as predatory-prey interlinks with the south as a whole. As it was discussed in my previous article, that the inhuman acts conducted by Abyssinians independent of time was and still is all about the exploitation of rich resources of the south and transports back to his birth places and its own Coffer. Thus, the development of the north is directly proportional to the under-development of the south since she was invented . Currently,the voice of grievances the sounds in relation to the current tyrannic gangsters regime in their language that says:”Oromiyya tidima,Tigray yilama,” when roughly translated it mean: “Let Oromia bleeds for the sake of or on the fate of the development of Tigray.”.The aliens of the north lived and still lives by seeking the blood of the south since the creation of the Empire for over centuries. The rest is a dead loss, we can call it whatever we like. For instances, she brought a civilization to the Indigenous people. Indeed, no one on this planet invades the other to civilize, and chop once head, leg and arm off, hangs in marketplaces, puts in jail, rape, evicted from the ancestral soil, conducted genocides and ethnocide. Not surprising the aliens of the north knew/knows that for dead sure, but never said and will never say it. Never wrote and will never write it that is the paradox of the issue.

Under this subtitle, it suffices to emphasize on the colonizers of the aliens of the north and shift the gear to the colonized mind, the south as one unit. Since the territorial south to Abyssinia proper was occupied by force, the colonizers simultaneously established the master–slave bondage and interactions with its colony physically and mentally.The master commands from the top post packed with loyal gangsters club to be executed at the bottom without hesitation. And, in no circumstance can it be the reverse, so far the colonizers maintain the power of  the empire. The colonizer order, plan the activities to be accomplished by all means possible to his servitudes in resolving the plan to earn the highest possible profit from it in return. In this bond, the colonized mind acts as a soldier that executes the commands of his higher ranking commander. The duty of the soldier is to execute the order and to proof its accomplishment at last. As a result, if the accomplishment is satisfactory to his commander and earns a good profit, the soldier (a slave mind) will be feed with the bloated title. If he/she is an ordinary soldier without rank, he/she will be promoted one step forward. Fancy names and fancy numbers of stars will be awarded. Some amount of material benefits, like pocket money, land ownership, servants, and special entertainment ceremonies will be organized as an exceptional devoted hero or state lover and sacrifice as a physiological award. These are the food of mind that the colonizers must perform for further services, loyalty  and wipe out the doubt of exclusion of the colonized mind. Most importantly for propaganda machinery and future purposes, such as to motivate the whole troops and to attract new recruits for the service of the empires long live slogans and propaganda dreams of the colonizers.

Summing up the capital we must remember that only liberated mind liberate his land and his people. We may theorize to the extent we want the word “democracy.” crate“political parts” with attractive graphics and gathering with look-alikes in our comfortable zone in the virtual world, but the fact on the ground today than yesterday speaks a language of violence has no pardon and no mercy.Thus, bring back the word “democracy” similarly “Aethiops” to the Athenian greeks and restore with our own system and dismantle one of the barbaric empires the world knows. Everything begins in the brain the rest follows its command.



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