Oduu Haaraya


Johar Mohammadiin

As you all are witnesses, the TPLF regime has openly declared war against the Oromo people peacefully protesting massive land grab in the name of Master Plan. This arrogant and dangerous declaration must be defeated by any means necessary.

1) The various tactics being undertaken so far, such as sit-ins,mourning, walkouts, demonstrations should be maintained and expanded with more creativity and dramatization.

2) The main reason why TPLF is killing Oromos is because it wants to rob our wealth without restriction and trade without competition. Therefore the most punishing tactic that will bring the regime to its knee is to cripple its economic activity in Oromia. Its product and service should be boycotted, movement of its goods and properties obstructed, operations of its factories disabled. This must be done by any means necessary taking into account the risk to our operatives, tactical feasibility of the action and the cost it could impose on the regime. We are gathering information on companies owned by TPLF, its allies and its leaders, and we will publish it publicly very soon. Please show solidarity with our farmers by providing us with any and all information about companies, businesses and factories owned by TPLF and its allies. We shall and will bankrupt
these murderers.

3) The regime will need to transport its soldiers from border areas and across the country. Therefore, the tactic of road blockage that has already successfully implemented in several towns need to be expanded. Main road and tributaries shall be blocked. This operation will be implemented by every small village by placing homemade blockade on roads. Larger scale operations might be needed to disable major highways. The details of scale and timing shall be decided based on assessment of operatives on the ground. In addition to obstructing military movement, roadblock is useful to aid strategic economic crippling mentioned above. We must do whatever it takes to obstruct the regime from moving its killing machines and stolen property.

4) In the diaspora we shall continue with the protest and lobbying effort. In addition to winning friends to the cause and trying to influence policies foreign governments, our main goal should be to paralyze TPLF’s diplomatic and trade activity in Europe, US and Australia. ( details of tactics and action to be followed will be communicated internally).

5) We have reached a point of no return. Our political leadership and intelligentsia needs to act quickly and decisively to pull resource together, build our capabilities and pave road map towards the unraveling future, whatever that might be..

TPLF is only as strong as our fear and as effective as our cooperation with them. The psychology of fear has been shattered over the last month. Now we shall paralyse them withdrawing our cooperation and weaken and eventually disable their ability to freely their soldiers and business on our soil. Time to show them what the Oromo are are made of !!

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