Oduu Haaraya



By Odaa Hora


Today, more than ever

Today, the term democracy is turned amorphous. more than ever. Whoever, tyrants, warlords, military juntas, or authoritarian monarchies, or political despots, etc., would never call themselves Anti-democratic, once sat tall inon the saddle of the political power indeed. They stick the name “democracy” as quickly as possible to their “quasi-state”,” region under their control.


The artificial vitae of tyrannical regimes, such as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who attested the term to their regimes are indeed listed on the tail end of the global democratic rankings index, and denoted as the most repressive regimes at the internationalglobal scale. It must be pointed out that these are only some of the examples notedstated among many others who commit a crime against humanity under the masks of democracy currently in the global scale such as Syria, Myanmar, etc. in the world.


The article explores and ferrets out why, the the deep-rooted, anti-democratic, and subhuman establishment of one of the poorest, barbaric, predatory empire of Habesha or Abyssinia since here creation and the current TPLF-Fascists prefixed “Federal democracy” to the Empire.

The primitive, backward Habesha or Abyssinian settlers, where beggars, ignorant, and bigoted debterasdebtars “priests” infested the land, where the militias-gun carriers and local warlords predated on the local people called the Gafol system: predatory-prey relationship’s and that the local victims was considered as the “locust Plague” in Abyssinia proper and the contemporary TPLF-Fascists prefixed “Federal democracy” to the Empire under their prime control.


The deep-rooted, anti-democratic culturebrought toward the south what they inherited from their forefathers that brought toward the south and as a result subhuman establishment of one of the poorest, barbaric, predatory empire of Habesha or Abyssinia was based holds true to the present day in the empire.


Analog to the European colonizers, the Habesha /Abyssinia, the offspring of divers and invaders was singularly represented by all major colonizers in Berlin conference in 1884/85 to becomebecome part of the scramblers. The European colonialist who were competing for pieces of turf and footholds against each around the Red Sea coasts in the horn of African region as gateway to the heart of Africa decided to support the local warlords rather than occupying her individually and to avoid internal conflicts of interests and clashes between themselves and from butchering each other on the African soil as it was in the case of Fashoda (now Kodok, South Sudan) incident between the British and the French in September 1898.


They created her as an extended arm of the European colonialism of Africa indirectly in their own mirror image within Africa with common ideological myths, fables, and practices based on racism, elimination and assimilation policies of the native Africans, Slave trade etc.


Empires internal conflicts of interests and clashes between themselves.

At this junction of history, three rival local Warlords (Sheftans) who were raised in power in Abyssinia such as Twoderos (1855-1868), Yohannis IV (1867-1889) and Menelik II (1857-1913) were provided with all necessary tools, firearms, advisors, finance, training, mercenaries, techniques of suppressions etc., by the European colonialist competing against each other to levy their sphere of influence.


They created her as an extended arm of the European colonist of Africa in their own mirror image within Africa with common ideological myths, fables, and practices based on racism and eliminations, assimilations policies of the native Africans, Slave trade etc.

As a result of the war of colonization waged by the barbaric, primitive, predatory settler colonial Abyssinia was increased over five to sixes time as her original size during Menelik II Hager maqnat policy (Extermination and resettlement Policy). He was credited by the settlers, called the “Otto Bismarck” of Germany, nicknamed Iron-chancellor: a Prussian autocrat. The pontifices and the prayers of Immiyee Menelik (Mother Menelik) to come back from his graveyard by the settlers who infested and reproduced in the south who beatbit the empty drum are yet available. It is not yet a dead recipe.


In defending their land and their identity over five million Oromos were massacred within ten years alone from 1880-1900 by the Warlord called Menelik II: a Pitch black spot skinned Leopold II from and within Africa. Similarly, over ninetyeighty non-Semitic stocks of ethno-nationals of the whole south were conquered, and incorporated and are incarcerated in this prison house to the present.


The Paradigms of Naming and Shaming the Abyssinian Empire


After the death of Menelik more significantly, Tefere Mekonnen, “Haile Selassie” (1930-1974) coming to power through an internal coup and followed the footsteps of Menelik. He renamed the Empire, known as Habasha or Abyssinia to “Ethiopia” and attested “KingdomKing Doom” to her and adopted the first written constitution for himself from the Meiji constitution of Imperial Japan. He stole the. The term Ethiopia stole from the names given by Greeks “Aethiops” to the Black people of Africa and AfricanAfrica descendants in the Asian continent to mess-up and confuse the world by replacing it as the kinfolks of the Black civilization known as the C(K)ush in Hebrew language translated to Greek Aethiops and final as Ethiopia in the African world history. That is where the diabolic liars of 3000 years of civilizations of Abyssinia of “Semitic-stock” who waged wars of eliminations on the some African-Black civilization along the Great Nile River and destroyed Meroe in the past and continued to destroy the Gada System of Oromos and the Lua system of Sidamas from the day of their arrival in the continent to the very date.


It is unfortunate that the double gangs of Abyssinia (Amahar and Tiger) were able to confuse the world in using the stolen term “Ethiopia” as their trademark and profited from it to the very date and wage wars on the authentic Black African civilization.

As to history Abyssinia as Blanc reminds us:


Abyssinians, I regret to say, are cowardly, adepts at low treachery, lazy, pretentious, and pompous. Naturally drunkards and gluttons, they are only abstemious by necessity, and their festivals are but low and coarse orgies. Except the working peasants, there is nothing in them to praise or extol. Beggars infest the land; the priests are ignorant and bigoted; the soldiers, the curse of the country. They have no literature, no means of recreation. Their conversation is a revolting incoherent talk, partly blasphemous, partly lascivious, and when they favoured us with their society, always ending in requests for favours. When we state that cleanliness is a shame, debauchery no disgrace, robbery, treachery, and murder glorious deeds, we have summed up the qualifications most prized by that degraded race; and if their timorous nature made them recoil before the daring act of murdering the white men, their guests, they enjoyed, at least for a while, the idea of their importance, and swaggered, full of pride, before the few helpless individuals their king detained in captivity and in chains!”


The military Junta, who took over the despotic monarchy, Mengistu Haile Mariam (1974-1991) attested to his Empire the “Socialist Republic”, who ruled with terror and horror for solid 17 years under the mantra of Socialism. The new TPLF-Fascist gangs and killer commandos  (1991-to present) who come to power under the auspices and the authorization of the USA in 1991 renamed her to the “Federal Democratic Republic”  that turned to a license, to gain all accesses from the foreigners the so-called “political democratic west,” and others regimes and companies.


The TPLF-Fascist committed the crime against humanity: Genocide and Ethnocides in each and every angle of the empire, and more intensively in Oromia what the world have destined to witness, irrefutable facts in each and every angle in Oromia with higher intensity for the last 28 years, and it is going on right now,


Thus, Yet, this myth and the diabolic lies of 3000 is not a snow from yesterday. It exists and echoes in minds of mercenary foreign scholars mind and all Abyssinians, the aliens of the north who catapulted to the political power through gunpowder and intrigues throughout her survival and maintains in general, from the era of Menelik- to-Meles; the contemporary TPLF-EPRDF fascists especially.


The terms they all prefixed to their empire was indeed an insult to its literally basic dictionary definitions, call it Kingdom, Socialism, Federal Democracy, and what else not, late alone to be practiced as the system to serve, administrate, keep peace and tranquility of the people incarcerated in the empire. The truth on the ground speaks diametrically the opposite language and that is they are all Settler colonists as a result genociders and ethnociders without exception by all standard and that is the whole history of settler colonialism. One monster taking over the other under gunpoint and committing crimes against humanity in worst form in series. They are all cut from the same cloth ruling with iron-fist of utilizing loyal military commands as a vanguard of the establishment that they all trusted, invested in it, employed and deployed them to commit atrocities of any arts: the divisions of labor of the dogs of wars.


The despotic monarchy was shot dead by the Military junta, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and Mengistu was forced to escape out of the Empire on his last hours orchestrated by the USA who saved his Neck, before the people’s liberations fronts who fought against him throughout his terror and horror rules of solid 17 years got him dead or shoot him dead in Finfinnee.


The TPLF-brigands what was thought to settle the over a century old rules tyrannical rules of the of the empire that the dominations of the aliens of the north namely the Amhara’s will come to an end, and with the hope the chronical subjugation, elimination, and assimilation policies of the aliens of the norths versus the south as a whole that established the predator-prey relationships and considered as their properties may last within the Abyssinia Empire and adopted the Federal Democratic Republic, artificial vitae. In fact, it did not, and the opportunities of 1991-1992 were turned to a dead-born child to the people of the south as a whole and the Oromos especially.


Oromoness is the simplest, the clearest and the least theoretically sophisticated nation who see them self as a single person’s will and single common purpose from heroes and heroines sacrificedsacrified since the occupations and the creation of the empire for centuries and Scarifies right now their life for the Liberation of their ancestral soil, culture, language, religion and traditions of their own from the barbaric, backward, predators settler colonial occupations and the Fascists of the alien of the north to the very date.


In fact what every name was attested to the empire one tyrant replacing the other tyrants they were are absolute misnomer call it socialism as it was the case during the military junta 17 years of terror and horror, war and famine, eviction and incarcerations and federal democracy since the TPLF-fascists has iron gripped the political power; an extension of the military junta in its worst form.


The TPLF-Fascists attested the term Federal Democratic Republic to their trade mark and their private properties analogy to A. Hitlers NAZI Reich (regime) of Germany, with the exceptions that the TPLF-rebel gangs backwardness, poor, semi-illiterates, ignorant brigades who come out of Tigray desert and who in desperately depend on the foreigner States, such as the USA and her allies at the beginnings and other regimes and companies for aids of all forms, to gain all tools of repressions, firearms, finances, training, advisors, etc, on one hand, and the gun-carriers, the POWs and the internal mercenaries and cold-bloodedcoldblooded killers to accomplish the dirty works with in the empire and beyond.


The contemporary EPRDF of TPLF command attested the term “federal democracy” and utilized it as a license to corrupt, maim, murder, rape, arrest and evict in mass, plunder resources without no limit, exploit cheap labors, commit envirocide in its worst form since their feet hold Fifinnee: the placenta land of the Oromo people.


They used the term “federal democracy” as a visiting card, permission of acceptances and grant to the global financial loans and credits like the World Bank, IMF, NGOs, ruthless donor states, companies, privates, across the globe that the TPLF-Fascists dreadfully needs to survive and to maintain the power in their own hand and to execute their own hidden agenda of systemic eliminations of the natives in the empire, and resettlement with the aliens, from their birthplace and exploit the resources of the south and enrich their birthplace and their privacy. Within years they turned from nil to billionaires on the fate of the resources of the Oromo’s and the Southern people incarcerated in the empire.


The TPLF-Fascistsfascists used the term as, a magnet of attraction, as nectar is to the Bees, an invitation card, stimulus via Seas and Oceans for a poly-gloated, profit geared, moral and ethic-less States, regimes and corresponding companies to grab the lands form the natives and exploit natural resources ruthlessly, limitlessly and polluted the environment, poisoned water and soil as if there will be no tomorrow on this blue planet, and ship it back to their homeland.


These were and still are response less and compassion to arrogance, superciliousness and indifference of the suffering, the eviction and the flight of the native Oromo and others alike from this prison house to save their life. Although similar trends of mass eviction, displacement, refugium are happing in the rest of African people ruled by tyrannical regimes, the so-called “Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia” ruled the TPLFs-Gangs took the lead followed by the so-called Democratic Republic of Congo within the continent. In the discourses of evictions and flights of the natives from their ancestral soilflights of the native Oromo and others alike from this prison house.


Although, the similar episodes are happing in the rest of African people ruled by tyrannical regimes. In these discourse of evictions and flight from their ancestral soil, the TPLFs-gangs of the Abyssinian Empire took the lead within the continent. Independent of the place of their origin the profit geared, moral and ethic-less States, regimes, corresponding companies and privates were /are infected with the viruses of believing themselves as “civilization and development bringers” clad under the mantra of the so-called “globalization,” the term that proofed itself nothing but a license to re-scramble the natural resources and the cheap labors of the African people and alikes, ship back to their motherland similar to their fathersfather and grandfathers.

What is changed is that the dirty works of eviction of the people and weeping out the flora and the fauna of the continent was / and is predominantly accomplished by the local tyrants by deploying their gun-carriers sponsored by the poly-gloated foreign enterprise and greedy states, regimes around the world rather than direct interventions of their armed forces and mercenaries as it was the case during the African Holocaust committed by the British Empire of Cecil John Rhodes (1896-1902) Leopold II of Belgium Empire (1885-1909), Lothar von Trotha (1894-1905) and the French Colonial Policy of Assimilation from 1890-1915 of the 19Th century is a continuations of over 4 centuries of gruesome, sub-human acts the world had never seen that killed over 120 million African life the Chattel Slaver across the Atlantic Ocean where the scares are not yet healed.


These indisputable facts on the surface proved in reality cheeks and are against to the International Law: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948 that affirmed that genocide: crime against humanity is an international concern not more of local or regional regimes or quasi-states and must be punished under international law and the civilized world must condemn, cooperates with international criminal court and the perpetrators must be brought to and punished under international law.


Post the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and fall of Berlin wall, the Political westerners lead by the USA and their allies the European mainly deliberately breeded, branded the African tyrants, authorized and catapulted them to the political power. They authorized, supported them and maintained them so far their profits rings, and they did and do not care of the suffering of the natives in the African continent when genocides and ethnocides were committed by the tyrannical regimes under the mask democracy right in front of their eyes in front of the doors of the so-called Embassies, for instance, such as in Fifinnee. They call it that is an “internal affair and we do not interfere withinin sovereign States, etc..,” i.e. the doubling behavior of the political west as it has always been when it comes to Africa, who portray themselves as “the apex of the global democratic system” lectures such as the USA or Europe propagate themselves as the “vanguards of Human right, democracy, civilized, security, etc.“ And the Irony of it is that they were /are providing with all essential tools of repression, firearms, finance, training, advisors etc., to the whims and desires of the tyrants to survive and to maintain their hegemony until their last breath.


Similarly, the TPLF fascists’ establishment knew the predatory behavior that was deliberately planned and calculated and implemented it from day one of their occupation of Finfinnee to the very date and shall never drop down their booty’s voluntarily. Only suicidal regime will drop up their booties and give what they occupiSimilarly, the TPLF-Fascists’ establishment knew once they were handed a political ticket in 1991. One must always keep in mind and be able to read the mind of the aliens of the north and get out of dilemma and illusion asks why did the TPLF whose manifesto was “Liberation of Tigray from Hunger and Poverty turned to Menelik II and Yohannis the IV, both in one within its last hours and turned to Fascist in the last 28 Years and maintained the predatory behavior of the aliens of the north, the Abyssinians that prey on the south to the very date. One must be clear of deliberately planned and calculated and implemented internal colonization they inherited from day one of their occupation of Finfinnee to the very date. They plundered, confiscated and enriched themselves, and their birthplace grabbed the territories of the south as a whole and committed genocides and ethnocides.


The TPLF-FascistsThey know the grotesque acts, the crimes against humanity they committed genocides and ethnocides, etc., by all means, possible within the empire and especially in Oromia, since their arrival to the unlimited power under the mantra of “developmental democracy” i.e. corresponding to a de facto of the control of TPLF-Militarymilitary regime, command post and a state of emergency relentlessly that operates as a civilian government de jure formality. They know what they look like the day their feet hold Finfinnee right in 1991 and today and what they carried with them on their shoulders in their purse if at all they have one. They used the term as a divide-and-rule that fertilized their gafolsytem (predatory-prey relations ships, internal colonization in their epoch.


One must always keep in mind that the establishment of the empire by Menelik based on the joint of well trained disfranchised soldiers of Yohannis IV after his death whom Meneilk promised land and slave ownership if they all join to fight against the Oromos and the South People conquer together under his leadership, occupy, settle, be the masters of land and slave owner of one of the richest land, Oromo land: the garden of Eden and the rest south in the African continent. Oromo land is  the land of Honey, Milk, Bread, Meat, Gold, Silver, Coffe, Tea, Tef, Sorghum, Barley, Wheat, Peas and Beas, Corn, Banana, Ananas, etc. , rich flora and fauna.


The foundation and the base of all aliens of the north proceeding toward the south and the current TPLF-Fascists internal colonization is nothing but a continuation of their forebears suited to the wind of the global political trend. When one reads the minds of the current TPLF-Gangs and their Peers in simple nothing and their guides in simple words is : Did you want to die from hunger and famine in one of the poorest, primitive region, deserts, impassable mountains of the north such as in Tigray -Abyssinia  where you were born or you better die fighting with TPLF in the lands of Garden of Aden and take your share as our forefathers inherited us. That is the strongest as we used in chemistry to say covalent bond between the aliens of the north.


Thus to give up the resources they plundered, unlimited booty’s of any sort, from schoolbenches to generator, from Tef to Coffee,just to note a few,  confasitctions of individaul and Oromo peoples proporties and transported to their birth place through the mooto of let oromia bleeds on the fate of Tigray’s devlopment, to drop down from the atrociites they commited form day one of their feetholds on the Oromia soil, once handed a political ticket to one man-one caln gangs iron gripped miltary command rules for the solid 28 years meant Suicide to the TPLF-Fascist regime.

The purposely planned, calculated massacres, gruesome acts, bloodbaths of innocent civilian Oromo’s by cooled blood killer militias in midday light that the world have destined to witness in each and every corners of Oromia they committed through the policies of internal colonization and annihilation targeted the Oromo people ingrained in their establishment could enforce them not to give up voluntarily, as some may dream without fight to their last breath, analog to NAZI-Germany.


To sum up this piece, the foundation of one of the primitive, barbaric settler colonial and predatory empire of Abyssinia is /was establishment based on the fascistic policies of the aliens of the north the Amhara and Tigre mainly and assimilated warlords of non-Semitic Abyssiniaized, selected and qualified loyal individuals services in frontline As a perfect product of a school of assimilation they sacrificed for the survival and maintenance of the myth they thought and died for their masters.


Thus, on this final hours of the death of the one of the primitive barbaric empire must finally understand and most significantly those who pray for the so-called “democracy” day and night and redundantly. As our elders say, Nama foon beeku sombaan hin sossoban. As one can judge from the recent speech held by the so-called “new prime” of the empire, indeed, new name, for new ears as it has always been and nothing more, or less. As an adage; changing stoves could not make the soup more palatable. In his speech written-read, one can detect the term “democracy” stressed twenty-one times and the term Gada come out of his mouth only once on the soil the placenta land Finfinne Oromia.More about Gada and the dark side of what was called “democracy” and crimes committed under its mask for the last two and half millennium from its birthplace, Athens to Washington DC will be thoroughly explored in the coming article.

Finally, an attempt, more precisely a dream to get what was called democracy per se in the settler colonial obligate dependent predatory Abyssinia empire contemporary faked “Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is equivalent to the prescriptions of a Cyanide Pilli or a Suicide Pill to swallow it voluntarily. In fact, none of them did it in the past, and will never ever do it at all.


More significantly expecting it from the contemporary TPLF-Fascists tyranny and their tutelage POWs- PDOs, their dogs of wars, squads, cadres, spys and working horses for the last 28 years is equal to pray to the hungry Hyena which preyed right sheep, or goat or donkey right at the spot to drop it down from his mouth. One may dream, but no Hyena will drop his booty unless one shot him dead; that is the fact of the nature of tyrants throughout human history, and shall not be otherwise to the TPLF-Fascists and their establishment that predate on the whole south as it has always been in Abyssinia Empire. Kan Hanqate Waaqni Itti Ya Guutu.


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