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Do Oromoo nationals and organisations, political or otherwise have the luxury of promoting their personal or group interests?


As we all know Oromia is on fire and Oromoos are terrorized and massacred in the hands of the savage Agazi force of TPLF since November of 2015. The diabolic forces of TPLF are not sparing the lives of children, elderly, women, farmers, students, etc of Oromoo ethnicity. These atrocities have been affecting all other peoples in Ethiopia except their ethnic Tigreans and affiliates. We have in fact to ask ourselves seriously if the TPLF leadership has any wish of co-existing with the Oromoo people in the light of what it has done against our people. Many of us are concluding that TPLF is no more interested to live with Oromoos. One cannot treat people as TPLF does now against us and wish to live together at the same time. They are apparently aiming to own us and Oromia as a commodity they can have at their disposal at any time they wish in any way they choose to use us.  Then the option for Oromoos is simply telling TPLF and its appendages leave us in peace and go home. Even then they must be held accountable for all crimes they inflicted on our people.


Inadvertently or not TPLF should realize that its heinous atrocities are surely but unfortunately putting innocent ethnic Tigreans at risk of bearing the consequences of TPLF terrorism. It is high time for Tigrean communities and democratic Tigrean groups/individuals to admit the imminent danger and dissociate themselves from the genocidal terrorist regime of TPLF. We have seen some Tigrean groups and individuals doing so and that is encouraging.  


So what should Oromoos’ answer be in the current circumstances? Our compatriots in Oromia are showing the way how to reply at a very high risk for their lives and are making us proud. We have to thank for that and reciprocate in appropriate manner and action. We do not have time for any type of unnecessary bickering among us. Oromoo and Oromia is in fierce struggle which should lead to oromoo emancipation. It is high time for us to be part of this struggle for emancipation. In fact we do not have any other option if we have a slice of self-respect and Orommummaa. We cannot afford to have organizations or individual Oromoos wasting time on petty differences. We all should acknowledge that Oromoo organizations and Oromoo diaspora are lagging behind the Oromoo public in Oromia concerning the Oromoo people’s democratic struggle for emancipation. As you know  Oromoo farmers, students, women, children, the elderly, etc are paying extremely dearly at the hands of the savage and unscrupulous TPLF gang. These Oromoos are empty handed and are facing TPLF Agazi forces armed to their teeth.


The whole population of that country has turned hostage of the TPLF’s psychopathic power hunger and fear to loose power. Everybody including TPLF stooges from different parts of the society are under extreme surveillance everywhere. TPLF’s security thugs do not give any chance to the people to run their every day life. The population is daily terrorized to subservience. People do not dare to meet each other and deal with their everyday problems since the TPLF security gangs are every where under diverse disguises. This includes the city of Shaggar/Finfinne despite the presence of several international institutions and delegates/delegations.


At this historic and decisive turn of Oromoo history every Oromoo must be duty-bound to deliver every contribution possible to promote and support the ongoing legitimate struggle of the Oromoo people. Oromoo political organisations must be able to form a common front of action as quick as possible and stand with the struggling and dying Oromoo people. Members of these Oromoo organizations must feel the deep obligation of demanding the effective co-operation and common action of their organizations to fight against the TPLF aggressor. These Oromoo organizations can sort out their eventual differences when the Oromoo people have achieved the right to choose their own preferences. Oromoos are dying and Oromia is burning. Oromia is at the crossroad. Oromoos have no choice than fight back the TPLF aggression by all means we possibly can come up with. Enemy is shooting at every Oromoo indiscriminately.


As an example of Oromoo co-operation I do not see any obstacle for Oromoo organizations with military forces to form a united force and fight the enemy. Oromoo nationals/diaspora must be duty bound to support freedom fighters wherever they are and to what ever Oromoo political organization they belong. The time is crucial and it demands extraordinary decisions. The heartbreaking situation of unarmed Oromoos being mowed down by bloodthirsty TPLF death squads, the Agazi forces should not be tolerated any more. The enemy should feel that its heinous atrocities cannot go unpunished anymore. In short our people must be armed and be able to fight back against the aggressor. Our compatriots should not continue to be slaughtered helplessly by savage TPLF forces of Agazi. There is  information indicating that several Oromoo compatriots couldn’t have any other option than taking to Oromia forests in different regions and try to fight back the mighty TPLF army.  


The extremely encouraging co-ordination of Oromoo resistance should be highly appreciated and become more widely spread. Those who have been OPDO members playing the role of TPLF servants should feel the pain of their compatriots and turn their weapons against the barbarous Agazi forces.


As the current TPLF atrocities are well documented we can expect solidarity actions even from other freedom fighters in the Empire and surrounding countries. Bringing these forces together for the benefit of all is essential. Several Ethiopian groups and organizations are showing their solidarity with the Oromoo people and that is very appreciated.  


The least contribution the Oromoo Diaspora should do is to be voice for the voiceless Oromoo people. There cannot be any acceptable reason for us to refrain from doing so. There is no place for our petty personal, political or other reasons to hamper the realization of such urgent action.  


The Oromoo people and Oromia shall prevail!


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