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ESAT Insultin The Great Oromo Nation

Here you go! Once again, ESAT attacks the great Oromo nation through its media outlet.

This is certainly not the first time ESAT strategically campaigning against the Oromo nation in order to belittle, mock and discredit the great Oromo nation in the horn of Africa. ESAT is systematically implementing and running propaganda campaigns against the great and most civilized nation – the Oromo. ESAT is doing so through inviting to its media outlets people with psychopathic traits, confused individuals; people who suffer from lack of self-worth and inferiority complex and above all individuals who have sold their souls for a penny and who are not in touch with reality – the so called “Professor “ Haile Larebo and his likes.

ESAT what is all these about? Is there anyone who can explain to me why it’s so important for ESAT to transmit such a horrible, distorted and most disgusting interview with an ignorant sorry! “Professor Haile Larebo”? What is the objective or the agenda or even the motive behind these interviews? I will leave this question to the so called ESAT editorial management to answer it. Well, ESAT might explain away by saying we are just exercising freedom of expression. But let me tell you ESAT, if you think insulting, disgracing, hurting the entire Oromo nation and dislocating our history the way you are portraying it is how you exercise your freedom of expression, you certainly have no idea about what the meaning of freedom of expression is. I’m not here to educate you, but rather to tell you that you don’t have any right to insult and degrade my people – the great Oromo nation. Stop your ignorant journalists (street boys), who are keeping themselves busy insulting the Oromo nation. These kinds of activities are considered an act of waging war against peaceful Oromo nation. You will not gain anything; in fact the consequences will be beyond your comprehension. You have already inflected damage to yourself beyond repair.Mr. Haile Larebo, I feel shame even calling a person like you a professor. You don’t have any idea how much you dishonored the intelligentsia community. Shame on you! You are living in 21st century in the most civilized country the United States of America. Your way of seeing the world has been expired a century ago, in fact, it died with the era Naftenyas. Wake up! Get out of Miniliks savage library and start reading the real history. It seems to me that you are stuck in the distorted history of debteras. The interviews you gave to ESAT media are the most disgusting, unprofessional and self-invented illusion. You have just proofed how ignorant you are and how little you know about the great nation of Oromo. Let alone a professor, even small kids know much more than you the history of the most civilized native nation in the horn of Africa – the Oromo nation. Just for your information, even before you there were many attempts made by Naftenyas and their mouthpiece just like you to dislocate and discredit the great Oromo nation’s history. Guess what! All of them failed miserably and you unfortunately suffer similar fate. The Oromo people are much stronger and united than ever before. The Oromos have enough intellectuals who can write and tell their own history. You are not needed, certainly not to tell us our own history. If ESAT is in disparate need to know the history of Oromo nation they should turn to Oromo intellectuals not to you. If you were clever enough and real professor as you claim to be you should have realized why ESATs’ street boys picked you up to invent your own illusion. Your mission of disgracing the great nation has failed, mission unaccomplished! Sorry for you. Now let the so called ESAT journalists even better to call them the street boys save you. Good luck stinky head!

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