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Part II

Odaa Hora

There is no a nation by the name of Ethiopia, late alone a nomadic “Habeshat tribe” (Amharas and Tigres mainly) who refer to themselves as “Habeshas” who continuously migrated from arduous desert of the southern part of Arabian Peninsula to save their life from dying of hunger and famine to the richest and highly civilized northeastern part of African continents to claim the kinship of the civilizations thousands of years older than their arrival in to the African continent, even worse as one nation named “Ethiopia.”


The term Nation that has Latin origin as it is stated in Oxford English Dictionary (OED) basically defined: “Nation as a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.” Humanity is naturally evolved and dived in to nations, with natural territories, a unity, while its members have a common language, culture, territory, frontiers, purpose, history, and destiny. That indeed proves that there was and is no one nation known as “Ethiopia” in historical records that were qualified and full fill the simplest definition of nation.


In fact, the most popularly used term for the people who claim and die-hard to be kinship of the old history of Ethiopia was known as Abyssinia or Habesha in literature mutated to the stolen name “Ethiopia” is a very recent phenomenon. The term Aithiopes by itself was first derived from the Greek, aithiops (aitho– ‘burnt’ + ops- ‘face’) and the Greeks took it from the Hebrew word of Cushi or Kushi (Hebrew:‎ kūšî) and the Hebrew got it from KMTs who renamed Nubian to k3š (Ku’sh) during the New Kingdom, from the 16 centuries to 11 century BC that was also referred to as the era of the Egyptian Empire.


Thus, the Greek term aithiopes identifies African people as darker-skinned as their Greek counterparts at this junction of history. The assumption that some fatheaded Abyssinians claim and noisily propagates and die-hard until the last birth that the Greeks have stolen the term (aithiopes) from them is nothing but an absolute swindle, and the fact speaks they were and still are the thieves who plagiarized the term to claim the kinships of the historical civilizations of “aithiopes” described by the Greeks before they were born and lived in a house with a door.


What the Greeks meant by Aithiopes, beyond the descriptions of skin color indeed was the land where all Black People lived in the world, i.e. in Africa and in Asia (mainly in Asia Minor and the Indian subcontinent at this junction of history based on the facts they saw with their necked eyes, lived with them and delivered first–handed written descriptions about the distributions of African people in the world. These were all well documented and confirmed right from Herodotus, Isocrates to Plutarch that the KMT (Egyptians) “were very black” and had “woolly hair” who were Aithiopes indeed. They traced their ancestors down to the people of the south known as the C(K)ushites


It worth’s to note that these scattered Mediterranean tribes who were conquered and finally incorporated in to what was /is called the Greek Empire had nothing in common with the northern Europeans except their geographical landmass in the European continent. They indeed knew nothing about their northern neighbors what was later know as Rome proper, (the Italian peninsula) that expanded to one of the largest empire for instance to the great Nile River in Africa in the south, to the Euphrates river in the east in Asia, the Rhine and the Danube river and the Black Sea in Europe. In the reverse Greek was credited to be the mother of European civilizations, indeed via the Roman imperial expansion to the last corner of the European continent.


They scattered Mediterranean tribes were products of the nearest southern and the oldest civilizations of north-eastern Africa; the KMT (Ancient Egypt) civilizations that have been flourished around the great river Nile for over four-thousand years before the arrival of the Greeks as invaders, and the civilizations of Phoenician in geographical part of Asia.


Once they turned to invaders in 400 BCE (before the Common Era (BCE) and colonized KMT and became pharaohs in Africa and changed the name KMT to Aegyptus (Aigyptos) and drew artificial demarcation and claim ownership. As a result, the name “Egypt” of today or Ancient Egypt of the past was adopted by European litterateurs as we know today. In fact, the name given by invaders (Aegyptus) was strange to the people of Africa around the Great Nile River banks and their civilizations as it has always been in all colonized nations in history.


The People around the Great Nile River banks called themselves Hwt-ka-Ptah, Kemmui, KMTJW or (KEMTIOU) and their Land KMT or (Remetch

en kerment) or Ta-merry that means the (Land of Black People) in their language Medu-Neter (or Hieroglyphics) who even symbolized, draw their Gods and Goddess with Black color. Black is a color of the divine for the African people as do the Oromos.


KMT (Ancient Egypt) was known as the flower of African civilizations whose roots and stems go back the sum of the African civilizations that stretched down to the south to the sources of the Nile river that the greeks don’t know authentically, but assumed to exist, and gave the name “Aethiopes” that appeared as a geographical term in reference to all certain areas south of the Sahara desert and the juxtaposing water mass as the Ethiopian Ocean, renamed to the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, there is no doubt that it was the land of the black people’s civilizations.


Once they occupied KMT and the capital of ancient Egypt, Memphis, located south of the Nile River delta, on the west bank of the river, about 15 miles (24 km) south of modern Cairo they dived in two the land mass north from the Great River Nile was called Libya, and the land mass south to the Nile called Ethiopia (see the map), the land masses south of KMT (ancient Egypt) in the African content.


The later on deliberately fabricated war waged and negative connotations, prejudices attested to the color black in the last over two and half millennium is nothing but collective insult that came out of narcissist unnatural brain in an attempt to reduce the whole status and the great civilizations of Africa that flourished for over five to ten thousand years before the birth of the collective Insulters who lived in caves.


They come out to the world that has left them thousands of years behind with motif and the behavior of collective narcissistic behaviors and primes of total destruction and absolute denial of the civilizations that accomplished as they were dwelling in caves and butchering each other’s as wild cats. The waged collective wars, and committed a crime against humanity the world had never seen, looted all intellectual properties, resources and shipped back home for centuries that holds true to the very date. The main objective of color prejudices  is nothing but at best to arise their collective self-esteem, egocentric status, and fantasies of artificially invented superiority complex the term coined by Alfred Adler i.e. is a psychological defense mechanism that compensates for an inferiority complex.


Who EXACTLY ARE THE Habesha’s who die-hard TO Claim ancient ETHIOPIA


The Abyssinian denomination used in literature comes from the Arab word Habeshi or Habeshat; a nomadic tribe flew continuously from the arduous desert of the southern part of Arabian Peninsula to save their life from dying of hunger and famine to the richest and highly civilized northeastern part of the African continent. They settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges between Tekeze and Beehelo in one side and Eeju in the other that is often impassable.


The Habeshas, of southwestern Arabian origin who reached the horn of Africa in the first millennium BC and then settled on the shore of the red sea were predominately were the lawless male population of nomadic Arabs of  chauvinist culture that turned to the divers, the invaders and created a cultural impunity, discrimination, racism toward the indigenous people of Cushitic culture, moral, and ethics especially the female population within which they settled.


They turned them to slaves, sex objects, concubine, house servant, and forced wedlock. As a result, a culture of Creole, what was later called Abyssinians (Tigre and Amhara) were born. The migrating “Habeshat” tribe refers themselves “Habeshas” people without known genealogy, a “collection of people.” They gradually admixed with the indigenous Agaw and Beja people of the Cushitic family that consists one of the largest and most important language families of Eastern Africa that turned to the substratum of the Geez language and finally to the Tigre and Amharic language classified into the so-called Semitic family as “Ethiopic language.”


When one come across the term Ethiopia of the Habeshas  and their elites “Lazy horses” one cannot bypass the so-called Aksum “civilization” and the converted warlord known as Ezana at this junction of history on which all Abyssinia warlords identify themselves as their founder and glorify his bravery and propagates it to the very date. History teaches that converts are very dangerous out of all in human society who turned their back on their own people and deployed as a perfect working horse for the Converter. They do so to be accepted and to be awarded as a loyal servant and trustful to serve to their last birth.


Once Ezana whom we really do not know his identity except his atrocities and his conversion to Christianity that was arrived from Byzantine empire (Todays Syria) in the 4th-century common era (CE) by the Christina monk called Frumentius (320s – c. 360 CE) in Axum and made state religion. Based on his chronicle’s he committed a crime against humanity after his conversion to Christianity that fits the 1948 Resolutions descriptions of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the  Crime of Genocide adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. Resolutiooonnn 260 of 1948.


To commemorate his victories in wars he described in The Ethiopian Royal chronicles edited by R. Pankhurst quoted her in length:

Ezana, King of Aksum and of Himyar and Raydan and of Ethiopia  (west from Aksum) and of Saba,—of the Bega and of Kasu,the King of Kings, the son of the invincible God, Ares. As the people of Beja had rebelled, we sent our brothers Shaizana and Hadefan to make war on them. And having laid down their arms (our brothers) subdued them and brought them to us with their camp-followers and 3,112 cattle and 6,224 sheep and pack animals…they brought six tributary kings with their people ,in number 4,400… we attacked Sane and Tsawante ,and Gema ,and Zahtan ,four people ,and we took prisoner Alita with is two children . And the slaughter took place of the men of Afan ,503 men and 202 women in all 705. Of his camp followers, 40 men and 165 women and children were  taken as prisoners. As booty, we carried off 31,957 cattle and 827 baggage animals. In his last inscriptions … I rose up in the might of the Lord and waged war upon Noba (Nubia) and fought them on the Takaze at the ford of Kemalke. Thereupon they took to flight – I followed them fugitives for twenty-three days killing and making pensioners a capturing booty where ever I stooped, My people marched into the country brought prisoners and booty.


Meanwhile I burnt their towns [both] houses those built of brick and those built of reeds, and [my soldiers carried of their food ,as well as copper ,iron ,and brass; they destroyed the status in their house (i.e temples) as well their storehouse for food ,and their cotton trees casting them in the river Nile.


And I come to Kasu [Kush] and I fought a battle and made prisoners of its people at the junction of the river Nile and Takaze. My army sent to upstream of the river Nile the city of Alwa and Daro killed and captured prisoners and cast people into the water and they arrived safe and sound having terrified their enemies and conquered them by the might of the Lord of the Land.

And those who were sent downstream against the towns of Noba [Nubia] have captured prisoners and slain the Noba and taken booty from them by the might of the Lord of heaven. The things which the Lord of Heaven has given me are 214 men captives, 415women captives, total captives, 629.men slain. 602, women and children slain 156, total slain 700.Total of prisoners and slain, 1,387, Booty 10,560 cattle and 51, 5050 sheep…..May the Lord of Heaven make my kingdom Strong! And He has this day conquered my enemy, may He conquer form me where ever I go. And may they preserve this throne which I have set up for the Lord of Heaven, who has made me King, and the land upon which it lies. And if there shall be anyone who shall remove it, destroy it, overthrown it, he and his kinsfolk shall be rooted out of and removed from this land. I have set up this throne by the might of the Lord of Heaven.


As William Faulkner reminds as the past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past. The full scripts of Ezana to whom he is a hero, and the model for the whole Abyssinia tyrant’s  independent of time and place who gripped the political power through butchering and adopted his style and committed the gruesome act of crime against humanity in the horn of Africa who knew nothing except killing, looting, chopping off hands and legs, burst of women, killing by hanging that signifies them to maintain the predatory-prey relations ships called Gafol system that holds true to the contemporary.


Utilization of Christianity as a license to get firearms, military advisors, finance, almost what the empire need to survive, to maintain,to consolidate and control the political power that holds true to the very date that stretches back to the era of Ezana who copied from Constantine of the Roman Emperor in face value. Since then religion and politics reminded two faces of the same coin in the Abyssinian Empire with brief  disruptions of 17 years of the dictatorial rule of the Derg military junta, Mengistu Haile Maryam.


One may wonder the “Abyssains” who claim the kinship the black civilizations in the horn of Africa whose ancestors they claim relentless instigated and wage wars of wipe out and destructed from Agewland in the north down to south to Meroe crossing the River Abaya (Nile) after messing up the indigenous people of the region of Waraa Agaa (the Agew people), the Beja people etc, converted them by sword to the Hebrew myth of Christianity evicted them from their ancestral soil.


Paradoxically, they, yet claim the kinship of the historical “Ethiopia” of the past without a disgrace even very vocally and pompously, when they have nothing to seek and claim for the history that was thousands of years older than their birth. But, in the reverse, they must take the responsibility for the crime against humanity, genocide they commit against the indigenous people and their culture they wiped out, assimilated with violence’s in the region independent of the time span and place


The coming of two volumes of books of folklore of southeast Asian brought to the region by Egyptians Copts of Alexandria  by the request of Abyssain warlord around the 1320s and translated and called called “Kibre Negest” when translated it mean “the glory of King” and “Fetha negest” that meant “the Law of King.” In fact, where there is no glory but disgrace, no law, but barbarisms committed by the power geared local warlords by deploying the myth and justified their acts that hold true to very date by retailing the narratives continuously and even institutionalizing the myth as “history.”


This myth turned the chronical pathology of the Abyssinian elites paranoia, the continuous indoctrination that holds true to the very date. Any warlord who trumps the butchering of the scapegoated enemy can claim to be the direct descendants of the mythical son of Solomon who begat Sheba (Makeda or Balkis) in Jerusalem and came back to Africa after she got the male (XY) chromosome what she indispensable required and crossed one of the most arduous  Saharan desert and arrived to Jerusalem to meet Solomon and gave birth to a son called “Menelik” “the tribe of Judah” more pompous and extremely obscure ‘Conqueror of The Lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God, to rule Africans those who had no Jews blood (Jus sanguinis) flowing in the veins and arteries. To make it more palatable they tell Solomon and Sheba meet not biological according to the law of nature, but spiritually that breaks every rule of nature.


The term was first replaced with Ethiopia and institutionalized in 1931 by the despotic monarch Tefere Mekonnen. From within, he was known as, the self-denial, the treason who escaped during the war of Mussolini to Britain and brought back  after the war ended, and blatantly attested to himself without shame “the Conqueror of the lion of Judah and the King of King elected by God” (see Part 1) who adopted collected folklore’s and debris preconceived assumptions and apparent believes of the Zionist myths and its propagation round o’clock which the current fat headed residuals still celebrate as “history and kinship” which indeed are entirely absolute balderdash from the beginning to its end.


The parochialism of “Ethiopianess.” The Unipartyism of the aliens of the north is indeed a recent development imposed by the warlords and tyrants, to catapult to the political power and established one of the poorest empire on this planet. The uniparytisim what we often hear “One Ethiopia (አንድት ኢትዩጵያ), inept to justify the crime they committed since the establishment and to maintain the established predatory-prey relationship between the Abyssinian settler troops under Menelik’s command, and the whole prosperous South. They could not even shame today to consider the father of legs, hands and burst chopper, cattle and pack animal rider and Slave entrepreneur as civilizations missioner, someone who was illiterate of his own language and suffered lifelong from chronic syphilis and die of Neurosyphilis.


The “Ethiopia” of Menelik was and still is an addiction as President Lammaa Magaarsa said. In fact, addiction is a chronic disease of the setter colonialist who established the predator and prey relationships with Oromia and the Oromo people and the entire southern non-Semitic speaking people trade with the stolen name “Ethiopia” and their vassals, their converts, their assimilates, baptized and renamed them to serve as a working horse and sworn to serve her till their last birth.


To the vast majority of the people of the south, the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Ogadenia plus some other about over eight ethno nationals incarcerated in this prison she is the burden, a prison house, life with terror and horror, chronic famine and flight who do know nothing except sucking up everything on their way like vacuum cleaner.


One among the German intellects J.G.Herder (1744-1803) said that “God had divided mankind indifferent nations so that each, through its distinct language and culture, could make its unique contributions to civilizations. Thus, the adoptions of other people’s culture was an interference to the detriment native thought, culture, language, art, and custom. He further said; Nations sprite or soul is embodied in its language and cultural life, and needed to be preserved and celebrated which scholars and artists were important figures in preserving and promoting national culture.”


Today’s outlawed gangs who committed and still commit crime against the Oromo people know are Wolf with sheep’s clothing, the residuals of past centuries an absolute denials and diabolic lairs who did not learn from history and live with myth and fables, do dream yet to hijack the sacrifice made by the avant-gardes of the non-violence struggle of the total liberation (Qabsoo Xumura Garbuuma) led by Qeerroo, Qaarree, and the Oromo people as one.


The resilience and intelligence of one of the strongest, formidable resistance forces and the prosperous Oromo nation in concert who proved steadfast as hard as diamond demanded and urged to shift the paradigm of the predatory empire popularly known as the prison house and by human right advocates as it has never seen for at least for solid 27 years of tyrannical TPLF /EPRDF fascist regimes rule, let alone the hooligans and mercenaries who are in fact putting knifes on their own throats.


The Grass never grow in the footprints of the Habeshas


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