Oduu Haaraya


Part I


By Odaa Hora


The recent sadistic act committed by the hooligans in the placenta land of the Oromo people and their capital city, Finfinne, the assassination attempt made to kill the elected president Dr. Abiy Ahmed grenade attack at a pro-PM rally, grotesque acts committed in Buuraayo, Arba Mincii, in Oromia entirely cross the redlines of the moral and ethical norms of tolerance of a healthy human mind , late alone the Oromo people whose wounds and damages done by series of monsters ruled with iron fist, the damages done and wounds are yet fresh.


The assassination attempt targeted the president and the exploded grenade coasted the life of at least a death of two people and wound over 150 innocent people in the crowd of millions of citizens, who come out to celebrate these unique occasions in the history of the Empire as it has never seen and known


The citizen of this empire indeed knows nothing except despotic, tyrannical ruler of one-man replacing the other throughout her history of from god forgotten house of prison. These recent barbaric acts proof, reproofs and reawaken us to be alert, and to single out the enemies of our nation’s long and firm standing liberation struggle.


Behind finger counted Hooligans, trained killer mercenaries of subhuman creatures, who have blood on their hand, butchered a six-year-old child like a wildcat, exploded grand, terrorized citizens this project has deep roots that, must develop a wise grand strategic plan, must be dug out from their cages and bring them to justices. Without no doubt, at the back of the killers, there are mastermind designers, planners, commanders and organized criminal conglomerates of backward gangs of political groups who orchestrated, mentored, financed and armed and finally sent their mercenaries to commit the atrocity under the garb clad with Ethiomania, “SAVE ONE ETHIOPIA Of THEIR VERSION.”


One must keep the eye on the ball these projects have deep roots as we destined to witness at least since the Presidential inauguration of Dr.Abiy. More vividly, as they saw, how the gallant Oromo Nation and their historical allies welcomed home as part of the Leaders of the Oromo Liberation Fronts (OLF) and Army who prompted the liberation struggle for solid twenty-seven years from exile and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in the placenta land of Oromia, Finfinne, and simultaneous welcome back home celebrations in various cities, villages of Oromia and in diaspora that turned a thorn in the eyes of the residuals of over century-old settlers/(Neftenyas) systemic structural establishments and the profiteers (the lazy horses) who knew nothing except predating that monopolized the empire since her creation.


In their cages, the predators have devilled, cursed, crucified the OLF and the OLA the way it suits them since its establishments. They left no stone unturned to wipe out, and erase from the mind of the Oromo people. The relentlessly played drams of their old stench styles of divide and rule. Finally, they come to their own conclusion and began to propagate that OLF is dead! OLA is Dead They did not exist! Round the clock, Lists of their justifications have no limits. The daydreamers!! They must live, wait and witness the truth on the soil!!


On 15th of September 2018 the rain mixed with thunder fall on them and lightning strike them, as they saw over 5 million Oromos and their historical allies who have identical fate within the empire come out in Finfinne, at Amaasqala Adaabayii arena. Amaasqala Adaabayii arena was and will be the historical terra of the Caffee (assembly) of the central Tuulama Oromos, the placenta land of the Oromo people and their capital city at the heart of Tuulama plateau that went through genocides and evictions since the era of Sahile Maryam and his Gafol (predator settler) troops to the very date. It was under his command that genocide was committed on the Oromos of central Tuulama Moiety and renamed after occupations.


The Pitch Black Genocider: Sahile Maryam renamed to “Menelik II”


In the last quarter of the 19th century, the paradigm of Africa has shifted its face, as it has never known before. From over four centuries of transatlantic Chattel slavery where 210 millions of African (UNESCO 1978) life was lost, the worst crime against humanity that the world had never ever seen in the recorded history of mankind in its art and durations, Europeans singed to wage a collective war on the entire Africa continent.

They had designed, planned and signed unanimously ratified without reservations and implemented the scramble for Africa known As “Berlin act” in Berlin from  November 1884 – to February 1885 to actively invade Africa. Although non-of the Africans participated in the Berlin conference in the scramble for Africa, Abyssain was singularly treated as “favored partner” for the purpose, to be the shareholder in scrambling for the horn of Africa.


As a result, among three rival warlords, Kasa of Tigre and another Kasa of Qawar (Amhara), both killed and the only Pitch Black warlord,the descendants of refugees who was born grown in the northern Tuulama, in Haalakobarrii “Ankober” and the Genocider: Sahile Maryam turned the only candidate left for all European colonizers political intermarriage and to be buttressed with all modern firearms, military trainees, advisories, and financial support in competition.


As a result, he was able to invaded, conquered, committed genocides, occupied and resettled Finfinne with his Neftaya hordes (gun-carriers and killers and renamed her”Addis Abeba” in proposals of his wife that means “New flower” in the language of the new settlers i.e.Amahric. Finfinne turned to the center of springboard of his gafol –predatory infantry for further expansions, colonizations of Oromia and the additional parts of the region finally conquered one after the other and incarcerated in the Empire, as with her contemporary demarcations.


The Oromo survivors from the grotesque acts committed by Sahile Maryam, who lost their Ancestral homeland of central Tuulama Oromo Gosaas (hereditary  branches)who finally Oromia escaped to their fellow Oromos far in the south such as in Arssii, Baalee, e.t.c. to save their life, singing a song of these tragedy, her beauty, the prosperity of their ancestral land Finifinne and their evictions, conveyed their grievance in poems and heart-breaking songs of Menelik II and his hordes cruelty.


Menelik II –the pitch black who cannot read and write his language was a  Leopold II of Belgium Congo, an extermination orderer, and the hand chopper and the genocider, slaveholder and an exploiters of the rich resources of Congo and labor of the Congolese people, so did Menelik II against,the Oromos,the  Sidama ,the Ogadenians, the Gurage, the Walaitas and other over 70 Ethno nationals conquered and incarcerated in Menelik’s Empire as we know her today. He moved with the premise of wipeout identical to the European colonizers under the mantra of “Hager maqnat.”


Menelik and his Gafol; predatory, settler troops from Abyssinia proper that was composed of his infantry and the soldiers of Yohanis VI after his death, who finally united to scramble the whole south under Menelik’s command. They are known as the Neftanyas (the gun-carriers-who know no mercy to act like a wildcat, eat raw. Their cruelty, evictions, rapes burning houses and agricultural products, everything that come on their way, looting, riding slaves, cattle and pack animals were a well-documented tangible facts know even by foreign escorts and the victims who survived these grotesque acts, sold as slaves, and the evicted families and Oromo traditional history tellers.


As Nazism have been patented to A.Hitler, Harma muraa (Breast chopping ), (Harka muraa (Hand chopping), Miila muraa (Leg chopping) of the Oromo people and the entire ethno-nations of the south from Abyssinia proper incarcerated within the empire as she is known today have been patented to Menelik.


Thus, what shifted the paradigm of the region of the horn Africa as a whole was Menelik’s acquisitions of modern European rifles, methods, techniques trainings and deployments to annihilate the formidable Oromo peoples forces first and the neighboring indigenous people to the east, west and the south from their ancestor soil, conquered and finally incorporated to one of the most private and barbaric empire on this planet, the Abyssinia empire of today resettled by Netanya’s from Abyssinia proper. Over centuries of planned and executed north-south exodus who shamelessly claims to be the “Aborigines” of the soil of the whole south.

As a result of defending their land as the Eyewitnessed foreigners who scored the invasion infantry of Menelik like Alexander Bulatovich, a Russia officers, unique and detailed first-hand accounts and Martial de Salviac of France reported that an estimated of over 5 million Oromos were massacred by Menelik and his predatory infantry by 1900 within ten years alone. He wrote further that the Oromo people were reduced to half of its estimated population, and Abyssinia proper was expanded to about 5 to 6 times to its original size.


Finally, the established empire that maintained a permanent predatory-prey relationship between her settler colonialists (Neftenyas) and the Oromo people and the entire south people from Abyssinia proper to the contemporary who trades with the stolen name “Ethiopia” as we know her today.


Thus it worths to dig deep to the root to combat, dismantle and uproot it once and forever, the post-Dr. Abiy’s presidential posts anarchist gang groups who committed and still committing a crime within Oromia, who primarily targeted the Oromo people overall. These groups can be packed into four boxes from the chronologically historical perspective:




Independent of their naming’s of their party they are all children’s and grandchildren’s of settlers that preyed on the whole south either live within the empire, or in diaspora as we have recently destined to witness in the USA lived in their own cages, whose mind is stacked in the past, filled with the myths of the glory of “the only one Christian kingdom in the heart of “heathendom” in the African content.


The only brave “blacks” who won the whites! The only people who own their own Alphabet! The only people with 3000 years of civilization!, The Tribe of Judah! The lists of invited myths such as self-pontifications, plagiarism, hypocrisy, bravery prefixed with ONLY that has a sound of empty air is having no limits.


As an adage, Losers always beat a dead horse, they dream at the mid of the day. In their cage, they live in the past, they are backward and most sadly they have no capability to learn from history indeed and pray by day and night to “Immiiye Menelik” to come out of his graveyard and bring the empire back in order as she was in his era.

And, that was what we destined to witness at least in the diaspora from the crowds in Washington DC and LA Podium discussion made by newly elected President Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s USA tour in April 2108. One must always keep in mind As A.Hitler is to the so-called “Neo-Nazis” of today, so is Menelik to the “Ethiomanias.”




Once catapulted to political power through internal coups, Tefere Mekonnen, the despotic monarchy, followed the footsteps of Menelik. During the war with fascist Mussolini three days before Finfinnee was captured, he fled to Britain; “the hero of his residuals we observe today shamelessly.” Once the war was over, Britain brought the treason back and put him in the political saddle to rule the empire for their own purpose.


Analog to Menelik, he was also the slaveholder, developed the feudal (settlers landlordism and serfs-the entire occupied territory by Menelik and corresponding people as his private property). He further compartmentalized the empire and renamed the whole region, cities without any knowledge into 14 parts of colonial rules appointed loyal settler warlords called it (ጠቅላይግዛት), the mostly used translated English version of (ጠቅላይግዛት) to province is indeed misleading, while the word (ጠቅላይ) means the whole, entire or total and (ግዛት) to purchase or sale like commodity. In other words, the entire colonized territory and people of the south incarcerated within the empire was his property and can do whatever the despotic monarchy wants to do with.


He was also the first person to replace the name Abyssinia that was most popularly used in the literature since the coming Europeans in the region interchangeable with Habesha with the stolen name “Ethiopia” and constitutionally approved in 1931, the first written constitution know in the empire plagiarizing the constitution of Mejji Emperor of Japan as it fits to himself and the empire turned his private property as one can prove it black and white that reads:

Ethiopian Constitutions of 1931establshed in the reign of His Majesty Haile Silasse I,16 July 1931.

The Ethiopian Empire and the Succession to the Throne:1931

Art. 1. The territory of Ethiopia, in its entirety, is, from one end to the other, subject to the government of His Majesty the Emperor. All the natives of Ethiopia, subjects of the empire, form together the Ethiopian Empire.

Art. 2. The imperial government assures the union of the territory, of the nation and of the law of Ethiopia.

Art. 3. The law determines that the imperial dignity shall remain perpetually attached to the line of His Majesty Haile Selassie I, descendant of King Sahle Selassie, whose line descends without interruption from the dynasty of Menelik I, son of King Solomon of Jerusalem and the Queen of Ethiopia, known as the Queen of Sheba.

Art. 4. The throne and the crown of the empire shall be transmitted to the descendants of the Emperor pursuant to the law of the imperial house.


Plagiarism is one among many other chronical pathological behaviors and addictions of the Abyssinian warlords, tyrants throughout their “history” if one is brave to call it history. Once Tefere Mekonnen was mutated and given the name Haile Selassie (very pompous in its meaning), the treason, who escaped during the Mussolini war and brought back by Britain after the war ended, he blatantly attested to himself without shame “the Conqueror of the lion of Judah and the King of King elected by God”. That will be the renewal of the pathology of self-denial of the Habeshas that profoundly disseminated within Africa via seas and oceans like a virus as it has never been.


What most surprising was and still is, the extent in which folklore is/was consumed as “history” turned the evil man in the horn of Africa to “Messiah” within African content itself, and considered as the bastion of the liberation struggle against European colonialism most profoundly far away in the Caribbean islands and the Africa American community in the USA and the Africans diaspora elsewhere in the world.

That was the success of the dual ganger, being within Africa physically, but acculturated the myth of Asian minor popularly known as the Middle East that holds true in the minds of the Habesha’s to the very date and in the diaspora. The current hooligan groups of criminal gangs we have destined to witness their sadistic acts and atrocities in Oromia dream to revitalize it.


The military junta, Mengistu Haile Mariyam (the son of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev) who shot the despotic monarchy dead plagiarized that of Soviet Russia’s socialism, and the TPLF-fascists who come to power through mischievous act, intrigues and betrayals plagiarized what was called “ethnic federalism” and Anti-terrorism law basically of that of the USA. He planned and conducted North-south exodus resettled them in the south in the name of villagaizations.


All Abyssinia tyrannical rules are/were elimination orderers independent of their flyer, the political narratives they attested to themselves. These are a proven fact throughout where the day of controlling the political power until their final breath (Meles), shot-dead (Haile Selassie) or flight such in the case of Mengistu, all cut from the same cloth indeed, independent of time and their names. The Habeshas /Abyssinia’s virtually are/were all admirers and the worshipers of tyrants within the empire or from abroad. In fact, these all jargons plagiarized by tyrants noted above are/were used as masks, and served only for one purpose, i.e. to catapult into the saddle of political power, to consolidate it by all means possible, to maintain it, to justify it and to legitimize their acts of terror and horror.



  • Groups mushroomed post-1991


These groups are the conglomerates mushroomed mostly in the last three decades parallel to the TPLF fascist’s one clan, one-man political party monopoly under the mantra of EPRDF that sat tall into the political saddle catapulted in summer 1991.


They are /were most vocal in a diaspora, operated under the mantra of opposition political parties. Although some of them propagate, speaks about human right, democracy, freedom, e.t.c, writes in their preamble to be considered progressive and clever, indeed, their goal is not different from the other two groups noted above. One must simply dig deep to their roots rather than their leaflets and hearing of their mouthpieces. They are clever in their own cage the new “Messiah” to save the empire back as she was in the past, but the opposite is the truth when facts are tested on the ground.


Their major goal is die-hard, commit mischievous deals in covert actions, hidden in their cage and wish to catapult to the political power and hold it in a shortcut as they dream. Suppose, let us assume that they trump and came to power according to their dream and ferret out what do they bring for the people within the empire who have destined to witness the bitter side tyranny for over centuries, in defacto, they have nothing to bring but the misery and the beside of the past tyrants.


If their daydreamers holds true and come to the political power in Finfinne is  in their hand, for sure they will dig out their heroes from their graves and put their rest in plastic bag, be seated beside them, give advice to keep the status quo of the settler colonial “quasi-state” under their flyer of “ONE ETHIOPIA OF IMMIYE MENELIK.” In plain text, they have nothing except putting an old wine in new bottles nothing more or less.


The schizophrenia of their political view is hidden in their basic group’s formations anchored on the sum of Immiye Menelik plus Haile Selassie. In their mind, the tangible and the oldest Oromo nation, Sidama nation, Afar nation, Ogaden nation and the rest over 80 Ethno-national with similar if not identical historical fate and finally incarcerated in the barbarian empire does not exist. They suffer from what psychologists call it Cognitive Delirium: a clouded state of consciousness, which reduces an individual awareness of his or her environment and fraud.


They deliberately erased from their preambles and from their mind independent of their social status, a beggar on the street, a professor in retire or the Debtra in the church and fed the media, recruited and trained them as a police dog to commit crimes for “One Ethiopia of Immiye Menelik.”


In other words, what exists in real nature does not exist in their mind what the psychologist calls it, the paranoid, schizoid clusters of personality disorders that absolute denial will be its outcome which indeed, there is no treatment except waiting for Mother Nature to solve it in her own way. In fact they are good for nothing for their own self, let alone for the masses of the populations who sacrificed and brought the most brute, ruthless tyrants command post for 27 years, to perish or seek its own means to survive against the power of the people and respond to their demands before it is too late. In fact, they are temporary burdens and impediments who may kill, evict the people who lived in peace and harmony till they were caught redhanded, shot dead or brought to justice and pay for their deeds.

There is no a nation named Ethiopia!!! It continues in part II.


Sarreen marraattee abbaa guudiissee garagalttee ciinniintii

A rabid dog bits back its honor who nurtured it

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