Ethiopia Had A Violent Weekend And The World Hardly Knows About It -

Ethiopia Had A Violent Weekend And The World Hardly Knows About It  

The country’s Oromiya region has seen months of demonstrations over plans to include some of its territory into the capital as part of an expansion scheme.

(Carbonated) — The Ethiopian government switched off the internet and mobile services as dozens were killed during widespread political protests this past weekend.

Security forces shot tear gas and closed roads in major cities throughout the country as demonstrators protested against land reforms and alleged human rights abuses being carried out by the government.

On Aug. 6, hundreds of people gathered in Mescal square in the center of Addis Ababa, only to be dispersed by the police. Protests also broke out in the towns of Waliso and Ambo, both in Oromiya province. Eyewitness reports say that soldiers closed the roads and shot in the air. There is a large university in Ambo.

Ethiopian security forces used tear gas and blocked roads and other major towns to try to quell protests against alleged rights abuses.

Protests also took place in the towns of Ambo and Woliso in Oromiya, where large crowds gathered before soldiers blockaded roads and began to shoot in the air, witnesses said.

“We have rights but they are consistently violated by this government,” one protester told Reuters.

“They jail everyone who opposes them. All prisoners should be released.”

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