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Ethiopian ambassador refuses to apologize for events Manfouha ..!!


Ethiopian Ambassador to the Kingdom rejected Mohamed Hassan to submit a formal apology to the Saudi government by the actions of a number of offenders is responsible Ethiopian and إثارتهم case of rioting and vandalism Manfouha district in Riyadh that killed and wounded dozens over the past few days .

The Almdevr had gone questionably to the good : “Do you directed a formal apology to the Saudi government for what happened ?” , To answer ambassador to Ethiopia : “In the event Manfouha who died , mostly Ethiopians , and our people have been assaulted by young people and parents neighborhood occurred problematic for our men and women .”

He added in response to a question Almdevr that he did not ask those who died , but for the riots carried out by a class of community Ethiopian albeit requiring apologize officially saying: “Our people when he began fomenting unrest considered himself oppressed , but expressed his rights in a manner Ir true , and it was supposed to claim their rights through regular means , but I tell everyone acted incorrectly . “

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  1. I am so thankful that the Ambassador refused to apologize to Saudi Arabia. It is the Saudi Government who should apologize for their police and citizens beating, killing and raping Ethiopia citizens. Long live Ethiopia. I love Ethiopia and its people!!