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Ethiopian empire needs curative surgery instead of palliative one


opdo17TPLF-agazi truck-Irreecha Massacre of Oromo Civilians (comparable act of France-Nice ISIS terror attack) People asks OPDO where are you?????

Dr.Baro Keno Deressa

The colonial ruling system in Ethiopian empire brought misery to all nations ( Oromo, Ogaden, sidama, gambella, benishangul, innocent Amhara, innocent Tigre …..etc ). Ones and for all this chronical cancer (colonial rule) is going to get lasting curative surgey by gallant sons and daughters of Oromo people and other nations. To achieve this goal radical resection of the system with his tentacles (like OPDO) is essential in order to bring real freedom, justice and peace

In case of malignancy,the goal of curative surgery is to remove the entire tumour with no residual disease (oncological R0 resection), which requires extensive resection of the surrounding tissues. Even if lymph nodes are histologically free of disease, molecular biological techniques reveal infiltration with cancer cells in 50% of cases.

The goal of palliative resection is to improve the quality of life, relieve pain and preventing obstruction without treating the origine of the disease


Oromo people are political human while our colonizers were/are political animal. The evidence of this fact is the way of life that Oromo peoples exercise. Oromo people political humanity originate from their root which Oromummaa stands for: Society is composed of many different, often competing interests, the basic, seemingly inescapable cleavage between the few who are rich and the many who are poor is potentially the most dangerous social division of all and the underlying cause of much civil unrest. The key to preserving any political community, therefore, is to strike a balance between the members. To this end, the law must be “sovereign” and must serve as an impartial arbiter — “reason unaffected by desire.” Moreover, there must be moral equality before the law. The law cannot be used as a tool to favor the rich and powerful but must be an instrument for achieving social justice, which he defined as “giving every man his due.”Our colonizers have never had moral value and respect rule of law.


Oromo peoples colonizers in general and the current one (TPLF junta) are guided by their prodigious appetites instead of using higher level dictating power like brain and other values (sorry they don’t have brain, only gun). There is a double-edge to the human psyche. Our “lower-level” appetites and urges manifestly serve our needs, but they can also become destructive, both to the community and to ourselves. Our prodigious appetites must therefore be constrained by the higher-level dictates of “reason”, along with our social and ethical impulses, and by the collective actions of the community to protect and preserve itself. How can be a regime like TPLF call itself i am your government while killing children of age 8yr, 13yr, pregnant women and innocent civilians, burning the prisoners alive, smashing the public with a truck and harassing the peoples on the daily basis because of their identity Oromummaa????? The current TPLF junta lacks all factors of humanity (brain to think, moral, social and ethical values).


There is a diversity of talents among men; consequently, one man is best suited to one particular occupation and others to another…We can conclude, then, that production in our country will be more abundant and the products more easily produced and of better quality if each does the work nature (and society) has equipped him to do, at the appropriate time, and is not required to spend time on other occupations. So my advice to TPLF junta leaders: You are failed to lead the nations in Ethiopian empire, you are failed to implement your own constitution, you are failed to build a fair sovereign law unaffected by TPLF desire, Now it is an appropriate time for you to look other job which nature equipped you (maffia style bandit and robbery)


Successive Ethiopian regimes have never displayed humanity or respect for Oromo’s and denied opportunities to build their social, economic, political, cultural and organizational infrastructures. The current Ethiopian regime (TPLF junta) inhuman atrocities reach  uncomfortable degree, defined by the depredations and mass slaughters perpetrated by TPLF junta agazi commando. And thus far there are few indications  that this atrocities will end soon. More often than not, international institutions stand by while political rights are eviscerated and mass killings are committed by regimes desperate to retain power. International law is a patchwork of conventions that deal with issues raised by dictatorships in a piecemeal, ineffective fashion. The Convention Against Torture, for instance, addresses politically motivated degrading treatment and torture, while the Genocide Convention targets the worst abuses a dictator could commit. The International Covenant On Civil and Political Rights delineates a base line of rights that must be protected but offers no clear mechanism by which to vindicate violations.

Our colonizers (TPLF junta) is committing genocide, thousands of Oromo peoples across Oromia are murdered, recent truck Irreecha Massacre is comparable to france Nice terror attack, millions of Oromo’s are languishing in diverse prison center, mass murder is still going on across Oromia and international community are failed to enforce their convention  against criminal regime of TPLF-junta. For more than centuries the Oromo peoples are fighting for justice! equality ! and peace! But still in the 21st century the reaction of our colonizers is worst than ever. My people as i have mentioned many times in my previous articles we have to empower ourselves and redouble our support to our gallant fighters WBO, our golden generation Qeerroo movement and our vanguard organization OLF in order to speak loudly with enemy language.


Eradicating criminal regime like TPLF would make the world safer for all. It would lift the yoke from the necks of millions still laboring under authoritarian and dictatorial rule of TPLF junta. And it would be the clearest vindication of the rights enumerated in the U.N. Charter in 1945.


Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium

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