Ethnic Oromos protest in Cairo over violence in Ethiopia -
Oduu Haaraya

Ethnic Oromos protest in Cairo over violence in Ethiopia

May 7, 2014, Cairo (Ahram Online) – Protesters gather in front of Arab League to call for international intervention in violent situation in Oromia state, Ethiopia.

Members of the Oromo community organised a protest in front of the Arab League in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday to denounce the killing of Oromo protesters in Ethiopia last week.

Dozens of the Oromo protesters demanded the Arab League, African Union and the United Nations intervene in the situation in Ethiopia’s Oromo state, where tens of ethnic Oromos were killed last week in protests over the expansion of the capital Addis Ababa.

Ethnic Oromo students have been protesting since April against the Ethiopian, who they accuse of intending to displace farmers from their territories in the capital of Addis Ababa through plans to develop and urbanise the city.
Source: Ahram Online

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