Fighter aircraft crashed in the U.S. -

Fighter aircraft crashed in the U.S.

A fighter aircraft of type F-16 crashed on Wednesday near the military airport, Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona.

The two pilots shot himself out of the plane with his rocket chairs and then unleashed their parachutes. They landed unharmed and rescue personnel went to meet them. Although they seemed to have been injured in connection with the accident as they were taken to hospital. Pilots who are involved in this kind of incident is called “delayed patients,” according to a spokesperson for the local emergency services. The reason is that health problems can occur long after the crash.

The American flygvapenet does not exclude that the crash was caused by a collision with a bird. Such a collision would be able to get the plane off course and make it unmanageable if it is for example the engine damaged, writes the local news website During the senate two decades, 24 fighter aircraft of the type F-16 Fighter Falcon crashed in Arizona, writes

Wednesday’s accident is investigated. The results are presented for 90 days.

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