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Filannoo dhaa booda ibsa hoogganoonni Medrek gaazzexeessotaaf kennan#EthiopiaElection2015 #VOAHorn

Posted by VOA Afaan Oromoo on den 27 maj 2015

Filannoo dhaa booda ibsa hoogganoonni Medrek gaazzexeessotaaf kennan

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  1. Please, work hard for your people
    Ask yourself what can do for your people and nation to live peaceful and in harmony with others .

    Look at the other countries in conflict. It is very sad and scary!

    Ethiopians were kicked out of Saudi, Yemen, and Libya. The others don’t care about anyone except to divide and create ethnic cleansing. Look at what Saudi is doing to Yemen. If they can do that to the Yemeni, then you are nothing, but a number in bank account for resources. Saudi is first going to Yemen and next you to take your land over by diving you through ethnic groups. Watch out! I am telling you as a fellow brother.

    Saudi Arabia is coming take oromo over through divde/rule
    Saudi has missionaries for centuries and make oromo people refugees by turning your land into North Africa.

  2. Forget about Oromo or Ethiopia

    All of Africa should become united to become strong to be a productive member of the world instead of simply contributing refugees around the world. Is good to solve your differences peacefully, then through conflict.